Monday, August 29, 2005

What's that called again?

I really need someone to create one of those machines (or a couple of them, ideally) that can automatically transport me from one place to another. What are those called again? Teleporters? That just sounds wrong. Anyway, I need one. And soooon.

What is with people in this town (which refers to Kansas City, Overland Park, and Prairie Village as a whole, for this story's purposes, anyway) sitting behind the line at an intersection as they wait their turn to go left on a non-arrow light? Don't they know you're supposed to edge as far as safely possible into the intersection, so as to allow space for the person behind them to possibly make it through a yellow light as well, should it come down to that? And my favorite part is that when the light turns yellow, and they still haven't had the chance to go, they wind up staying as it turns red to wait for the next green to come along! I mean, COME ON PEOPLE!!! Go to LA for a week, learn how to fucking drive, and then come back and do so properly, kay? SHEESH!

Weekend was mellow. My hair is bright again, and the gray and dark roots are gone. Dad had a cancerous bit removed from his head on Saturday, and it's being tested to see if it's worse than just the standard little skin cancer spot. (Years ago, when I was with the formerly-favorite boyfriend, his dad had the same thing happen...thought he'd had a particularly nasty sunburn, waited a bit before finally heading in to see the dermatologist who told him it was actually cancer, and they removed it and then found out that it was just a normal old sarcoma, or whatever you call those things. It was the non-hazardous type of cancer, if there is such a thing. Wasn't going to spread, and hadn't spread, etc...) Apparently, he thought it was normal to be walking around with an open sore on his head for the past couple of months, for some reason. His logic just bugs me so very much sometimes. GAH!

Twin is worried about him, but I still have a good feeling about the man. I'm gonna call him later and chat with him a bit, and let him know I'm thinking of him, though. Because I am. :)

Alright...back to the reports. The oh-so-fun reports. Woo!


FaithsTwin said...

Must be a Twin thing. This morning on my way to the Bro's house I get this truck in front of me. No big deal, he's going fast enough...until he slows to 65...then he speeds up again. instant later? 65 again. $#@@#&*%!!!! He wasn't playing either, it was just the way he drove. But I had no way to get around him. And he moved over after doing this one more time (for good measure I suppose).

alisha said...

hey girl, call me...pleeeeeease! I want to get rolling on the temp thing. Your boyfriend has my number or e-mail me at

Duncan said...

the machine is called a transporter. the method of transport is teleportation. do you think it was dial up or cable? wi fi?

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