Friday, September 02, 2005

Messy world

I jotted some thoughts down while I was watching a game at the Moose last night. I was watching the UCF (University of Central Florida) vs. South Carolina game (and, btw, when the fuck did Steve Spurrier move to South Carolina? Weird...), and one of the players from UCF has a sister missing in New Orleans. They were talking to him about it prior to the game, but while the game was on, during the 2nd quarter, they showed him on the sidelines, and put up a little "ad" at the bottom of the screen that said that Tahisha James is missing, and if anyone knows anything about where she might be, to please contact the UCF sports department. (They had a number up, but I didn't write it down in time...)

I love how this country is pulling together right now. It's just fabulously amazing. How much are we helping at this point, though? My coworker was telling me about some guy she saw on the news that had taken a bunch of supplies like water and toiletries to the Astrodome in Houston, and he was being turned away by authorities. What the FUCK is that all about? That pisses me off. Here in KC, the news station I watch (KMBC channel started a fund raiser earlier in the week to help out, and by yesterday morning, they'd raised close to $500,000. It had only been 2 days at that point...I need to check and see how much more has come in since yesterday morning. I haven't contributed yet, and I can't do much myself. But I'm hoping that by the end of the weekend, we'll have over $1 million from KC alone. Every little bit helps, right?

But again, what's actually being done for the people that are still trapped? Last night, after I went home from the bar, I sat and watched some t.v., and started crying over the images that were being shown, and the stories being told. Those people have no place to go. No way to get out of their homes, which are stiflingly hot, and lack water and power. It's not right. We HAVE to be able to help them, if there are any left to help at this point.

I swear, I feel like we're sitting watching the Titanic of the 21st century as it goes down, and there's nothing we can do about it. Absolutely nothing. But we can watch it all happen, thanks to the modern day technology of remote reporting crews.

God bless them all. Praying for them every minute...


FaithsTwin said...

You know, I realize the tv crews have to be there just to keep us up to date, and I appreciate those who are helping the obvisouly sick and elderly and those who need help desperately. But they can get in their vans and eat and drink and they can fly away in their helicopters...and go somewhere where they can eat a good meal. And then there's the government. I think this is the first time I am actually pu-hissed at GW. I am completely disgusted by the response to this. It is pathetic, and ridiculous, and makes me want to tear someone limb from limb. (You know who would be my first choice? HELL ya)

The one situation that kills me: there are thousands of people stuck in the convention center and NO ONE has come to take care of them! They were told to come there for relief and NO ONE has been there to tell them what to do! GOD this week sucks!

lyn said...

what the twin said.

the worst part of those people who are stuck in NOLA is that you know these are the people who were too poor to get out of there and now they are being treated like they don't matter.

they do matter. something better change today or things will be worse than anyone ever imagined.