Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ah I missed you!

Suddenly, this afternoon, October full on arrived. It's cold, blustery, and rainy out right now, and it's gonna stay that way for a while. The cold will be sticking with us for at least a week, and after that, who knows? :D

Leaves are changing, falling, and creating a mess as they should do this time of year. It was getting hard to think of Halloween being right around the corner when it was regularly 80 degrees. But now? Now I can't WAIT to get dressed up!

Thank GOD for Fall. I love this time of year. Seriously love it.


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FaithsTwin said...

the blog spammers don't even make SENSE! WTF are they talking about anyway? *sigh*

Yes, having cooler weather and even a bit of rain has really put me in a good mood lately it seems. I LOVE this time of year!

BillH said...

What's not to like about autumn? Earth tone colors, tailgating at college football games, long-sleeved t-shirts, the World Series, the start of the NBA season, and it's now cold enough to eat chili and other soups every day. How can it get better?

(By the way, what the HECK are these spammers doing anyway?!)

Faith said...

I know! Look at both those up above. (I'm not deleting them...they're too entertaining!) The first one is talking about real estate, but then suddenly pushes some new search engine crap, and the second one...Um, picket lines, a sudden departure from the topic by use of elipses, and then a link to a Russian woman site? What the fuck is that? Cracks me up!! (I do love how polite they all are..."Come check out my site if you have the time!" and all that crap. Very nicely done...makes me wanna check out some Russian women, it does!)

liamlea said...