Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The gods are smiling...

Boyfriend didn't realize he'd made me cry the other night. He's super-sorry about that. (I told him, DER! I'm a girl. One with PMS, no less. Of course I'm going to cry when he looks as upset/acts as upset as he did the other night. Jeez!) Bought me yummy sushi dinner last night, for which I am eternally grateful. Even though my pee smelled like unagi all night long, which was weird, since I only ate 2 pieces of that kind of sushi. Powerful stuff, unagi. I don't like it when my pee smells like it, that's for sure. Might have to stick to white tuna and striped bass from now on.

Also, the coworker just told me that she went to QuikTrip (a local gas station/convenience store chain here in the midwest) yesterday to "stock up on stuff", and they were out of corn nuts. Well, they had the big bag of the BBQ flavored ones, but she doesn't like anything that's BBQ flavored, so that was not happening. (And in this fact, I'm doubly blessed, because if there's anything worse than the smell of a normal corn nut, it's one covered in BBQ dusted nastiness.)

I'm going to turn in my application for the part time job at the fave clothing store today, so hopefully the gods will keep a-smiling on that front. I could really use the extra cash, and the cushion of an extra job whenever this one ends. In fact, I'm gonna head down there right now, and then grab some lunch. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

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Girl From Ipanema said...


FaithsTwin said...

boys is so stoopid...Hope they hire ya! I could use some good stuff from there...

nope said...


I'm sorry for being intrusive in to your blog. But I am Melissa and I am a mother of two that is just trying to get out of an incredible financial debt. See my hubby is away in Iraq trying to protect this great country that we live in, and I am at home with our two kids telling bill collectors please be patiant. When my husband returns from war we will beable to catch up on our payments. We have already had are 2001 Ford repossessed from the bank, and are now down to a 83 buick that is rusted from front to back and the heater don't work, and tire tax is due in November.

I'm not asking for your pitty because we got our ownselfs into this mess but we would love you and thank you in our prayers if you would just keep this link on your blog for others to view.

God Bless You.

Melissa K. W.
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