Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's like a little vacation...

Well, I've been jobless for 4 days now. It feels weird...I've had lots to do, I s'pose. That's helped to make it seem less like I'm a lump of a person doing absolutely nothing with her life. I've helped my boyfriend buy new shoes, done some yard work, recorded my voice over demo (which went SUPER well, in my opinion...), hung out with friends, shopped for a new printer, talked with the temp agency about a possible's been a rather productive week, actually.

The recording was very interesting. I was a little nervous, but the practice I've been doing really paid off, I think. My diction was right on, my speed of speech was fine, and the guy that did the recording was great with his direction on some of the spots we recorded. He should be, since he's the owner of the studio, and has been doing this since 1965...but he was just sooo friendly and helpful. He charged me less per hour for the recording and editing of the demo than I expected, so that was nice. I'm sending the demo to the Twin today to get her opinion on whether any changes need to be made before I give the thumbs up to the recording studio to burn more that I can take out to audio and video houses in town. I like it, I think. But the guy who recorded it told me to give it a week before I make final decisions. (I recorded a copy on tape that I can listen to after I send the CD to the Twin, and having another copy burned only costs $7, so no biggy there...)

I sounded a bit more raspy than I expected. I told that to the guy doing the recording, and he asked me if I smoke at all. I told him I'm a light smoker...about a pack to a pack and a half a week. He said it's odd, but he doesn't know a voice over artist that doesn't smoke. Heh. :) I actually didn't smoke at all the day before I went in, and only had a couple of cigarettes on Monday night. Last night I only had a couple, and it's bugging me today. I might cut back, I think. We'll see.

Last night, some friends of the boyfriend were in town, so we all went out to dinner and then went to Buzzard Beach for $.75 PBR drafts. That stuff is just ghastly. But it was cheap...oh, it was only for the girls, though. Guys had to pay full price. We were there until about 12:45, and the special ended at midnight, so I started drinking Bud Light instead. That was when the bartender told me that Bud Lights were only $.75 until midnight as well. Dammit. :P

We played pool against a couple of seriously fucked up weird guys when we first got to the bar. They were hanging out with a girl that was rather pretty, but oh, so dumb. I felt bad for her, really. (At one point, I told the wife of my boyfriend's friend that my beer tasted metallic, and the dumb girl overheard me and said with a big grin, "Yeah, cheap beer always does." Bleh...that's not something to smile about, honey!) We only played the one game against them, and they won, not that I cared much about that. We were there to play the shuffleboard game they had, and that became available to us about halfway through our pool game, so we played it for the rest of the night. It was fun! Boyfriend and I beat his friends in two games. Then a couple of other people came up that wanted to play, so we moved to a pool table to have a final game, and then went to grab burritos before heading home.

Last night, I made the stupid mistake of asking the boyfriend's friends how I line up in his list of girlfriends. I did this the other night when he and I were out with his other friend on his birthday, and it didn't seem to bother the boyfriend very much. But last night, his other friend that he's known for quite some time (they went to college together) started talking about the one girl the boyfriend had been engaged to at one point, and the boyfriend heard him talking about her, and it really seemed to tick him off. I felt so stupid for asking the question at that point, not that I was asking for anything more than the confirmation that I'm a good match for the boyfriend, in his friends' opinions. But really, it's very immature and somewhat insecure of me to do, so I shouldn't have done it. The boyfriend left to go to the bathroom when I asked him if he was mad at me. His friend's wife asked her hubby to go talk to him, and she and I chatted a bit about how stupid I felt. She understood where I was coming least she said she did, and I believe her. And when the boys came back from the bathroom, the boyfriend laid a kiss on me, so I knew everything was fine, really. I didn't bring it up again.

While he and his friend were off chatting, I told the wife of his friend that one of the other regulars from the Moose had leaned over to me the other night as I was gathering my things together to go sit with the boyfriend after he'd gotten off work, and whispered in my ear, "You can do better..." I just looked at her and shook my head. I appreciate what she was saying, but I know she would never understand if I told her in response to such an inane statement that I really can't. This is the best I've ever found. While we completely disagree on all things political and religious, I've never found someone that treats me as though I'm one of the most important things in their life, next to food and the air they breathe. Lord only knows if it'll work out, but I'm pushing for it to, that's for damned sure. Not that I have to push at all. We just seem to understand each other's needs, which is so comforting and nice to deal with. Plus, he's goal oriented, mature in the right ways (and immature in the right ways...), and when he peers at me over the top of his glasses, it makes me want to jump him in public.

So for anyone who thinks I can "do better", lemme assure you that I can't imagine anything better than this.


lyn said...

sounds like a good time. (except when you got wiggy and asked to be compared. why oh why?)

and good for you on the voiceover work. it can be lucrative and it's totally fun.

FaithsTwin said...

I think we should do TWIN voiceovers! Kinda like Joey meeting his hand double. Hahaha...I just remembered that episode. Classic! (you know, totally useless information, but they made a whole storyline out of it and how funny was that!?)

Faith said...

I didn't get wiggy! I was being silly...and it's HARD hanging out with friends of the boyfriend and not asking how I "measure up", you know? Maybe I'm dumb that way, but I'm dumb in lots of weird ways. It's what makes me ME! :P Plus, he forgave me for the silliness. That's what matters. I don't know...I'm a bit curious to know if I'm cooler than past girlfriends. Again, it's my immature and insecure side coming out that does it. Hard to explain. I'm a loser, babayyy...

"Hi. I'm Regina Felangie. Let me give you my card...Oh. Where is my filofax? I must have left it in Meeting Room B."

alisha said...

You're cool! I've read most of your posts. Give mine a look see. My posts are generally shorter because I'm living at my in-laws and, well it sucks. Plus there's lots of curse words. Just to warn you!