Monday, November 21, 2005

Working on working

Have a couple of possible job leads as of this morning. Send me good ju-ju, kay?

Weekend was very weekendish. Everything just kind of blends into itself when you don't have a job to go home from on a Friday and to return to on a Monday. So really, it was just a bit more exciting because football was on. USC won. Notre Dame won. Chiefs won. The universe is gaining some sort of balance through all of this, I'm sure of it. (Many of you probably didn't know about football's ability to balance the universe, did you? Well, now you know...)

Hanging blinds in the bedroom today, hopefully, with the help of boyfriend. Tonight, we're going on a date. Which will be nice. I'm really looking forward to it. Can't wait to see where we end up for dinner. But he said, "We're going someplace new..." Yay!

Gotta run...must call one of the job leads to chat and see what they need and if I fit the requirements. While the job is sort of far away (about a 40 minute drive), I can't really be all that picky at this point, and it offers me the ability to possibly move into a sales position eventually, from what I understand. Sounds good to me! Have a good Monday...

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FaithsTwin said...

Good luck dude! 40 minutes away IS a bummer- especially when there are weather related issues.

I gotta go save a kiddo from breaking their finger off playing Spongebob on X-Box now. Sure you don't want me to ship one of 'em to ya this week? They LOVE raking leaves!