Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Boy, it got dark in here!

I'm in an extremely dark mood. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or something. But it started out because the boyfriend slept on the goddammed couch again (again, no reason for it...he just slept out there because), and he left the t.v. and lights on for most of the night while he did it...in fact the one light stayed on ALL night, but at least he turned off the t.v. at some point after I went out and bugged him at 3:30. I know it isn't costing me an arm and a leg, or anything, but right now especially, every fucking penny counts. So the fact that he's doing shit like that, on top of sitting on the computer all day long on his days off when I'm not there, is really starting to eat at me. And I don't want it to, you know? So I'm lying in bed this morning before I have to get up, trying to tell myself to just let it goooo, because he bought me sushi last night, and that was nice, and he does nice stuff like that a lot, really (I'm hoping he'll buy the supplies to make me dinner tonight, actually...), so I finally release the demon that is controlling my anger towards him (sort of, anyway...because the fucker DID sleep on the couch again), and then I get up and I shower, and he moves into the bedroom (naturally) after I start doing dishes that need to get washed, and then I see that he has eaten the rest of my pretzels. The pretzels that I bought specifically so I would stop going to the goddammed vending machine every day where I spend $.75 on a bag of fucking Cheez Its that I don't need, and can't really afford. So my pretzels are gone (thank goodness I loaded up a bag I brought to work yesterday with enough to last me a couple of days...), and I start crying. It was just too much that I'm now pissed because my boyfriend left a light on all night, and I am out of pretzels on top of everything else. (Oh, I think I failed to mention that in the midst of all this grumbling and wandering about trying to figure out whether I should be mad or not, I opened my Sprint PCS bill to find that it is TWICE the amount it usually is. Which is great. Because I needed that for sure! Twin, don't call me during the day any more. And I won't be able to call you, either. BAH!!!)

So, yeah, dark mood. That is all. I'm gonna go mire myself in work now. With a bunch of people that could give a flying shit about me or who I am or what I do in my spare time.

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Anonymous blogger said...

Whenever I get pissy about stuff I try and either do lots of work, or just crash out. So either a ton of stuff gets done off of the dreaded "todo" list, or not a goddamned thing gets done. I used to write scathing blog entries about anything and everything that caused me grief, but that ended up biting me in the ass.