Tuesday, December 27, 2005

And she was soooo fat....

Ok, enough of the fat posts. On with the show.

Why do people take their children to have their picture taken with "Santa"? Are there any children out there that actually think it's normal, and therefore comfortable, to be placed onto a stranger's lap in order to take pictures with said stranger, and to then tell said stranger what they want for Christmas, if they are indeed old enough to know what they want and to be able to communicate that information to some random dude in a red suit?

I'm confused by this because I remember that I was freaked out by "Santa" when I was a kid. On some subconscious level, I knew it wasn't really "Santa", and therefore, it was ridiculous to even need to get near the guy. "Santa" in a mall at Christmas time was kind of like a clown at a birthday party for me. Steer clear, and everyone will be just fine. Get within 25 feet of me, and someone is losing a nut. (Or a boob, in the case of the girl clowns...) Ok, fine...I wasn't as tough as all that. But they would get my snot all over them, as the crying was likely to be out of control.

But I don't understand what the draw is for a parent to want to have their infant or toddler to be photographed with a strange man in a red fucking suit! What is it? Do you really think that photo won't simply be lost in the mass of randomly clicked photos that you take throughout the child's life? Do you really think that some day, it will be valuable to you and your child to look back on that moment when they sat in the strange lap of a fake Christmas character, as like some sort of growing experience, or something? Why? WHY ARE THE PHOTOS NECESSARY???

I just ask because while it's fun to look at all the horrific photos that people are amassing across the US (and the world) this time of year (Ellen has a whole segment based on looking at bad Santa photos that people send in to her, for example), I think it's rather evil, on some level, for a parent to allow their child to get that freaked out, and they all seem to be doing so voluntarily. And while being evil to children is lots of times very funny to me, I tend to get in trouble for doing nasty things (that're funny, mind you) to my nieces and nephews. So I don't get the double standard here. Someone explain it to me. It's ok for the actual parents of the child to torture them, I s'pose. Is that it? But aunts and uncles aren't allowed? That's just not fair, yo.

Ok, bossman brought me some work to do. Later...

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