Saturday, September 03, 2005

My private time...

Last night, the boyfriend and I were getting ready to head to bed after a productive night at the Moose. We'd watched the Chiefs play the Rams, we'd shared shots with other co-workers of his as well as an ex-coworker that had dropped by, and we'd come home all the worse for it. Him much more so than I, but not too bad overall really. I'd had a headache all day that threatened to rain on my parade consistently throughout the evening, but I was able to stave it off well enough, I guess. We played a hand or two of gin when we got home, and then I decided I'd had enough, and I wanted to hit the sheets.

I was in the bathroom, peeing for the last time before going to bed, and that lovely boyfriend o' mine walked in on me. He KNOWS how I hate this kind of intrusion. I've told him before that it's really just the only thing that he needs to respect above all others. I like my privacy when I'm in the bathroom, because...well, I just do. I'm uptight, ok? It's the way it is.

So I just sat there and told him to get out, and he kind of went out and then came back in, and kept doing that, so I couldn't even concentrate on finishing up, really. I have a small bathroom, so I can reach the door from the toilet, and had no problem fighting him out the door. He gave up eventually, and laughed his way back into the bed. I finally finished up, and went into the bedroom asking him why he does things like that...why must he have such a disregard for the ONE major request I have. His answer?

"I guess it's because I love you."

Hm. Well then. So that's what love is, eh? (It makes me chuckle now just thinking of it. I just don't get it. I want to be comfortable with that sort of thing, honest. But I just can't be. Not now, anyway. Maybe when I'm older, or after he and I have spent more time together.)

But he said he loves me. I climbed into bed, kind of still picking at him for having been so disregarding about my privacy, and he asked me if I'd heard what he'd said. I said yes, and that I had to admit I was surprised. He said he'd been thinking about it a lot lately, and realized that he did, so he just thought he'd tell me. I just hugged him, and then things rolled on their merry way from that point.

I haven't had a boyfriend tell me they love me since I was about 20. I've told boys I've loved them, but the feelings haven't been reciprocated. So this is new to me, really, and I don't know how to handle it. But I think one day at a time will work out just fine.

Now I need to go shower, because I stink like a muthafucka, and I'm tired of it. Tonight, USC plays Hawaii, which I'm looking forward to a great deal. Tomorrow, yard work galore. I have Monday and Tuesday off, so this is a lovely 4-day weekend for me. And lemme tell ya, I need it. I'm so not used to the type of work that I'm doing day in and day out at the company I'm temping at right now, and it's really taking a toll on my back and neck and my right hand (mouse-clicking issues...). I'm going to have to ask them for a better chair this next week, I think. That should help a little. (Right now, I sit in a conference room chair that isn't very ergonomically friendly to my back. And I can't really afford another massage right now, unfortunately. I want one badly. But I just can't do it...)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

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lyn said...

damn comment spam. but i digress.

good to see that the new boyfriend isn't afraid to tell you those three words. hope the rest of your weekend was just as fab.