Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The spam is starting to piss me off a bit.

I admit, I'm with the Twin in my enjoyment of some of the spam I've received thus far on my blog. The random bits of info and the way it's worded cracks us up. Also, there hasn't been too much of it yet, and that's something I appreciate.

But the past two days, I've been getting a spam message that is longer than the Declaration of Independence talking about alternative therapies for stress and what kinds of natural ingredients can do what for your health, blah, blah, blah. And it's getting on my nerves.

Don't have much to say about it other than that. And not much is going on this morning other than I'm glad this week is just moving right along, and that Friday is right around the corner. I'm done with this temp job at that point, and I will hopefully never have to see/share and office with mouthbreather again. I swear, yesterday, she was getting hot and winded from stuffing checks into envelopes. You'd think that might signal a problem to her, and maybe she might consider, oh, I don't know, eating a bit less? Perhaps getting some basic exercise? Although every morning, I wonder if she's going to pass out just from the walk from the elevator to our office alone. So maybe exercise needs to wait a bit until she's healthy enough to be able to do anything. After watching what some of the bigger folks on "The Biggest Loser" can do, though, I have to wonder what good could come if people as big as my office-mate might push themselves a bit. And I don't mean to sound super-critical. I know I do, and I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt when I first started working with her, honestly. But after 2 months of her getting hot from sitting still, and hearing the strained breathing and the weird noises she makes, it's just hard to be sympathetic any more. How can someone get to that point, is what I wonder? How do you feel the way she must feel, and continue to allow it to happen day after day by eating crap (Cheetos, pizzas, crappy Chinese food, Cheez Its, fatty breakfast sandwiches that smell like hell - and that's just what I see when she eats in the office when I'm in here!), and not letting yourself get better by maybe, oh, I don't know...eating an apple for a snack instead of a box of Cheez Its? Or perhaps having a homemade turkey sandwich instead of a microwave pizza for lunch? I feel bad for her, for whatever reason it is that keeps her as large as she is, and for the way people look at her and how she feels people treat her. But dammit, I don't understand that kind of loss of control. I simply cannot fathom it.

I need to get to work. I hope I don't offend anyone by saying what I have about my officemate over the past few weeks. I really did try to see her point of view when we started working together, but it's gotten to the point where that just is impossible for me to do any more. Probably due in large part to her shitty personality. But that's just a guess. GOD, I can't WAIT for Friday!!!


Gordon said...

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Faith said...

Oh my God! How did Gordon's spam-o-meter know that I was jobless? Now it's just getting downright creepy...