Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sickening. Again.

I don't deserve this man. He's made a habit of leaving flowers on my car when I'm at the restaurant. Last week, it was a double-bud baby rose that was short on the stem, but stayed alive for the last week, until I decided to take it out of water and dry it. Tonight, it was a great BIG pink rose that is in full bloom, and now it's in a vase all by it's lonesome on my kitchen table. I'll dry it, too. It's so pretty!

I keep thinking I don't deserve him, but I know that I've gone through soooo much before getting to this point. I'm falling for him. And how.

I'm gonna go throw up now...:P


FaithsTwin said...

betcha I puked before you did. =P

lyn said...

yep, you're pukey in like. that's okay. you deserve it. enjoy every freaking moment of it.