Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The nerves are gonna get me...

I haven't been in a recording studio in years. I'm so excited, but I'm trying to see it as just a day's work, that I'm paying myself for, of course. :) Just trying to send myself in there with the thought that if this is what I'm meant to do, then it'll be just fine, no matter what. Slip-ups will happen. That's what editing is for. Someone will direct me a bit, and help me sound as good as I can on the demo. That's why I pay them, right? Still, a collective crossing of fingers for me might be super-helpful.

The boyfriend's birthday went well, by the way. Bought him a lovely dinner, went to a couple of bars to play pool and then air hockey (which I still kick MAJOR ass at, even though it's been years since I played. I beat both the boyfriend and his friend that was out with us in 6 straight games...I ROCK!!), and then had late-night burritos before heading to bed at about 1:30. It was fun. Then we spent the day together yesterday...I need a new fan in my bedroom and I need a printer for my computer (did you know you can get a printer/copier/scanner for only $70?? I didn't. I'm stoked!), so we just shopped around, and I'll be heading out after my recording to go buy the one I saw at Best Buy. Still didn't find a proper fan, though. That's gonna get on my nerves.

So, I'd better go finish getting ready. I'll let you all know how it went when I'm done. Wheeee!!!


Alisha said...

Hey! Cool blog! I think you should be able to access my without signing up to myspace with the link above! Fun times last night at the beach!

Faith said...

Gracias, mi amiga. I'll check that out and let you know what happens. :)