Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tid bits o' fun...

Having fun with the boyfriend still...which is a good sign, since we've rounded the ever-curious 3 month mark, and are well on our way to being together for 4 months as of mid-October. Lately, conversations have gone from totally goofy to somewhat serious to confusing as hell and back to normal again.

Last Friday, we went bowling with some friends, and he got a little nutty. He started dancing as he would bowl. But not in a normal, more geek-like than anything else. He would hike his pants up REALLY high, and then bend over and straighten back up again (which, incidentally, would leave his pants very far in his crack), and then he would dance up to the start of the lane, and throw his ball. He's ridiculous like that sometimes, and I love it, for some reason. It made us all laugh very hard, including the strangers next to us in the other lane.

Last night, we were watching the episode of Sex & the City where Charlotte marries Trey, and at some point right before the ceremony, the price of her dress is brought up (apparently it was supposed to have cost $14,000), and boyfriend was all, "$14,000 for a DRESS?! What the hell is that about?" So I tell him that I've warned the old man that he needs to set aside at least $15,000 for the dress alone when I get married. And this confuses the boyfriend even more, and so I have to explain that my sisters all got married a long time ago, and here I am, the only one that remains unmarried in the fam, and I'm already 31 for chrissakes! So when I finally do get married, you'd better believe it's going to be a HUGE fucking deal, dammit. And the dress needs to reflect that. Plus, I want a designer gown, preferable from someone like Vera Wang, and those don't come cheap. I said all this as I sauntered to the bathroom, and then I closed the door. I had a good laugh while I was in there, because I knew that boyfriend was freaking out about how materialistic and ridiculous I was being.

When I came out of the bathroom, boyfriend was on the deck having a cigarette, so I stood in the doorway and chatted with him a bit. I told him that he obviously didn't understand the importance of the wedding dress to some women, and materials and designer names, etc...can really add up! And he just says that it seems insane to pay that much for a dress. And I finally said, "Dude, do you really think I'd spend that much on a dress? That's a CAR! It's the downpayment on a house! I'd never spend that much on a dress, really." He was pretty relieved hearing that. He came over and gave me a kiss, and said that he could see someone paying maybe $2,000 on a dress, but NOT $15,000. I said that I think I'd limit myself to a max of $3,000, just to be safe. But really, I don't know when or where I'm getting married, and it depends on what hits me at the moment that I'm in the situation of having to look for a dress. There's no telling what I'll wind up with, really. I told my friend today that I could very well be wearing my Sunday best to go marry some dude at the senior citizen's center when I'm 80 years old. Who the fuck knows?

Anyway, so talking about my ideas of locations of weddings and my dress costs and all that junk doesn't even seem to phase the boyfriend. Which is nice. I'm glad that general, random conversation topics like that don't seem pointed and specific to him when they're brought up. Because they aren't. One never knows what's going to happen, but it HAS only been 3 months. I'm not a jump-to-conclusions type o' girl myself, so I like to think he isn't that type of guy, either.

So when we go to bed, I bring up a question that's been on my mind lately. It's not that I mind at. all., but he's been at my house a majority of the time for, oh say, the last 2 months. Again, it's fine with me...I've gotten used to it, and we work well together schedule-wise, so it's gotten a routine to it, for the most part. But I asked him if he was moving in, or something? And he said, no, he isn't moving hasn't been long enough, and that's just not even something he's thought about at all. I said that's fine, but he's over at my place a lot, and I just thought I'd ask because I wasn't sure how that subject gets brought up, or when it's supposed to, because I've never been in a situation like this before, and quick, grab my hand before my head goes under the quicksand and I disappear forever in my confusion and uncertainty! He said he understood...he told me that if I didn't want him around as much, all I had to do was say so. But I told him that wasn't what I meant at all, and I'd gotten quite used to it the way it was. I just wanted to make sure that I understood how that all happens when it does happen, is all. He said, "Yeah, I guess I basically live here's close to work!" And I said, "I knew it! It's just a convenient crash-pad for you! A crash-pad with cable, pussy, and internet access, dammit!" And that's when he attacked me, and you don't really need (or want) to hear the rest, I'm sure.

But my point is that he's just perfect for me. Which is weird, because I always saw myself with more of a serious, corporate-type dude. Someone that was witty, but not necessarily goofy in any way. But I was waaaaayyyy off on that. Or at least, it seems so at this point. After all, it has only been 3 months...


Anonymous said...

Faith -- this is Marilyn. Marilynda. Marilyndaily. Merrychristmasmisterlawrence. Fuck this. This is SHELL. I peek in on you from time to time, and I gottatellya: I am happy-as-high-hell to hear you chatting of such things. Good-on-ya, we'd say, were we from some other country. Tres fookin' bien, we'd say if we were German. At any rate, I am deeply happy for you, Littler Sis. I love you. I hope that you know that you have all of my best wishes. Love, Mrs.Dash

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