Friday, October 28, 2005

Can I have a blister on my toe instead, or something?

Yesterday, I went over my daily allowance of time I was supposed to wear tights, it seems. By the time I pulled them off last night, I had tight-burned myself at the very top of my inner thigh, where the thigh meets the choocha. (A tight-burn, for those who don't know/haven't experienced the phenomenon, is kind of like a rug-burn. Has the same qualities, if memory serves me correctly...) So I put some Neosporin on it last night before bed (an act which spurred the boyfriend to say, "Damn, that is sooo sexy!" Don't know if he was kidding or what...), and hoped it would heal up a bit before morning. It was pretty red and swollen last night (which only added to the sexiness...), but it was looking/feeling better this morning, for the most part. I'm wearing jeans today, and not tights, but the burn on my left thigh is just KILLING me!!! I keep putting Neosporin on it (I'm probably the only childless woman in America that actually carries around a tube of Neosporin in her purse at all times...yes, I'm aware that I'm weird, but it comes in handy, honest!), but it's still so irritated, it's making me walk funny, I'm afraid.

Oh well. These people aren't ever gonna see me again. And the boyfriend thinks my ailment is "sexy" so I'm sure he could give a shit about how it makes me walk. Plus, I won't see him until tonight, at which point we are going to relax, drink at home (cheaper, safer, etc...), play Yatzee, and not move around much. So hopefully, that'll help it in the long run. Because tomorrow is a USC game. And I have to wear my lucky skirt. And I can't wear the lucky skirt without tights. Dammit.

I'm off in search of lunch. Happy day to you all. Hope it's burn-free....


Anonymous said...


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lyn said...

comment span so sucks. sorry about the rub. go usc!!! (damn i hate the bcs, they should be #1.)

Ms. Pants said...

Honey, click the button to make people do the word verification. Who cares about arthritis when you've got firethighs?!

And um... I carry neosporin with me. The pain relief kind.

Faith said...

Yes!! Tha pain relief kind should be the ONLY kind. It's a cure-all, I swear. I use it on zits (against the advice of all estheticians, mind, don't try it if you're under 30), on my beat-to-hell-cuticles, on any little scrape that happens to pop up...I love the stuff.

And the spam started out as somewhat entertaining, really. Plus, it makes it look like I have more comments than I actually have. Which makes me happy, if only for a moment. Because I'm just that pitiful in my everyday life. And look how noce Emily is when she signs off! "Kind regards"? Who says that anymore, anyway?

I'm considering adding the word-verification. Maybe sometime this weekend. :)

Faith said...

Oh, and Lyn, if I think about the BCS at all today, my head will implode. I've NEVER agreed with that rating system, and can't believe that the guy that invented it actually allowed ABC to broadcast an interview he gave in order to explain how the rating system "works". Now we all know what he looks like. Good fucking luck, buddy. I bet he's been beat up at least 5 times this past week.

Many people I talk to about it think we should have a 4-game championship series at the end of the year between the top teams. (I actually think a 6-team playoff would be best to start with, and several men at the bar I was at last week agreed with me...) It just makes the most sense.

Damn head hurts now.

Anonymous said...

hey, i have those burns, too. usually from hose! but what works for me is that spray you buy for jock itch. don't laugh -- it's easy to apply right through your hose and kills the burn immediately. you'll heal overnight without any remaining burn the next day!

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