Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm just gonna run away now, mkay?

Mouth breathers.

Um, WTF?? Why? Why do they exist? Do they not realize they have noses which work just as well for the breathing purpose?

Ok, given, you have some folks out there that have issues with sinuses, and their lives suck that way, and I'm going to hell for making fun of them. But DAMMIT!! The mouth breathing is FUCKING ANNOYING!

(Don't worry...the PMS will wear off soon. In the mean time, it's likely that things are mostly going to be "FUCKING ANNOYING" to me, and I'll be chatting about them here.)

But really, I'm going to be driven insane by having to be cooped up in a quiet office with the mouth breather. (Who, contrary to what I said last week, is starting to have a not-so-fresh-smell at this point. Dammit.)

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