Thursday, October 13, 2005

Got a minute...

Ok, I'm waiting for someone to come and help me with a project I'm working on, so I've got a second to say a few things that are on my mind...

I didn't win the Powerball drawing last night again, and I'm getting mad. But I will continue to play, because as we all know, you can't win if you don't play. So hmph. I'm gonna win, so I must keep aplayin'. And this morning, something strange started happening. Random numbers started popping into my head. I tried to dismiss them, but they kept coming back, and not going away. I finally wrote them down. But there are only 4 of them. Which means I need 2 more if I'm gonna use them in the next drawing (usually I do quick-picks, but this is pretty weird, so I thought I'd work with it, just in case...). But no more numbers are coming to me. Which is pissing me off now.

Another thing that's pissing me off? My coworker handed off a project to me that she's been working on for the past couple of days. I don't mind doing it at all, really, so that's not the problem. (She needed to go to a doctor appointment with her it's not like she just didn't wanna do it any more.) The problem is that I heard her talking to her boss about handing off the project to me on the phone earlier, and she's sitting there telling her that "it's going to take her the rest of the day, if not part of tomorrow as well to get these done..." And when she showed me what needed to be done, she's telling me to "enter 'AL', and then hit alt-p, and then tab 5 times, and enter the date and then alt shift c and tab, and then hit control p and then tab, and blah, blah, blah..." And I finally tell her that she's going too quickly, and I'm not familiar with all of the functions she's mentioning, and what the fuck? So she said I can click in the spaces instead, if I want. She just uses short-cuts. Well, guess what asshole? Those aren't fucking shortcuts! That's about 800 times more work than just reaching over for the fucking mouse every now and then to put the curser where you need it, and just type the date over again, because it's fewer goddammed key-strokes than it is to highlight it, copy it, and then paste it in another spot. I mean, JE-ESUS! So she gives me this project, and I start to do it, and realize that I'm gonna be done with it in, oh, about an hour. So what the fuck is she telling her boss it'll take me the rest of the day to do it for? I don't know. I do have a bit more to do, but can't until I get my questions answered, and if the guy that was out smoking doesn't come over to answer them when he gets back to his seat like he's supposed to, then I can't help it, really. I've already searched him out twice, and he hasn't been there. So fuck him.

Anyway, so I'm bothered. And I wanna see my boyfriend, but I don't wanna go to the restaurant tonight. But I probly will anyway, because I'm a loser. I'll have one beer. I can afford one beer. But that's it. I swear. (I'm so weak!)

(I just finished the project, btw, after I went and searched the guy out one more's done. After I received it just a short 2 hours ago. Would have been done sooner had it not been for the main contact being away from his desk when I went to look for him. But whatever...he was surprised I was done already, too. Gave me a pat on the back and seemed real appreciative. Yeah, I think he might be coming to me first instead of to my coworker from now on when he needs shit like that done. Just a guess.) Oh, and I forgot to mention that the coworker has done shit like this before. Last week, I was feeling super-icky on Monday. I went home early, I was feeling so icky, and things were slow here, and even though it would mean a cut to my pay, I had to go home and just sleep. Because I was afraid I'd get more sick if I didn't. So I went to my boss, and asked her if I could go home since I was done with my work, and nothing else was popping up, and I was truly feeling like shit. (I even said "shit" in front of her, which was totally unprofessional of me, but she let it slide...probly 'cause I looked so nasty.) So I went home. And the next day, I felt TONS better, and back to normal, and all that good stuff, thank goodness. So I came to work, of course, and my coworker mentions at one point in the morning how she's tired of the fact that they run out of shit for us to do every now and then, and she told her boss the day before (who happens to be my boss's boss) that, "Yeah, Faith even went home early because she was bored." And I'm all, "Um, that's NOT why I went home, though! I was sick, Stacy. Did you tell her I was sick?" And she's all, no, because they were talking about the lack of work, etc...


So I made a point of going into her boss's office a little bit later, and saying, "I understand that my reasons for going home a bit early yesterday might've been miscommunicated to you. I was feeling really terrible, and I never get sick, so I thought it best that I go home and get some rest." And she told me that she had spoken to my boss and she had explained that I was sick, so all was well. So I told her, "Oh, good. Because Stacy just told me that she said I went home because I was bored, and I wanted to assure you that wasn't the case. If I'm bored, I'll come and look for things to do." She said, "I did think you had gone home because you were bored originally, but then Melissa explained that you were sick, so it's ok." I was SOOOOOO pissed!! Why would ANYONE think it's ok to say such a thing to the people who sign our fucking timecards, and decide if we're necessary to have around in the first place??? I NEED this money, you know? Dumbass.

Ok, I needed to get that off my chest. Sorry. Rant came out of nowhere, didn't it? Whew!

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