Friday, October 28, 2005

360 degree turn around...

It's FRIDAY!!! I'm so happy, I could yelp. I think I did a little bit in my car before I came in this morning, in fact. I was so pleased that this was my last day with the mouthbreather that I bounced a bit in my driver's seat, and "woo-hoo'd" about it. Plus, I had a bagel waiting for me to eat it, and I was rather excited about that as well. For some reason, the boyfriend and I decided to have beer for dinner last night, and while it was a lovely idea at the time, it was not so much fun this morning. "Did I really drink all that much last night?" I asked him this morning as we tried to get moving. "Um, YEAH!" he said. "Oh...I don't remember it being all that much, but dammit, I'm so thirsty!" I had Bass instead of my usual Bud Lights. That probably was what did it. It was thoroughly enjoyable, though. And it's not like I was falling-out-of-my-chair-drunk...just somewhat tipsy. I remember everything we did/watched/ate (because I did eat some pasta when I got home...I was just too hungry), what time we went to bed, talking to the Twin before we went to bed...yeah, I remember all that good stuff. I even remember that the episode of Family Guy that was on the Cartoon Network was the one where Stewie and Brian go to Europe, but they get stuck in the middle east first, and all that good stuff. Funny fucking episode, man.

Ick...the coworker's husband is in here right now, and he stinks like smoke. Yeah, there's nothing like being out of work, having to raise a family on NO income, and still making sure you can buy those smokes that you can't afford! Actually, the man just found out he has prostate cancer...maybe I should give him a break, right? And smoking is so good for your body, too...especially when you're trying to fight a disease like cancer. AUUGGGHHHH!!! Tha fucking corn nuts are out again!! I swear, I am so out of here right now. Bye!

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