Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Burning a hole in the pocket...

Boyfriend gave me a lovely digital camera for Christmas...I opened it early because we went to a birthday party for one of his friends last night, and he wanted me to take pictures with it. Besides blinding everyone in the dark restaurant at dinner with it (it apparently has a special laser-show functionality as a flash that becomes super-obvious when in particularly darkened locations...), it was a fun little camera to use, and we took a bunch of pictures at the restaurant and back at the friend's house where we went to have cake and open presents after dinner. I might post some of the pics later. Boyfriend downloaded them into the computer at home last night, so I can pull them out of that when I get home later.

I feel pretty bad about just getting him long underwear, a sweater, and the iPod dealios I got him, though. (The iPod stuff consists of accessories for the Nano he owns...two different iPod covers, and a pair of replacement headphones for the pair that he broke and really likes the most out of any of the kinds they sell at the store...) I'm thinking I need to find another fun gift for him today, but I'm not sure what he might want/what might be fun for a boy to get this year. Any boys (or girls, for that matter) that read this have any suggestions for randomly fun presents you might like to receive on Christmas morning from someone? I work on the Plaza, and can go out at lunch to browse...we have a Sharper Image here, and a Barnes & Noble, and a Discovery Store, and all that sort of stuff. I wanna get him something that he's not expecting at all. Something that would be the complete opposite on the "fun scale" from where a pair of longjohns might be. Gimme some help!! Thankooo...

Ok, off to work. Well, off to find some work, really. Things are kind of quiet this week, so work has been scarce thus far. I have Christmas cards to fill out, and random projects here and there that land on my desk, so that's all good. I'll keep busy, somehow...:)


RockStar said...

Be glad you didn't eat the linguine. I felt SO gross later in the night and so did the hubby when he woke up this morning. At first I though it was the carrot cake but I guess not. Bleh.

Duncan said...

Something opposite of longjohns, about sex oils; warn, cool, flavored, whatever you guys like.

FaithsTwin said...

I used to think sex oils were fun...until you wake up at 3 after a couple hours of messing around and you aren't in 'the mood' anymore and that smell just makes you nauseous. Then you don't use them again after that.

Get him a cool radio powered boat (Toys R Us: $30-$50). That's all I got. I haven't been with a man in a while that made me want to go get him something cool.

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