Friday, September 09, 2005


Ever put in a cd that you haven't listened to in, oh, about a year, and marvel at the fact that you still know all the words to every song? And I'm not talking about a U2 cd, or something that everyone hears all the time anyway. I'm talking Frente! I popped in "Marvin, the Album" this morning, and was shocked to hear myself singing along with "Labor of Love" all the way through.

Man I loved that cd, though. When it was popular, my boyfriend at the time and I were sort of on the rocks...but we cleared things up enough to go to their concert at The Palace in Hollywood when they were touring. He liked them as much as I did, which is weird when I think back on it...but then again, he and I had a lot of musical tastes in common. Seal, The Cranberries, Kate Bush (which was the biggest shocker, and was the main reason I gave him a chance in the forst place when I met him initially...he was 17, and I was 20. It freaked me out to even consider dating him, naturally), Smashing Pumpkins...he got me into Lenny Kravitz, and I think I was his main intro to 10,000 Maniacs. We really had a good time when it came to music. Everything else? Not so much.

It's fun when a single song can bring back so many memories. And good ones, at that. And no one is allowed to make fun of my love of Frente! You all have weird shit you like too, I'm sure. So keep it to yourselves...:P


Ms. Pants said...

I can still sing along with all my favourite hairbands.


FaithsTwin said...

Ms. Pants, I never listened to hair bands but can sing along with about 85% of the song if they play one on my station during a flashback. *double shame*