Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday Shmoozeday

God, I love putting the sound of "shmoo" on the front of things. It's just so fun sounding!

Also, I'm very happy to not be tone deaf. That would seriously suck. I'm just sayin'.

I'm also happy I'm not the idiot that attached the wires to the wrong breaker, or whatever it was, out in LA yesterday. That must have been a really embarassing mistake. I made a typo in one of the reports I pulled together yesterday. I might've been embarassed about it had I not heard about the electrical genius that caused a major power outage (and subsequent fear in the hearts of many, many Angelinos, I'm willing to bet) throughout several parts of LA when I watched the news this morning. But since I'd heard about that, I laughed at my mistake, fixed it, and gave the updated report back to the boss less than 2 minutes later. I know my job is probably infinitely easier than the electrical dude that caused the problem yesterday, but I can still make fun. You know...because it's sort of their job to know which systems to hook up to that won't cause an overload problem and black-out half of Los Angeles the day after a terrorist video thing was released that showed a dude threatening to do something to LA. Fuckin' great timing, genius. Hope you have a big hole you can crawl into, and a large rock that will cover it over. Jackass.

Also, I'm really greatful that I've been blessed with a chef for a boyfriend. He made me a turkey stir fry last night that is beyond words to describe it's deliciousness. He knows how to use just the right amount of sesame oil, it seems...which is something that I would inevitably go WAY overboard on if I attempted to make the same thing. But that's ok. I know what I can and can't cook, and that's what matters overall.

A couple of things about the boyfriend that have been on my mind lately: I don't think I initiate things often enough with him. He initiates plenty for the both of us, but I wonder sometimes if it's offensive to him, or bothersome to him that I don't do more of the initiating when it comes to fooling around. I tried talking about it the other night, but he didn't take me seriously, or didn't really care to discuss the matter (which I should probably interpret as him not feeling any resentment over the issue), because I don't remember any kind of resolution to the topic. I might try to bring it up again tonight, just to be sure. Because it's not that I don't want to initiate things...like last night. I would have liked to have fooled around a bit. But he wasn't tired at the same time I was, so I wound up going to bed earlier than him again. As in, I went to bed at 11:30 (Monday Night Football + Midwest timezone = suckage for the bedtime), and he was still up watching a bad movie at 1:30. I woke up when he came in, and would have gladly put up some action, but I was afraid to bug him with it. I don't know...I figure that if he wants to fool around, then he'll let me know. And I know that's the wrong way to deal with it...maybe I'm afraid of the posibility of being rejected if I do show an interest in it at a random time? I'm very confused over the whole thing. Hence my plan to discuss it again. Hopefully tonight, or tomorrow. We'll see...depends on whether we get together tonight or not.

The other thing that's suddenly been on my mind about him? Yeah, I've never been in his car. How weird is that? I just thought about it on my way home last night, for some reason. Whenever we go somewhere, we either meet there (at the movies, at the Moose, in Westport for dinner, etc...), or he's at my house to begin with, and we automatically climb into my car to go wherever we're going. I don't mind it, really. But I told him last night that I'd suddenly realized I'd never been in his car, and he started laughing when he heard it. I asked him if it was offensive that I automatically just head to my car whenever we're going somewhere, and he said absolutely not. I thought it was just funny that we've been dating for 2 months now, and I've never been in his car. I couldn't even really tell you what kind it is...a Toyota? It's beige, that I know. And he has some body damage on it that he plans on fixing relatively soon. That's about all I know.

And now I must get back to my exciting reports and stuff. That's something that doesn't work with the "shmoo" sound. Can't call them "shmooports" instead of "reports" to make it more fun for me. Dammit.


Anonymous said...
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lyn said...

overanalyzing it, my dear. if you want some action, go for it. don't talk about it.

and the car thing....you have a nicer car, so you drive. isn't that the rule?

Faith said...

I just thought it was funny that when I told him what I'd realized, he sat there and thought about it for a minute, and then laughed as hard as I did when he realized it was true.

I am overanalyzing on the action thing, aren't I? I'll try to stop thinking about it so much. :)

Hunny said...

Go for it some night. There is never a "right" time! So make time.


Girl From Ipanema said...

*bangs head on desk*

I'm so jealous that your boyfriend is a CHEF...he knows the ways of FOOD...

I'm with Lyn, if you want 'it'...sometimes you just gotta get 'it' yourself. And it's okay...i'm sure he'd like it ;)