Thursday, August 04, 2005

So here's what happened...

So I went in to get some things signed by the boss yesterday morning, and as I'm leaving he asks me if I wanted to talk about what had happened. (We hadn't seen each other since I sent my resignation letter to him on Monday...he'd been at a meeting Monday afternoon, and then flew to St. Louis on Tuesday morning, so yesterday was our first chance to discuss it all in person.) I said ok, and sat back down.

He then proceded to tell me that his boss simply wouldn't approve it, and his decision was based on the fact that people had told him my attitude was bad. Negative, condescending tones, etc...And this has been discussed before in my reviews each year. Yes, I said, I remember, and I've made quite an effort to correct the issues. And why does my boss's boss believe this about me? Well, his admin, who I've worked with for about a month, told him.

Ok. Bitch, what? I have sent reports when she requested them, offered suggestions on how to deal with the AP department on a conference call we had with all the other admins in the division, and have expressed to her that I am so very sorry that some of my reports have been late, or that I didn't know about them at all because they're new to me, and I'm not used to them, and I was sorry to have inconvenienced her even more. She's replied that the division adjustment (we used to be in a different division of the country up until July 1) was hard on all of us, for sure, and that she understood.

So where the FUCK does she come off telling her boss that I've been "difficult to work with"? I mean, where the FUCK????? So I hear that from my boss, and I get pissed right off the bat, and I tell him I'm sorry, and I walk out of the office to calm down. I was that mad. So I start to cry in the goddammed stairwell, and have to come back in for tissues, and then I call him back to his office to talk some more about what BULLSHIT this is. I told him I have worked on my attitude, and that he can even ask the new guy who was afraid to call me (because he's so very, very dumb, and I had to get used to it. Now that I am, I'm not condescending when he and I talk any more), because even HE would tell him that everything is fine now. But nothing doing.

And that's that. Apparently, the fact that I do my job well, consistently, am a valuable employee to the company due to my loyalty and work ethic and ability means absolutely nothing. Because this bitch that I don't even KNOW says that I've been difficult to work with, I don't get my raise I asked for and deserve.

Oh, and by the way, this same bitch called up my coworker one day and yelled at her about the information on the report she'd sent to her being wrong, and they needed to fix it, and they sat there for 5 minutes, I shit you not, going over the numbers. I could hear my coworker behind me trying to understand where this bitch was seeing what she was seeing, and then suddenly, the bitch realized she was looking at the info for a totally different region. Um, hello dumbass! And she'd been yelling at my coworker because she was making a mistake!! Now, she apologized both on the phone and in an e-mail, but can we turn around and look at who might be difficult to work with, perhaps?

There was one e-mail transaction that I had with her that made me think she was a bitch-and-a-half. I asked for her help, she told me that our bosses had discussed the issue I needed help with, and that was all she told me. So I told her that was great but I hadn't been included in the conversation and was being approached for info, so did she have any? And she replied back that "again", our bosses had discussed it, and I needed to speak to my boss about it if I wanted more info. Yeah, thanks. Thanks a lot for the help. Bitch.

You know, there are some of us that go above and beyond to help each other out. And then there are those of us that sit around and wait to tear people apart if we can. Now I know which type she is!

One of my favorite new quotes, which I find immensely applicable in the activites of late:

"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful." — Samuel Johnson, Rasselas, ch. 41


lyn said...

your manager is the worst kind - he made his decision based on the opinion of one person without talking to's amazing to me how some managers are...they just don't get it.

eh...they'll realize soon enough that they are the ones in the wrong.

FaithsTwin said...

You know what sucks? They not only made their 'decision' based on an OPINION, but they totally didn't look at the Twin's work history, ability to overcome everbody's idiocy who works around her AND the way she consistently has to deal with BS day in day out and DOES it. She doesn't throw her hands in the air saying, "You know what? You suck and I've tried to help you in every way possible. You are, IMO, totally worthless and I will move on due to your ability to frustrate me in .003 seconds." Nope. She continues to look for a way to help the person driving her batty. Attitude or none, she does the job, does it well, and is dedicated to it. They are sorry asses who are not worth her time anymore.

Faith said...

I'm telling you, I think the boss wanted me out. Ever since the old boss was let go, and I asked for the raise, he's been getting progressively less...friendly, IMO. I don't know what his issue is, but again, he doesn't see my value, he can suck my big left toe, for all I care.

My temp company is STOKED that I'm quiting and that I'll be available soon. That's what I like to hear, man...and I'd rather be making $14 an hour working for someone I trust and respect, fo sho. (But hopefully, it'll be more along the lines of $16 - $18. We'll see.)