Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Aaand, apparently, there was a mouse in the house while I was away.

Uummm...for those of you wondering if the Twin really didn't tell me about the guest-posting she took it upon herself to do while I was away, let me tell you that I did NOT know about it, I'm completely surprised, and feel as though I've been dropped in upon by the First Battalion Transvestite Brigade.

"What's this...? GUNS! They've got guns!! Were you surprised? I was so surprised..."

Anyway, trip went well. Obviously, for the past 6 days I was in one of the ONLY households in America that does not have internet access, and for some reason, only thought of asking the Twin to guest-blog for me while I was away when I was on my way home today. And there wouldn't have been any point to that, now would there've? BUT, she apparently read my mind before I even let the thought cross it anyway. As usual...

Boyfriend's family is LOVELY!!! Loved his mother...absolutely loved her; his dad was a bit focussed on the girls at times, but I can understand that really, and he was a nice guy nonetheless. The brothers (of which there are 3) were adorable, fun, funny, and really not at all what I expected. The friends were cool and accommodating (FREE TICKETS TO THE NOTRE DAME GAME ON SATURDAY!!! THEY WERE FREE MUTHAFUCKAS!!!), and drank heartily with me until the wee hours as I watched most of the USC game on Saturday, and even joined boyfriend and I as we watched the Chiefs beat Oakland on Sunday. Boyfriend and I had a long trip up there last Thursday (we went through St. Louis to Indianapolis, and then up some little highway 31 into South Bend, and it took us about 11 and a half hours all together. I blamed it on my weak bladder, but we went through south Chicago today and down through Springfield, Illinois, and it only took 9 hours. And we had lunch and pee breaks galore, so WTF??) and we had a fine time of it for the most part. Today, we drove and drove, and he STILL wanted to attack me almost as soon as we entered the door. We were both hungry, but then he said he loved me, and said he was really horny. I said I was horny as well, and he KNEW I had to love him if I was putting sex before food, dammit! That cracked us up for a good bit, and made the sex last longer, which is always a good thing. Then we ate. And now I'm here telling y'all what's up. (And after reading back over all that bit about the sex, I see how cheesy it sounds, and I'm sorry. But I'm too tired to make it sound any more clever or funny, so fuck off and leave me be at least until tomorrow...)

And yes, we did have stormy weather on Saturday night, but the tornadoes the Twin spoke of a couple days ago hit at the Indiana/Kentucky border, and as South Bend is close to the Michigan border (at the top of the state...not the very bottom...which is where Kentucky is), we were perfectly fine. It did get windy, but not bad enough to wake me from my Bud Light-induced coma.

More tomorrow, I promise. So much to talk about...the game, the family, the drive...just not now. We have about a half hour before Futurama and Family Guy start on Adult Swim, and as I haven't had anything other than basic, basic cable for the past 6 days (seriously...did you know there was a plan where you could get about 4 shopping channels, PBS, the basic networks like ABC and NBC and CBS, and Discovery? Because there is...and it's insanity, I tell you), I need to catch up with some more sex (we only got one session snuck in over the weekend, and I'm about to start my P, so that AIN'T gonna do it!) before we watch some of that shit, and then hit the sheets for good today.

Thanks for guest-blogging, Twin. I seriously should have thought about it before today, but I just didn't. I was afraid everyone was gonna go 'way while I was gone! Good thing you had your silly stories to tell. Now go get your own blog, will ya? :P:P:P:P


alisha said...

Hey, here's a comment from someone you accually know! Glad to have you back! I've missed reading your blog and I can't wait to hear about your weekend. Check out my blog. We've been having issues with our apartment.

FaithsTwin said...

I would like to point out that the entire time you were gone and I rummaged through this place there were NO SPAMMERS!

In conclusion: I think Faith is inviting the spammers to comment. Isn't it obvious? Yup. 'Cause I certainly wasn't laying out no welcome mat for 'em.

TMI on the s-e-x, but I guess that's what ya do. Oh and I have that basic cable plan. The girls beg for me to get regular cable, but even if I could I don't know if I would. The minute we walk into Dad's, though, they hug and love and head right to the big screen and turn it to Nick. lol

Faith said...

Yes, Twin, I did notice that about the spam. I really need to look into doing the whole word verification thing to cut back on it.

Alisha!! I'll read the blog in uno momento...hope the new job is going well! We need to get together for cheap drinks sometime soon, eh? :)