Thursday, October 27, 2005

Step off, George.

You don't wanna step into my world today, boy. People are driving badly, it's not Friday yet, the coworker is eating a smelly sandwich AGAIN, her shampoo smells disgusting (she comes in with wet hair in the a.m. every day, and the smell of whatever product she uses lingers because of that, it seems), she's brushing her ass-long hair while she sits at her desk (which is just soooo gross, I don't even know how to deal with it without shielding my face from it), and I can start taking bets on how long it'll be before she produces the bag of corn nuts and starts eating them. 15 minutes? 20? It'll be soon**, that I'm sure of.

If God loves me, he'll have these folks send me home today, and just let me have my whole 40 hours for the week. Yesterday, I was reaching for items to do. Today, I can imagine it'll be much of the same. And tomorrow will only be worse. Unless a project comes along to take my mind off of it all. Oh please, let a project happen!! Data entry? Please?

I finally saw the amount that they're paying my temp company to have me here yesterday when I was filing accounts payable stuff. They're getting $19.85 an hour for me, and I'm only being paid $13.50 an hour. That means my temp company is making 31% on my hourly income. And the fact that they wouldn't give me another $.50 that I was asking for (you know, so I can eat, pay bills, etc...) is bullshit. It would've taken their margin down to 29% if they'd paid me $14 an hour instead. And it's ridiculous that they wouldn't do that for me. The standard profit margin in the temp world is anywhere from 15% - 35%. We used to aim for a 30% - 40% margin at the company I worked for years ago, and we usually got it, as the tech field is a bit different from the admin/accounting field when it comes to temp/project work. But I was well aware of the industry standards then, and hell if I'm letting this info slide. The bitch I work for should know better...she knows I work in the accounting department here. She's an idiot to think I wouldn't have access to that sort of info at some point in my day. Fucker. She had plenty of room to slide on my "salary", and I'm pissed now.

Ok, so I'm in a semi-dark place today. Let's hope it wears off soon...if not, then hopefully some sort of caffeine or chocolate should do the trick. We'll have to see. In the meantime, watch out for black, two-door BMWs in your rear-view mirror, and for fuck's sake, don't brush your hair in your office!! Ew!

**UPDATE: It was only 10 MINUTES!!! UGH!!!! It smells disgusting in here, and I just wanna run away at this point. I'm pissed, pissed, PISSED, and it's making it hard to be in a decent mood at all. Her supervisor just passed me in the hallway, and asked me what was wrong, I had such an icky look on my face. I told her that the coworker is eating corn nuts, and it smells disgusting. I could only hope my voice carried enough that she heard me say it, as I was in the hallway at the time. But she was still eating them when I came back in. AAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!


FaithsTwin said...

Is there a way to file a grievance with the temp company? 'Cause that shit ain't right. Does that chick get a bonus or something based on the percentage they get? Even THAT though. It's all wrong. Sorry about that dude.

Faith said...

She's the manager at that location. And it's perfectly normal for them to charge as much of a mark-up as they can's what they're in business to do, really. It just wasn't very smart of her to tell me that she couldn't obtain a raise for me when she knew I was working in the accounting department of the company I'm currently located at. She really isn't very bright if she didn't realize that accounts payable is part of the accounting department, and OH YEAH!, accounts payable is what pays them for my time. Der. The bills need to be filed by SOMEONE, and it's probly gonna be the temp. Fucking idiot...

I didn't say anything in an e-mail I sent her earlier. I want to see what she can find for me after I return from Indiana. I'll probably say something at that point, though. In the meantime, I just reminded her that I'm single, and I don't have a second income helping to pay bills and mortgages, hoping that it makes her feel bad.

Why am I running across so fucking many twats in the business world lately, is what I want to know? Doesn't anyone think of anybody other than themselves any more? CHRIST!!!

Pensive Girl said...

thanks for coming to my blog and yes, it seems we do live in the same neighborhood. how messed up is what happened???? ANYWAY...gotta get back to work.
keep up the good site.

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