Monday, October 24, 2005

Are we all gonna do the Electric Slide later?

I ran into the weirdest phenomenon I think I've seen in a long time on Friday night, and I wanna share it with everyone. Went out dancing with friends at a little place in KC that I haven't been to in a while. So we're hanging out, and we're pretty much the first people there, so we're also the first ones on the dance floor, which was great because the DJ played music I wanted to dance to since no one else was there, really. I thought that was awfully nice of him.

But later, as it crowded up on the dance floor, people started getting into a big circle and simply stood there watching as one person danced in the middle of it. I've seen this phenomenon before in my life. You know, at weddings when things cheese-up a bit, and everyone is just a bit tipsy, and things are getting to the point where friends want to embarass other friends, etc. Or, back in junior high, at a Friday afternoon dance. Yeah, those are some normal places where the "dance circle" phenomena makes a bit more sense. At a dance club on a Friday night where you have to pay a COVER to get in? Uh-uh. That's just some fucked up shit right there. I watched for a while, started to get a bit peeved that it was continuing to happen for more than a song or two, and finally, a song came on that I wanted to dance to, and there wasn't any fucking space to do it on the dance floor what with all the people standing around in a big goddam circle. So Alisha and I got up on a raised platform thingy they had at the edge of the floor, and watched the idiots, and danced, and had a good time. But suddenly, there was a break in idiocy, and no one was in the circle. But the circle was still there! So after a couple of seconds passed, I took my chance: I stepped off the platform, and got in the middle of the circle, and started shouting at people to fucking DANCE, already! I yelled over the music at two blondes with horrified looks on their faces, "We're not at a high school dance or a goddammed wedding! Stop watching, and fucking DANCE, already!!" I turned to another guy, and started dancing with him, and he danced with me. I danced up to the other side of the circle, and found another guy that was just standing there, confused and stunned by the activity that was occurring, and encouraged him to dance. And he did. And suddenly, the circle was gone. It broke up!! Yeah, there were some people looking at me a bit funny (um, they were breakdancing a couple of minutes earlier in the middle of the circle, so I guess it was only fair that they should look at me like I was insane for a bit as well...), but I didn't care. The circle broke up, my friends and I were able to dance in the space it created on the floor, and life was good again. It lasted for a bit too. The circle tried to return in a corner of the floor a few songs later, but it dissipated again relatively quickly.

Is this sort of thing happening in other parts of the country at dance clubs? Have I just not been in the dance club loop recently enough to know that this is a now-common occurrence and that people actually enjoy "participating" in when they go out and pay $5 - $10 to get in someplace where they're just gonna wind up watching other mo-fo's dance all night long? I feel sort of bad, if that's the case. But I really think it was just a case of people being complete fuckheads. I told the boyfriend about the conversation I overheard in the bathroom that made me want to get the hell out of the bar ASAP ("I can't believe the bride left her own bachelorette party!" "Yeah, I know! I'm soo. pissed. So, what time do you wanna get going in the morning?" "Uumm...I think we need to get moving by 8 a.m. to get stuff done and then get to the church in time, right?" Holy fuck. If I get married before I'm 60, and my bridesmaids throw me a bachelorette party the night before my fucking wedding, and then get pissed at me for going home before 2 A.M. will someone please do me a favor and kick my ass for having picked such IDIOTS as bridesmaids? And these girls were going to be in a wedding the next day. Christ.), and he in turn told me that the last time he'd gone to the bathroom, some of the gentlemen patrons at the club were kicking holes in the wall...the brand new walls that still smelled like fresh paint was on them, they had so recently been renovated...and that was the last straw for him as well. We did have a great time with our friends, but man...I can't believe how stupid and assholeish people can be sometimes. Utterly ridiculous.

It was a good time, overall, though. While I'd prefer to hang out and play some pool, or even that fun shuffleboard game thing they have at a bar or two in town, every once in a while, it's nice to break up the monotony, and go dancing. Thank GOD we got there early enough to have avoided paying a cover. Because if we had done that, I would have gone around to each of the fuckheads that were dancing in a circle, and asked them all to give me a fucking dollar. Dumbasses.

USC won. Notre Dame won. Fucking Texas won, but whatever. (What was Texas Tech DOING??? They're better than that! I KNOW they are!! AUGHHHHH!!!) And the Chiefs won on Friday night, which was a good starter for things. I layed around and did mostly nothing yesterday, which was lovely, and boyfriend came home last night and we watched movies (I can't figure out why my friends recommended the Best of Will Farrel as a rental, though...maybe the volume 1 version is better? Because the volume 2 was terrible...made me wonder why they even HAVE a volume 2, honestly. But "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" is a very good movie...), and it was a perfect end to the weekend, I thought. And I'm having trouble ending this post (obviously), so I'd best shove off now. Sorry for the...well, just sorry. I don't know what for. :P


FaithsTwin said...

I would go back and make sure for a couple of Fridays that those weirdos aren't still forming that freakcircle anymore. If you see it forming, you run into the middle of it and scream at them like a banshee. Sounds like a plan to me!

In any case, maybe they were doing that because of that dance show that I don't think is on anymore: Dance 360. It was on our KCAL station here for a while. People would gather in a circle and watch others compete in a dance off. Maybe they think that is what you are supposed to do!

statia said...

I think you should have gotten in the middle and totally Saturday Night Fevered it.

Natalie said...

Yeah, seriously, the circle thing? Happens all over the place. Mad throwback to the 80s, y0, along with the breakdancing. Next up: side ponytails and slouch socks.

Faith said...

Hm. Interesting. Guess it makes sense, since most of the people that were doing the circle thing looked like they would've been very young during the 80's, and therefore were unable to appreciate the end of that decade as much as I was able to. I mean, why bring it back? WHY?

If side ponytails come back, I'm gonna start carrying scissors with me in my purse.

FaithsTwin said...

I heard a REALLY annoying fashion designer on my radio show the other morning talking about some of the 80's fashions returning. My radio chick started talking about the pegged jeans. How many times a day did I have to stop to re-peg my jeans? Stop the madness!

statia said...

Don't forget the stirrup pants Nat.

Faith said...

And the scissors will come in handy for both the pegged jeans as well as stirrup pants, should those two very hip and cool items return to the streets.

It was bad enough to see people breakdancing, honestly. I don't think I could take any more 80's bullshit. Well, except for pictures of Michael Jackson looking normal popping up whenever there's a story about him, instead of pictures of his scary-ass face as it is right now. Remember him back in the 80's? When he was still black? And had a nose? And didn't have any children? And wasn't a COMPLETE FREAK?!! Yeah, I could handle that. But please, no Flashdance sweater/legging combos, or permed hair, or songs like "Let's Get Physical" by Olivia Newton John making it to a top place on the charts. No, no, no, no, NO!!!

Alisha said...

OMG! I'm sorry we had to endure the crazyness at the club. I have been out dancing in other areas of the country in the last few years and have not run into this phenomenon except at weddings. I think they are all on some really bad crack.

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