Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A day in the life of a stay-at-home-Faith

Some things I've noticed in the 2.3 days I've had off thus far this week:

- They still show Calorie Commando on Food Network? Are they kidding? That guy is fucking obnoxious.

- Sara Moulton is not nearly as cool as Rachel Ray when it comes to informative, helpful cooking tips. The stuff she cooks is too difficult, the format of her show makes it so that she's all old school with the, "...pop it in the oven for 45 minutes at 375, and in the magic that is television, of course we already have one ready..." bullshit, and that bothers me. I like Rachel Ray for one reason: she actually cooks on her show, and she makes shit that looks appetizing in only 30 minutes. Which is the point of the show, I know, but I like reality. So sue me.

- I watch entirely too much Food Network when given the opportunity.

- I need to get out of my house more.

- When a siren suddenly is getting closer and closer to my house, I run to the front door to see if it's coming up my street. When I see that it IS coming up my street, I quickly check to see if I've had a heart attack or if my house is on fire. When I see that both myself and my house is ok, and then see the fire truck whizzing past my house, only to turn left on the next street, I wonder if the fire truck is lost. Then I look and see that I'm not the only loser out checking to see where the fire truck is going when I notice my fat neighbor guy two houses down is out in his yard watching, and I rush back in my house. Then I look out the window to see if there's any smoke, and when I see that there isn't any, I figure an old person has fallen down and can't get up, and I move back on with my life.

- I need to get out of my house more.



Hunny said...

The Food Network Rocks!
Makes me want to cook everything! Your right about the "CC" guy he makes me turn the channel.

Just think though, you have a great weekend in Indiana to look forward too.

Have a safe and Happy Trip!

Crazy.Spoiled.bLitch. said...

Ha! I do the same thing whenever I hear a siren. I live in a highrise in Downtown Dallas so I just perch in the window 24/7.

Maine said...

Mmmm.... Rachel Ray. In the pooper.