Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday suckday

Still too cold to go outside without any purpose to doing so.

Still no responses on any of the resumes I've sent out this week.

My ass is leaking from the Chinese dumplings I ate last night for dinner, which makes just one more thing I can't eat any more. Dammit.

I shaved my legs this morning, but there wasn't any point to doing so, since it's cold enough in my house to keep goosebumps permanently in place on all parts of the body, including my hands. Didn't think it was possible? Try turning your thermostat down to 65 degrees and using a space heater to heat 600 square feet of space, and see what kinds of goosebumps you get.

Just called the stepmom to get her advice as to when I should talk to my dad about not being able to make my 6-month's worth of car payments that I owe him right now. She suggested tomorrow morning. Then, because I'm so cool, I started crying. She offered to send me money, which was NOT the object of the whole thing. I said she should do no such thing...but I appreciated the offer. I just explained to her that it's frustrating not being able to find a new job, and having my temp company totally crap out on me like they have. And I feel terrible about not being able to pay dad like I should. I'm gonna offer to send a bit of what I owe him, which should help. But I just know I'm gonna cry. And I hate it when I do that.

Can't wait until later when I can use my free "money" at the Moose to buy a couple of cheap beers and some dinner. Because I need to see my friends. And it's fun to see the boyfriend in his white chef's coat.

Now I'm gonna go try to hang some mini-blinds in my house. I say "try", because I've attempted to do so before, and was not successful. My curtains in my bedroom let through a LOT of light, though, and it's obnoxious. So I really need to hunker down on the instructions and figure out how to hang the damned things. Wish me luck.

The fact that it is almost the end of the week loses all meaning when one doesn't have a job to go to. But there's always football to look forward to. So here, here! The weekend is almost upon us! Something to cheer about, indeed. :)

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FaithsTwin said...

"And I hate it when I do that."

So does he. I guarantee you if you lose it he will try to hang up the phone as quickly as is humanly possible. Maybe you could CALL him crying and try and convince him it has NOTHING to do with why you are calling, you just happened to have been cutting up 7 lbs of onions and remembered you needed to talk to him and found that that moment while still recovering from the onions was the best time possible.

He's a cool dude. He was raised Catholic, so that is why he must make us feel guilt even when we don't have to.

"Dad, I found this button outside on the walk in. Can I throw it in your trash?"

"Uhhh *making squinty eye face and grunting at same time* what made you think my trash was made for some button you happened *indicating he knows you brought it from your car, NOT from his front walk* to find on the ground? When did I become the button-trash-collector? You know, you should really make better choices next time when it comes to picking up stray buttons."

Seriously, I'm sending myself to the devil right here and now.