Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Website I visit several times daily


A lot of you have probably heard of Craigslist. I first started visiting the Los Angeles site 3 or 4 years ago as I am into personal assisting and when I googled 'personal assistant' one of the many links I was presented with was Craigslist. I was instantly hooked.

It is a cool, free site that has everything from job postings to stuff for sale to roommates needed and even a rant spot- a place where you can go and just rant about shit that is bugging you. They finally created a new one for Orange County about a year ago, and though it was slow to be picked up we now have a good amount of postings and general nonsense daily. I have posted ads for dates. I have posted my business ad. I have posted a babysitting ad. I have posted stuff for sale. I have never been disappointed with the response. Generally, it's all good. But there are the humdingers here and there seeing as we all walk around in the crazy world not knowing if the guy next to you is genuinely insane or if YOU are. Craigslist will allow you to find this out about your fellow man in very little time flat.

I think one of my favorite postings that I remember to this day was a guy who posted in the "men looking for women' section. He had posted two different ads: one titled to the effect of, "Nice guy, not wealthy, just looking for someone to have fun with." The other was the, "Rich, good looking guy looking to spoil you!"

He posted, after a couple weeks of the responses, his results. He admitted it was all for a sociology experiment or something like that, but that he pretty much knew the outcome. lol. I mean, come on. There was more to it, of course...clicking on the link and actually reading what he described himself as and then responding. I didn't respond to either because, to be honest, it takes a REALLY good post to get my response. I don't know why, but first of all: it's FREE for these guys to post on there. Second of all, you have NO IDEA who/what you are dealing with. Thirdly, I have two kids and dating is just so friggin' difficult that I have to be pretty discerning from the get-go.

Yes, Craigslist holds a bevy of entertainment (and if you get a chance, read up on Craig himself. He seems a wee bit full of himself at times, but he's wealthy and doesn't care what you think of him!) and I highly suggest everyone check it out daily for a fun perusal. You might find something (or someone) you need.

I am afraid Faith will be back today at some point and since I haven't told her I did this I can't wait to see how she reacts. But you all have been mighty quiet. Makes me wonder if I totally suck at this? Or if you all just suck? I think I'll go with the latter.

It's been fun!


Lushy said...

I admit it. I suck. :)

Actually, you've done a fine job holding down the fort. I've just been too busy to comment!

lyn said...

same here....i like your guest posts, just busy....

Duncan said...

Honey its not you, its me. Sorry, I'll try harder in the future.

You've done a great job and I was too lazy to let you know it. My bad.

FaithsTwin said...

Awww *sniffle* you guys are the coolest! Think Faith will be surprised? I am getting waaaayyyyy too much enjoyment thinking of her possible reactions.

Anonymous said...

Won't someone think of the Craig's List? I'm so addicted to the used furniture for sale page. Not even funny.

$25 plaid couches for all,


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