Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hot or not...

Conversation had last night while viewing that current Victoria's Secret commercial with the perfect chicks wandering about in their bras and underwear:

Me: That's what I want for of those.
Boyfriend: The bra or the underwear?
Me: No, one of those bodies. I want one of those, please.
Me: Come on! All women want to be as hot as that!
Boyfriend:'re fine the way you are. Besides, if you were hot like that, you'd leave me. No girl that hot would be with a guy like me.
Me: Huh. So, are you saying you're with me because I'm fat?
Me: And if I was as hot as that, I'd still be with you, because I love you, and we belong together, so there. I just wish I could have a body like that.
Boyfriend: I LOVE your body like it is! You ARE hot, baby!
Boyfriend: And you're not fat.
Me: Yeah, I know. I'm sure that Victoria's Secret really would put a chick like me in one of those commercials, but I never go in for those casting calls, so it's my fault I suppose.


FaithsTwin said...

That commercial is idiotic. The display window in the mall closest to Dad has all these mannequins all sexed out and looking like they are all about to climax. In their window. The girls were SOOOO embarrassed while walking past, I had to try and pretend it was perfectly normal for those dolls to be dressed the way they were and posed that way in order to get the idea across. But it's lame. Dammit. Even if I WERE a size 2, you wouldn't see me walking around my house with my arms criss-crossed over my head biting my lower lip while doing the dishes! Anyway.

BillH said...

You know what Victoria's Secret is? It's that 90% of the women in the USA can't fit into her stuff.