Monday, November 07, 2005

Faith is doing just dandy...

I spoke with the Faithsta this morning. I just had to call and give her the fantabulous news that our best friend of 21+ years is going to be a Mommy! I also had the chance to ask if they had experienced any of the tornadic weather that the lower part of Indiana had that killed 22 people. She seriously hadn't heard anything on the subject. She said it was windy as hell yesterday but they had no idea a tornado with winds of 200+ mph had been anywhere. She seems tired and way hopefully its been good! I was hoping to get some dirt on what she thought of the boyfriends fam, but that was not an option.

I have nothing to say besides that- thought some of ya (though no one but Kick-Ass-New-Dad-Maine had commented) might be looking to see how the Evil Twin is doing on her trip. (see how I did that? She's not here to stop me, so I can slip things in like that...I am sooooo getting a kick outta my guest blogging and I haven't told her either, so she'll done be surprised when she gets home!)

Nothing to report as far as the kids go. Took them on a trip to Lake Arrowhead (my stomping grounds for a bit o' time in the late 80's) yesterday and it was so beautiful and so lovely, I just wanted to hold it and squeeze it and take it home in my pocket to sleep with!

People's Court is on. I am a Court Show Junkie and this one looks cool- the judge throws a dick outta her courtroom and I just HAVE to see how it builds up to that!


Coley said...

Oooh lady,
I don't care if it's Faith or Faith's Twin, just keep the hilarity and distractions coming! Otherwise I might be forced to *gasp* do some work!

faithstwin said...

Thank you Coley! It has been the Twin (myself) and I appreciate knowing that someone finds me kind of funny and that we, as a team, can provide anyone with a reason to slack off AND make money at the same time. This, my friends, is what life should be about.