Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Week of Very Little Sleep

I keep getting about 5 and a half - 6 hours of sleep per night lately. It's slowly killing me, even though the reasons I'm staying awake are totally worth it. But the first 2 hours at work after such a short amount of sleep are just murder, is all. Need. Diet. Coke.

Went out to a new place last night for $1 sushi with the boyfriend's friends. They discovered it last week, and we're thinking that we need to make it a regular thing. It was sooooo good. Before we went to meet them, though, boyfriend and I went to buy the computer. It went well, overall. Got a new monitor too, which really was a necessity. My old one was, well...old. It was not a happy monitor, so we picked up a 17" LCD thingy...it is fucking beautiful, and I'm very happy. After dinner, we went over to see the new place that the boyfriend's friends moved into, and then they were sweet enough to come over to my house and hook up the new computer for us. Literally, his friend did all the work on the thing while we sat and watched. A present is in order. Or a dinner, or something. Because I would have had no idea how to do all the stuff that his friend did, which included moving my old hard drive over to a space in the new machine, and now I have all my photos and essays and resumes and everything else in the new computer because he kicks so much ass. I have yet to find my e-mail that was on my old machine, but I'll be calling my cable company for help with that later this week, and I'm sure everything will be fine. The boyfriend doesn't know what to do with the computer now...he was asking me what he should do with it when we went to bed last night, and I told him he can do anything he wants! Play games, write the next big best seller, look at porn, etc...He's just so silly. He said he bought it mostly because I needed a new one. He's right, I did. I asked him last night if he thinks at all about whether we're moving too fast...he was all, "Why? Does it bother you that we share a computer now?" I'm just overthinking things again, I told him. I keep trying to look at things just being day to day, but when your boyfriend buys a computer for himself, and he installs it at your house, and all, it can kind of set a girl back on her heels a bit.

Why am I freaked out about a relationship that's actually working out? I don't know. I'm an idiot, I guess.

Anyway, we have a beautiful new computer, I'm glad his friends moved to town and like to hang out as much as they do, and I'm tired. That's the gist of the morning, really. Gotta run...

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Hunny said...

Know what you mean about lack of sleep and the first two hours of work.
For me I basically have a job that I do nothing all day long, and when I don’t
Sleep well the night before, the entire morning I struggle to keep my eyes open.
Chocolate helps, but too much chocolate and I have a whole new problem!
Congrats on the new computer! Sounds like you have found one great guy and I
Am really happy for you!