Friday, October 07, 2005

Beware the POWER of Faith! (Heh.)

So I've got this coworker that's in the same little office as me, right? The one that eats corn nuts for breakfast in her delightful little way? (She doesn't have them this morning, by the way. Thank GOD! Also, I found that she doesn't like the scent of the hand lotion I use. So that's my revenge, muthafuckas...awww yeah!) Anyway, she's getting to the point in this project where little things are annoying her. And they're annoying her to a degree that is really not necessary. Mind you, she's got some personal shit happening, too, so that probly doesn't help her mood any, but whatev.

We have a group of folks that works in a small area outside our office that can be rather boisterous and chatty. They tend to talk all morning, and they start it up again towards the end of the day, and it can be a bit much to have to listen to. But you know what? I don't really care. Because I'm not really doing anything all day except data entry, and moving info from one system to another, and that sort of bullshit. It's not like I'm trying to crack the DaVinci code in here. I'm here from 8 to 5, I take some little breaks here and there throughout the day, and I go home at the end of the day feeling that I've earned the money I've made. My coworker is in the same boat when it comes to what we're doing here. She's just running some queries, moving the info, and that's that. It's not like it's on her to analyze the shit she's pulled up (although I think part of the problem is that she tries to do that, and it's not really her job, so she should just stop it...), so I'm not sure what she's taking so seriously, but she is.

So yesterday, she's so bothered by the boisterous group that she closes the door to our office. This bothers me for a couple of reasons: (1) it's not a large room, and being closed into it just feels...weird for some reason. (2) I have to continuously go down the hall in the morning to grab stuff I'm printing off, as the printer is in my boss's office 3 doors down. (3) My coworker weighs about 350 pounds. She tends to grunt now and again, for reasons unknown to me, and her breathing is loud and labored. Sometimes, we listen to music...the radio is on her desk, so it's up to her to turn it off and on as the whim strikes her. I could ask her to turn it on, I guess, but I really don't care. Anyway, the music has the ability to drown out the noises she makes, which is helpful. But when she closed the door yesterday, she didn't turn the radio on.

And THEN she started to talk about how annoying the boisterous people are. And she talked about them, and talked about them, and I finally stopped saying anything at all in return, which made her quit eventually. So not only was I closed into the room, and then having to go in and out a closed door much of the morning, but she wasn't gonna stop talking about how annoying they were, anyway!! So what was the fucking point of closing the door, bitch?? AUGH!

She kept getting frustrated with her work throughout the day, too. After lunch, she made some comment about how it was all making her blood pressure rise. And I finally said, "I don't get what the big deal is. It's just noise. I try not to let it get to me, you know?" And she said something about how distracting it was, and I said I just block it out and try not to notice it, and it seems to work fine. And she shut up. And the funny thing? She stopped cussing at her computer, and she seemed to mellow out a bit. Today, so far, she hasn't said anything about the boisterous people...and they're being pretty rowdy, too. (It's one of their boss's birthdays, so they're having fun...) She has made a comment about how she's bothered that her bosses keep making changes to "her" queries without saying anything to her, but the thing is, they do it every day. And, um, it's not really "her" query, you know? It's kind of important for the people who work here permanently to be able to do their job, and she's helping them with that function...she's not in charge of them. THEY'RE in charge of HER. Duh.

It's just getting to the point where she's turning sort of weird. Happens to temp people every now and then, I've noticed. Especially ones that are a bit out of the ordinary. I used to work with an older woman in another office long ago who was bothered by the fact that I was always being asked to go into the back part of the office to help with making copies, sending mail, and filing. But what she didn't understand was that she was obnoxious and one really liked her there. She was weird. And she couldn't understand why no one wanted to hire her into a perm position, either. Um, maybe because you smell like a walking cigarette? Or because you have a negative personality that can be read as soon as you walk through the door? My current coworker is getting to that point too. And it must be frustrating to be in her position, and I might get a bit eccentric myself if I were in her shoes. Because she goes out on interviews for jobs (which she claims she is most qualified for, but I'd never know whether that's true or not...), and she says that if the hiring manager is a man, she's sure to be passed up for the position. This last interview she had was with a woman, but "she was hispanic", and they don't tend to like large women either, she says. (Which is news to me, but I digress...) So the constant rejection must get to her, I'd think.

She also was talking to her daughter yesterday, and telling her about what the doctor had said about the illness she has (she's had to stay home from school for the last couple of days because her stomach hurts too bad, as she's super-constipated...yeah, this is the sort of thing I'm privvy to, being stuck in the same small office with her, and all...), and she told her little girl that the doctor said she was "rotten inside". "Rotten from her throat to her belly..." was what she told her specifically. And I was just sitting here thinking, "Holy shit! WHY would you say that to your kid??" And then she told her that we had been given lunch by the company - which was true - but she told her that "they fed us today" if we're some sort of animals or something. "Yeah, they fed us our lunch was good!" And I just had to get up and leave the office. I mean, don't tell your kid, who happens to be 9 years old, by the way, that we "got fed". That's just fucked up right there. Not as much as telling her that someone said she was "rotten inside", but hearing the two things together just made me wanna scream at her.

So this thing had better end soon. I want a new project. Or I want this coworker to get so fed up that she leaves. That'd be good, too.

Right now, I have to do some actual work. :) Happy Friday, everyone! Hope your day provides positive coworker interaction...


FaithsTwin said...

Hispanics = won't hire women that are won't hire women that are overweight... Keebler Elves= won't hire women that are overweight.

I know you and I are tippin' the scales at a higher weight these days, but I know another thing: weighing more than a certain weight can mean that you are more of a liability than not. Sue me for saying it. Someone with an obesity issue doesn't think about the possibility of their health concerns being an issue. Insurance, missing work because of problems, being in a bad mood because of low self esteem. It all adds up.

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