Monday, August 15, 2005

Weird bug!!!

I started out my day by doing a bit of yard work that's been put on the back-burner (literally) lately, what with it being so hot for the past couple of weeks, and then it rained all weekend this week. And dude...there are the weirdest bugs in my yard. Gah!! How do people actually ENJOY gardening?? Gah, gah, GAHHHH!!

Yep...I was running around screaming and throwing my tools every now and then. I felt pretty stupid. But they were WEIRD ASS BUGS!!!

So then I came inside to cool down, and pay my bills, and decided to look into the sweater I ordered from Anthropologie last week. It still hadn't been charged to my credit card. Which means they hadn't shipped it. So I'm all, WTF? So I call customer service just now, and apparently it's on backorder, and they'll be getting a shipment in within the next couple of weeks. Ok. That's cool.

But then the chick says they're only getting 8 of them at that time (because apparently, it's just myself and about another 100 women across the US that like to shop there, or something, so they just ordered 8 of these incredibly cute sweaters...), and she said that I'm in the backorder group that won't be receiving the shipment of the sweater until fucking OCTOBER!! Um, yeah. Half of Autumn is over at that point, and I'll be in a coat anyway, dammit. Why would I still want the sweater if I can't even wear it until next fucking Spring/Fall? How dumb is that?

So I wrote them an e-mail and complained about how they don't send e-mail notifications when something is on backorder, and then apparently, I couldn't get any proof that I'd cancelled my order either. So I told them they were dumb. Because they are. Ordering 8 of those fucking sweaters, when they're as cute as they are. Soooo stupid.

Oh, and Madonna was on The View this morning? Is this a day full of WTF? Very strange.

I must head in and shower now. It's the boyfriend's birthday. We're s'posed to get together at some point. I sure hope dinner is bug-free, and that none of the food we order is unavailable when we really want it.


FaithsTwin said...

Happy Birthday to the Boyfriend! Weird bugs = you live in the Midwest. Duh.

mikey said...

really, i have nothing to say... this post was just really funny.