Monday, September 19, 2005

Give me peace...please. Just...SHUSH!

My coworker that I share an office with didn't apparently speak to anyone for the entire weekend. She just keeps talking right now. I'm just so tired and....aauuUUGHHHHHH!!!!!

Watched the Chiefs game last night. Stayed up too late after that talking to the boyfriend who was talking to his parents about going to the USC vs Notre Dame game on 10/15. Yep, we're planning on going. Which means I'll be meeting his family.

(She just keeps talking. I thought it was going to stop a second ago, but no...she just started up again. Anyone interested in hearing about her car search that she's currently doing? No? ME EITHER!!!)

Anyway, I'm excited, but sort of freaked out. Should be interesting. He wants me to go on their family trip to Hawaii in 2007, too. I told him that if we are still together, and his mother doesn't mind me joining them, then I'd love to go. I haven't been to Hawaii since I was 8, or so. The boyfriend was born there, but lived in South Bend for most of his life, and I don't think he's been back there since they moved from there when he was little. We talked about a LOT of stuff on Friday night, actually. The painkillers he was given for his tooth problem apparently give him insomnia and make him very, VERY chatty. He talked to me until 3:30 a.m. about how much he cares about me, and how happy he is to have found such a wonderful person like me...he is convinced that I'm a good person, and he just loves that about me. (Mwahahahahaha!! I fooled him, dammit! Just kidding...I am a good person, which I know most readers might not believe due to the fun nicknames I've made up for past boyfriends on this blog, as well as my little tirades about stupid drivers, and the like...but I really am a good person. As long as you don't treat me like shit, and you don't drive like an asshat in front of me, all is well in my world.)

I'm still trying to just take it all day by day, and deal with things as they come. We're going to go buy him a new computer tonight. We're going to keep it at my house, though. Seeing as he's there a majority of the time, it makes the most sense. And then when I can afford my own new computer, I'll get one, and he'll take his home. That's the plan for now, anyway. I'm actually thinking that when his lease is up at his apartment, he'll just be moving in with me. But again, day to day, not trying to get tied up in shit like that at this point. We'll just have to see how things go over the next few months or so.

Ok, I have 3 days worth of reports to do, so I'd better get with that now. Thanks for all the career advice y'all offered last week. I think Julie's suggestion was a great idea, so I'll be keeping that in mind when looking for future positions. I had lunch with my old boss on Friday (not the old boss that was a jerk, but rather the one that had been fired just before I quit), and he's going to be hunkering down and looking for a job someplace soon, too, so I asked him to keep me in mind for wherever he goes as well. I wouldn't mind being an admin again if I got to work with him. I don't's another wait-and-see sort of situation in my life, it seems. I've got a lot of those going right now. Which is just so damned exciting, I could cry. :P


FaithsTwin said...

what kind of car is she looking for? =P

Faith said...

AUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!! (Her dream car is a Saab, but right now they need something that will just get her husband from home to work and back home again, and she'd PREFER a truck, but anything that runs that doesn't have rust issues (other body damage is fine) and is under $500 is ok with her, and they saw a 1989 Honda Accord with 200,000 miles on it over the weekend, and those people wanted $2,400 for it, can you believe that? and so they still don't have anything yet, but she can't believe what people want to charge for their cars, and do they really think they're going to SELL them for that amount? because there's just no way...)

She left early. Her husband is having health issues she's freaked out about. So it's pretty quiet now. Which means I can get all the reports done that I need to do. After I look for Notre Dame/USC tickets, of course. :)

FaithsTwin said...

maybe we need to send her the Santa Says "Shhhhh...utthefuckup" t-shirt. I know it's early, but they don't sell those jibberjabber dudes anymore...

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