Thursday, September 08, 2005

Almost the end of the week?

It's so weird that it's Thursday already. :)

So yesterday, the food and drink that I'd been eating over the prior few days finally caught up to me. Not that I'd been completely out of control by any means, but apparently, I'm getting old, or something, and can't eat the way I used to, blah, blah, last night I had the Worst Stomach Ache I'd Had in a Long-Ass Time. It sucked. I put heat on it...I found Tagamet, and tried taking that...I considered throwing up, but didn't really want to if I could avoid it. So I wound up laying on my couch, moaning through the pain while holding my water bottle to my belly, wishing that the pain would just go 'way.

It finally subsided sometime in the middle of the night, as it usually does. So today is bland food day. Egg whites for breakfast. Turkey and rice and canned green beans (no sodium added) for lunch. Lord only knows what I'll do for dinner. I want to make some veggie soup, but I don't know how. I need to look up a recipe...

Anyway, I hate my stomach, and I didn't DO anything to it, so the fact that it got pissed off at me really makes me mad. So I'm not speaking to it right now, of course. Unfortunately, it's speaking to me every now and then. In the only way it knows how. Bastard. I got to the point over the past couple of days where I didn't care if the boyfriend knew that I was heading into the bathroom for a meeting with Mr. Brown. Usually, I try to keep those sorts of things on the downlow, if I can. But the other night, we got home from the barbecue we'd been at (where I had eaten a single brat for dinner, along with some salad), the dinner was knocking, and I needed to answer. So I told him straight up, "You look up the movie time, because I need to go give birth to the brat I had for dinner." Yes, I'm just that sexy, my friends. I had no choice. Yesterday morning, I decided to have leftover Chinese for breakfast, and then I woke boyfriend up so he could shower before work. And about halfway through his shower, I think I was ready to head into the garage and shit in a bucket, I was so uncomfortable. But I managed to hold it in until he was well out of the bathroom, and then I closed the door, locked it, and let loose.

I really think sometimes that I might have IBS or something. Who knows. I don't have med insurance right now, so I'll just continue as normal, and eat a blander diet than usual to try to abate the problem. Eventually, I'll work for a company that has insurance again, and I'll go get it checked out. Because it can be a real nuisance, honestly. Not that my lovely description of my experience yesterday morning didn't already give that fact away. Whatev. :P I'm off to get some work done...ta!


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