Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What the hell?

I just finished eating lunch with Alisha, and as we were finishing up, I felt "the thing" growing on my lip. I get these little "things" every now and then, usually as a reaction to something I've eaten, or possibly even as a reaction to something my lip has come into contact with during the meal, like a plastic spoon, or possibly the plastic bottle of soda I'm sipping on. They sort of suck, because they hurt, and they're big and ugly, and I hate them. HATE! They sort of itch, too. So I came back to my office, where I am armed with Benadryl cream, concealer, and Advil, and took care of it until it decides it's ready to go 'way (which it usually does within an hour or so, I've noticed).

When I get these "things" when I'm out with people, I usually point them out right away, so as to help people avoid the having-to-pretend-not-to-see-it reaction. (Although, sometimes, it's kind of fun to fuck with people in that way...when the mood strikes.) Like with Alisha, I was all, "Man, I hate when this happens...I get a reaction to food, or something, and they look so cool." She suggested it might've been a reaction to MSG, not that I know that there was any MSG in the Chinese food I ate, but it's possible. I said that if that's the case, then at least I don't have severe reactions to it, like seizing, or what have you. I'd much rather take a little raised bump on my lip for an hour rather than passing out and biting my tongue.

But what I love is when I point the reaction out to people, and I KNOW it's extremely obvious that it's there and visible, and people are all, "Oh. I wouldn't have even noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out!"

I hate that bullshit! So don't do it, kay? Alisha did the right thing...she offered up a possible reason for the reaction. Nicely done. Pretending it isn't there isn't the answer. Maybe that's just me, though. Ok, gotta go pee and get back to work. Bah!


alisha said...

glad to know i passed the test! :-) It also could be soy products. Did it happen at Blue Koi?

Faith said...

Nope. It only happens every now and then...lunch today was the first time it had happened in over a week.