Friday, August 12, 2005

Runnin' up that hill...

Well. Here we are. The last day. I can't believe it...I seriously cannot. believe. it.

But I bet I will in about, oh, say 4 hours. Yep. Fo fuckin' sho.

Things are quiet. The coworker and I have a few more things to go over, I have a few more things to clean up (including my e-mail archives...cleaned out my C-drice yesterday, so that's all done, and the internet history will happen just before I hit the road), and then I can walk out of here like I never was here in the first place. Amazing.

Last night with the coworkers was fun. Tonight, I'll be back at the same place, doing the same thing, but with my friends this time, and with a pre-season Chiefs game on in the background. Good times.

Oh, and the voice over demo didn't get recorded yesterday...the guy who runs the studio had a death in the fam, so we rescheduled for next Wednesday. Fine with me...gave me more time to practice and I can go in the middle of the day, which is better for everyone all around anyway. I'm really very excited about it all, to put it mildly.

That is all for now. What an interesting week...started out with my bowels doing the funky corn dance, then descended into a bunch of "can't believe it!" and "say it isn't so!" e-mails from long-time (and some shorter time, too) coworkers from all over this great land o' ours, and is ending up where it always does, really. Just...with a twist, I spose.

Happy Friday, all. Enjoy the day.


Hunny said...

Good Luck to you! Have one for me tonight!

Girl From Ipanema said...

"bowels doing the funky corn dance"...girl..OH, THAT'S GOOD...