Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gosh, I hope they call me for a second date!

I swear, the interview I went on today left me feeling as though I'd just had the best first date EVER, and now I'm all giddy waiting to see what's gonna happen.

Should I e-mail her to let her know I really appreciated her taking the time to meet with me, or is that gonna seem needy and pushy? I don't want to come off sounding like a desperate job-stalker, or something. But it really would be a great fit for me. It's in a good location, they can pay me what I'm asking, AND they pay a quarterly bonus based on the commission earned by the people I'd be assisting (yes!!! FINALLY!!! A position that recognizes that the management can't do their jobs effectively without the support of their administrative staff!!!), and it's in a new field I'm interested in learning about, and it's a co-admin position, so there'd be someone else to turn to and to help out and all that good stuff. I love those sorts of positions.

She has two more interviews to get through...then she's gonna call everyone tomorrow to let them know what's up. I'm seriously hoping that my call will be the one where she says, "Ok, when can you start?" It should be perfect timing since the other job I've been interviewing for wanted until the end of the week to make their decision. So if this one falls through, I still have a chance at the other one. And if that one falls through, well, it might be the sign that I need to start selling flowers on street corners, I s'pose.

On a totally different note, I simply had to watch Dr. Phil the other day, and although I'm not proud of making that admission, just hear me out on this one. He had people on the show that had gotten prego in order to "trap" their mate into marrying them/staying with them. This has always been an interesting concept to me. I'm too afraid that the person I'm with is going to leave me...I'd better get pregnant so they won't go! That's a good idea!! Bring a CHILD into the whole mess! FanTAStico. But Dr. Phil had a couple on that had a little twist to their case. Instead of it being the woman that failed to take her birth control one day, it was Mr. Pud who decided that he would impregnate his girlfriend so she wouldn't leave him. And his plan worked. He said he didn't have a condom one night when they were all hot and heavy, she allowed the fucking to continue after he promised to pull out before anything spermish happened, and - let's guess what happened next, shall we? - yeah, he didn't fucking pull out. (Not that that method works at all, folks.'s the retard's method of contraception. If that's how you plan on keeping from getting pregnant, you might as well go ahead and find a good OB/Gyn right away, and paint the extra room in your house yellow...) So she got prego. And then they got married. They had another kid after that, and then suddenly, she was pregnant AGAIN after a while with their 3rd kid. She couldn't figure that one out, though. She and Mr. Pud hadn't had sex for months, so how did she get pregnant? Well, this is the charming part of the story. Turns out, Mr. Pud had been attempting to have sex with her while she was sleeping!! "She's a really heavy sleeper...I thought it was funny!" Um, yeah, asshat? Even if you're doing that sort of thing with your wife, it's still not consentual, and it's called rape, mkay?

But on the flip side of that, this chick did decide to marry the asshat after he first deceived her, and for some reason, she never took control of her own body by obtaining some goddammed birth control, either.

And that, my friends, is what fascinates me about certain folks in this world. Crazy, crazy people walking around, taking their shit out in the open on Dr. Phil and all. Amazing. Makes me want to close myself into my house, and never have contact with the outside ever again. Unless it's for the cool job in the fun office that I visited today. You're really cute, Nifty Admin Job, and I hope we can see each other again soon! I felt a connection there...did you feel it, too? Hope so! Call me, kay? Bye!!!


lyn said...

email the person that interviewed makes a good impression.

good luck!!!

P.S. are you heading to so-cal for the holidays?

Julie said...

That's seriously cute. I don't think the three-day rule applies for jobs. And who says love at first sight is a myth?

AM said...

E-mail her! I know a number of people who have gotten jobs just because they were the only person to send a thank you note/e-mail!

Good luck!

FaithsTwin said...

First off, email the wonderful woman. In fact, I suggest you use the term, "You wonderful woman" to add to the impression you are trying to give.

Second, Faith will not be in town for holidays. I don't blame her. It sucks to travel during the holidays, our fam is all odd (more than usual) sometimes, and it's just best to come at a different, more casual time of year. Hopefully she'll be able to jet out between our birthday and the other borthdays that fall in the months coming up.

Third, Dr. Phil is gross to me. My radio station played some of these 'sex tapes' of his that have been released and I thought I was going to lose my breakfast right then and there- only I hadn't eaten yet.

Mr. Pud...funny. =P

RockStar said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck!

Faith said...

Cool!! Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I just sent a follow-up note, thanks to your encouragement to do so. :)

Also, another company I sent a resume to just called me tonight to see if I'd be interested in the position they have available. (Executive admin to the, yes please.) So things really seem to be turning around for me this week. Thank GOD!!

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