Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Why do people eat corn nuts? WHHHYYYYYYY?????? God. It's just so nasty smelling in my office right now due to my coworker's love for the corn nuts (she eats them for breakfast, yo...swear. to. god.), and I'm trying to feel better and get into work and everything, and it's just not easy when the whole fucking office smells like goddammed CORN NUTS!!!

Ok, gotta work. I was feeling a bit better (I got hit with some sort of flu yesterday...made my chest feel like it was on fire, and all I wanted to do was sleep...and eat sushi, apparently.) when I first got here, but now with the corn nut action, I need to work on focusing a bit more. GAH!!


Maine said...

Corn nuts are not food.

Ms. Pants said...

< Heathers >
Regular, or BQ?
< / Heathers >

Faith said...

Regular. AUGH!!!!!

FaithsTwin said...

Get a patchouli candle and light it. Keep lighting it up and blowing it out. So she has to deal with the patchouli smell mixed with the blown out candle smell. Or an anonymous note left at her lunch hour: "Dear so-and-so, corn nuts are nasty. They smell nasty. They taste nasty. And the nastiness is making me FEEL nasty. Eat them at home."

Ms. Pants said...

Oh man, the candle-blow-out is a low blow in my book. No pun intended. I HATE that smell!!

Faith said...

Dude, patchouli scented things shouldn't exist any more than corn nuts should. That would make ME sick. Bleh!!

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