Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's odd, being here at 8 a.m. for no reason.

You know, once the other temp comes in, I might ask her if I can "shadow" her to see what she's up to, so I can at least learn a bit more to be able to help these folks out. I get here at 8 a.m., at which time everyone that has items for me to do (or so they tell me...) are in a meeting for about 45 minutes. So I sit here with my thumb up my ass, trying to figure out what I can do in the mean time. At least today I have a log-on, so I can blog rather than write out a bunch of shit I never plan on posting. Just a bunch of words, is all it is.

At least it's a paycheck. That is the nice part about it.

Boyfriend and I had a lovely date last night. Went to a fave restaurant and gorged ourselves on dumplings, then tried a new bar in town called "The Drink", which is a ridiculously expensive, somewhat uncomfy place to have a beer. Won't be going back there again, for sure. Then we swung by the liquor store, grabbed some flavored vodka, and headed back to my place to watch "Alfie", which we had rented last week, but hadn't gotten around to watching yet. He liked it, which was a nice surprise. I had thought it was going to be more of a chick flick, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Then we went to bed, had glorious sex (he really shocks me sometimes...), chatted a bit, and then drifted off to sleep.

The only problem is that I didn't get the feeling he was all that ready to go to sleep. Still seemed a bit worked up to me, for some reason. But go to sleep we did. Until about 1:10, at which point I woke and realized I had fallen asleep in a funky position, and needed to turn over. Boyfriend pipes up something about how that was my 11th turn, and do I plan on settling down any time soon? And I'm all, WTF? Now, earlier at dinner, I had asked him if my sleeping habits bothered him at all. I get up often to go to the bathroom, and I flip over a lot, too. Sometimes, I sleep straight through for 4 or 5 hours, but it's somewhat rare. He said he didn't have a problem with the way I moved about. I offered to take Benadryl, even...something to zonk me out. But he said it wasn't necessary. But here we were, about 5 hours later, and he's pissy about me turning over for the first time in the night? GAH! I took a little break...went to the kitchen to get some cool water, and then turned down the air a bit, and climbed back into bed. He was a bit restless for the rest of the night...I offered to get him a different blanket, even, to see if that would help. He just seemed to be having a grumpy sleep, was all.

So this morning, before he left, we talked about it a bit, and he was all, "So I've started being rude in my sleep, eh?" You know, I didn't see it as being so rude, because it was clear that he was half asleep when it happened. (If not totally asleep, and just talking through it somehow.) He told me he sort of remembered it, but thought that I had said something first about him moving around. But I told him I hadn't said anything, and never mind when he moves about.

So we kissed goodbye, and he went off to start his day, and I went to the bathroom one more time before heading out the door (like you do...), and now I'm here at "work" getting ready to go grab some caffeine.

What did we learn from this post? My boyfriend doesn't know when he's being grumpy in his sleep. (Who does, really?) But most importantly, stay the hell away from "The Drink" on 47th and Belleview on the Plaza in Kansas City. $5 for a Boulevard Wheat is highway robbery. Ridiculous....

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