Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Weird. And who the hell is this?

Lately, I've been having someone annonymously harassing me from time to time. Out here on the blog, they say things like, "Why would you say that. Dumb" or, "You move fast, don't you." (Punctuation not being their strong suit, it seems.)

Today, I received a phone call at my house from a woman that sounds sorta old, but has a voice I don't really recognize. All she said was, "What goes around comes around." I said, "Pardon?" but received no response, and so I said, "Hello?" But she'd hung up, it seemed.

Who the fuck are you? I know you read my blog, and I know that you're the same person that's making the little random annonymous comments. And I'm not sure what the hell your problem is, or how you know who I am/what my home number is, but I'd like to ask you to FUCK OFF. Unless you can step out from behind a veil of annonymity, then there's no point. Because making annonymous threats/comments is weak. Cowardly. Immature.

So grow the fuck up, move on, and leave me alone. Or, come out and tell me who you are, and what the fuck your problem is. Asshole.


Kristine said...

That's awful! I agree, that person is a coward - who obviously has no life of their own. Hope it stops soon.

Maine said...

U R an idiot!

Maine said...

Damn!!! I signed my name! Finally, I've been caught!

FaithsTwin said...

dude, that's just fucked up.

Dan said...

Yeah - that's weird. I got an anonymous note at my home address that kind of creeped my family out.

AM said...

That is just messed up.

Good luck. I hope you find out who it is.