Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Power's out

Lost power again for the second time in as many months last night. I woke up out of a dream where I was making fun of yet another ring tone my boyfriend had chosen for his cell phone (for the record, he swears he doesn't choose them, but rather says he doesn't know how to change them...he needs to figure it all out. Soon.), which was this annoying, loud, constant beep. Turned out, the beep was was my house alarm going off, letting me know there was "trouble". First thought was that there was a burglar in the house, and I went to grab my flashlight, which is a maglight that weighs about 10 pounds, and could put the hurt on someone in a serious way if their head came into contact with me swinging it in the air. Then I asked the boyfriend to please be awake while I figured out what was going on, as I realized that the power was out, and that's why the alarm was giving me the "trouble" signal. I entered my code into the alarm to make it shut up, grabbed my cell phone (just in case I had to run for cover under my house in the crawlspace or something, and needed to call the authorities from there), and started my house-wander. Boyfriend was useless, as he promptly fell right back to sleep again after I asked him to please be awake. Great.

So it turns out that my block has had one of it's famous power outages that it's been tending to have lately, and I head into my office to call the electric company to report the problem. The electronic (and oh-so-soothing) lady on the other end tells me that the outage will be cleared by 3:38 (???) a.m. Great. Because it's only 12:45 a.m. right then, and about 20 degrees outside. Fine. At least it's gonna be taken care of. And the last time this happened, it only took about an hour for them to fix it, so that's not too bad. But I don't know how extensive this is, or anything, so I'm not really sure what to expect, but I can't afford to throw out the new chicken I bought yesterday, so I'm hoping it'll be back on by the time they say it will. It came on at about 1:30, which I was aware of because I was still awake, dammit, and the heater kicked right in to do it's thang, and all was cozy and comfy again relatively soon after that.

The boyfriend got his, though...he kept jerking awake throughout the morning, starting at 4 a.m. (heh) wondering if it was 7 a.m. yet. No, I told him. I had re-set the clock and the alarms for the proper time to wake him, and he could sleep soundly knowing that I'd wake him when they went off (sometimes, he sleeps through them). He jerked awake again at 6 a.m., looking over my shoulder, trying to see what the clock said. I asked him what his issue was, and he said he'd heard the beeping of the alarm earlier, so he didn't want to sleep late. I told him what he'd heard was my house alarm beeping, at 12:30 a.m., mind you, and it was because the power had gone out. And I took care of everything, so he could sleep soundly until the actual alarm went off at 7:15. Boys. I swear. How do they survive without women in their lives? Sheesh.

(And you know that when I say the boyfriend "got his", it's only because I had to wander through the house figuring out what was up at 12:30 a.m. all by my lonesome, because he was hunkered down all warm and cozy-like under his pillow and blanket monstrosity he creates when he climbs into bed, and I still took care of his ass when I finally had the lock-down complete on the house, and covered him with an extra blanket, as he's getting over a cold and I didn't want it to get bad again because he was too out of it to know that the house temp was going to plummet to about 60 degrees by the time the outage was set to be corrected. But I love him all the same. I'd think he would've felt pretty bad if there was a vampire out to get me that had shut off the power to the house, though. Thankfully, that didn't happen. He's a lucky bastard that way...)

Ok, my ass is cold as fuck, as it is cold as fuck outside today, and my electric space heater apparently isn't up to the task of warming both the living room and the office that I'm in. So I'm gonna go get a blanket, and then go look for more jobs. Because it's fun. And money is good. Oh, and I've set up an official inquiry into why the power keeps going out on my block, particularly because (a) it's been happening so frequently lately, and (b) when it happens, it only happens to the houses on my side (the east side) of the street, as well as the houses behind me on the west side of the street that is to the east of me. I think it's weird that it happens that way, and I'm quite tired of it. Seems that the transformer that we're all on either can't handle us and the power needs we have, or is under regular attack from a rogue band of squirrels that need to be taken out with a grenade, or some b.b. guns, or something. No matter what, I want it to stop. It really fucks with my sleeping patterns, and it messed the computer up royaly this morning, as well. Not cool.

Keep warm, y'all! Happy hump day.

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