Thursday, December 22, 2005

Heading to the land o' NyQuil

I can feel it...I'm coming down with something for sure now. My throat hurts a bit (it's all dry and scratchy), and this morning, when I woke up at 4:45 to put my contacts into their funky solution, my sinuses were a bit stuffy. It's in the early stages, so I'm keeping myself Airborned up, and taking extra vitamins before bed, so hopefully I can keep it at a low-level cold rather than a FULL-BLOWN NASTY. Because no one likes to have the full-blown nasty. Uh-uh. (I'm blaming the new office for whatever it is I'm getting, though. My coworker has strep, another one has a cold that has NOT been pretty to listen to...and all I know is that now, I want to sleeeeep. I'd pay them if they let me go home and go back to bed today.) But I'll push through it! I WILL NOT bow to the virus!! I'm drinking a Coca-Cola Zero (the Diet Coke wasn't cold...and I'm not in the mood to put something on ice...), and I already did some work and it wasn't even 8:30 yet, so I'm trying!

Fortunately, it's gonna be a long weekend, and today and tomorrow should be rather quiet days. I hope.

So today, I come in, and first thing I see is an e-mail from some random business partner that I cc'd on a proposal I sent out to one of her clients yesterday. One of my bosses had called me to give me the info for the proposal. I needed to send it to a Pat Smith, Esq.*, and he gave me the address to put on the letter, the info regarding the content, and he asked me to put it onto our letterhead. No problem, I told him. He got back to the office at about 4:30, looked over the letter, and said it was great and asked me to e-mail it out. So I did. And I cc'd him as well as the business partner chick that's involved in the deal. And in her e-mail to me that I saw this morning, it said, "The Pat I spoke to this morning is a woman!" And that's it. And she addressed it to me...only me. Not my boss as well.

Now, I could be wrong (doubtful, but always possible), but I don't recall my boss ever saying anything about Pat being a chick when he asked me to pull all this shit together. The e-mail content that was forwarded to me from him didn't alude to the sex of Pat, and I just didn't even think about clarifying whether it was a woman or a fact, I think I remember him saying, "And he's Pat Smith, Esq., so don't forget the 'esquire' on the end of the name..." And I didn't. I addressed the letter to Mr. Pat Smith, Esq., as boss looked it over and said it was great, and I should send it out...I sent out the e-mail and said, "Per Boss Man's* request, I am forwarding this proposal to you for your review..." So, why did this business partner bitch write ME back? Obviously, I'm the admin doing something per the request of my boss!! Hence the reason for the phrase, "Per Boss Man's request..."

So I forwarded her e-mail on to Boss Man, told him I was sorry for making such a blunder, and I will be sure to clarify such information in the future. I asked him if he thought I should reply to the business partner bitch's note to let her know that obviously, I was unaware of the sex of Pat Smith, and would be happy to apologize if she thought it would be appropriate. He's not in yet, so I'm not sure what his response will be, but he's a pretty cool guy. I'm imagining that he'll see business partner bitch's tone the same way I did, and that he would respond to her the same way I'd want to if I could, which would be to say, "How the FUCK was I supposed to know that?"

I know it's a teeny mistake, and Pat Smith probably deals with it all the time, but since I'm not feeling well, I'm dwelling on it. Bleh. Oh well. The day will turn, I'm sure. Since Friday is just around the corner now, I'm just gonna keep looking forward to that, and try to forget about teeny mistakes, and people calling me on them. Because that's what kick-ass chicks like myself do.

*Names have been changed to protect my ass. Der.

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