Thursday, December 29, 2005

I LOVE being a GIRL!

Who else hopes that Santino gets a gang ass-kicking at some point by all of the contestants on Project Runway this season? I do! I do!! Man, that guy is such a cocky muthafucker. I think that if Emmett opens up his wild side, he could really lay into Santino with a very satisfying amount of force. *sigh!* One can only dream! (And for the record, how many of us believe that Santino is only 30? Seriously? The guy must be kidding about that…)


I have a zit on my chin right now, and I’m not really sure where I got it from. I haven’t eaten any dairy, either on accident or purposely, within a week. I did eat a good amount of crap over the weekend…maybe that’s what did it? Could be.

By the way, has anyone else tried those Pilsbury cinnamon rolls lately? The "Grands" kind? I made them for Christmas breakfast (which sort of turned into Christmas lunch, but my tendency to sleep in isn’t news, so the digression is really unnecessary…) and as I ate one, I was reminded of the giant cinnamon rolls we used to serve at the restaurant I worked at a few years ago in San Juan Capistrano. (Ruby’s Diner, for those of you who know the chain, and live in Cali or Las Vegas. Try the cinnamon roll French toast they have there if you ever have the chance, and are in a splurge-on-calories kinda mood…it is awesomeness like you’ve never experienced in your life!) They weren’t quite as large as those ones we used to serve, but they were pretty damned close. You know the weird thing? I looked for the regular sized cinnamon rolls when I was purchasing the "Grands", and they didn’t have any. I’m not sure if the store just hadn’t stocked them, or what, but I’m wondering if the American penchant for huge food has nudged the smaller rolls out of the picture. I would have preferred the smaller ones, personally, as we used to have them on special occasions when I was growing up, and that was what I was hoping to be reminded of when I made the rolls on Christmas. I had to throw 2 of the cinnamon rolls away, as the boyfriend and I weren’t going to be eating them. Seems like such a waste. It really was too bad. I would have liked to have eaten them, honestly. But my ass is just so goddammed huge right now, it’s not right to ingest that much crap willingly.

Maybe the cinnamon rolls (I ate two – one on Sunday and one on Monday) gave me the zit? Hmm…

So I have this new bulletin board and a coat rack I need to hang in my "office", right? And I ask my coworker if it’s ok for me to drill into the wall and all, and she said that I should call our building management to ask them to have a maintenance guy hang it for me. That makes sense to me, since they know their walls better than I do. So I called on Tuesday afternoon, but I didn’t hear back from anyone. Until yesterday before lunch, when the receptionist calls me on the intercom to tell me that a maintenance guy had stopped by, but she couldn’t find me (I happened to be fighting with a copier/printer in another part of the office for about 10 minutes when he was here), so she thought she’d let me know. I was kind of irritated, because I’m not at my desk all the fucking time, and this guy didn’t even call to let me know when he was planning on dropping by, or anything. I felt bad for him for wasting his time, and I felt bad for me because my stuff is still sitting on the floor, unhung.

I decided to call the management office again, and the girl that’s there is different from the one I spoke to the day before, apparently, so I explain to her again what’s going on, and she says she’ll have someone call me. I told her that really was best, because I never know when I’m going to have to step away from my desk for a bit, and I hate that people are wasting time dropping by when I’m unaware that they’re coming. She understands, takes my number down, and tells me that someone will be calling soon.

Lunchtime comes, and I was eating a salad in a conference room with a couple of coworkers, and we were almost finished when I heard my name being paged over the intercom system. So I called the receptionist, and sure enough, the maintenance guy is here to help me out. Luckily, I was within earshot this time, dammit.

So this guy comes back to my office, and I start to tell him about the things I need to have hung. I explained that I didn’t have any drywall hangers, or anything, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to have someone call me before they came by. I thought it was odd that he didn’t have any tools on him, but I figured that he was just planning on assessing the situation, and then going to get the tools necessary for the job and all. But he stops me mid-sentence, and tells me that they don’t hang things for tenants, and that’s all he came by to tell me. (And he was kind of a dick about it, saying it with this smug little smile on his face as though he really wanted to say, "Sorry you might have to run the risk of breaking a nail, honey, but that’s not our job, m-kay?") I was all, Um, WTF? Why didn’t you just call me to tell me that? Or better yet, why didn’t the chick I spoke to at the office tell me that? Well, she’s a temp, so she didn’t know. Cool…understandable. But why did he come up to my office to tell me? I felt like an idiot. "It’s not in your lease that we do things like hang items on the wall…" You know what dude? I’m new here, which should be rather obvious, since I need things hung on the wall. I didn’t KNOW that it’s not standard to have a maintenance individual from the management of the property come by and hang items that need to be hung. If you guys don’t mind me ripping holes in the wall when I hang shit, then that’s your beef. But don’t make me look like an idiot by coming to my office to tell me you can’t hang something for me. It’s not like I took a fucking shit at my desk, and I asked someone to come clean it up. I thought it was a reasonable request, and a pretty smart one at that. But no…they don’t do things like that. They’d rather drive about and waste time going to an office to tell someone something they could tell them over the phone. Got it. They send a guy out to specifically change light bulbs in all the offices, and that’s it, but they won’t help me hang a bulletin board. Ok. That’s fine. Dicks.

So I need to hang my new bulletin board and coat rack, but I keep running late when I’m leaving the house, and so I keep forgetting to grab the tools, which sucks. But maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow should be a bit of a slow day, so that should work out well, I’d think. I’ve hung one of these bulletin boards before, by the way, and I did a rather capable job of it. It’s sort of hard to hang a 3’x4’ board, but I think I’ll keep it right at the desk line on the wall behind my monitor, so that should help keep it straight.

And my nails are nice and short right now, so that should keep my femaleness from getting in the way of getting the job done. As long as my boobs stay wrangled I should be fine. It's just so hard being a girl! *pouting* Ok, well, I'd better go deal with my vagina now. It has all control over me, and is making me feel so weak and vulnerable. AUGH! Is that a screw on my desk? Get it off! GET IT OFF!!! Eeeeee!!!!!


FaithsTwin said...

What an ass. I used to deal with the maintenance guy over at the scrrow company. He was a SUPER big sweetie. I always felt soooo bad calling about things like air conditioning- 'cause you know, those are the calls they hate the most- but he would always come right over. He was such a teddy bear.

You should call and complain about his attitude to the management. They should tell him that the way he was acting was uncalled for esp. since you REQUESTED he call before coming and HE was the one who wasted his AND your time.

Faith said...

I opened the bulletin board today, so I could prop it up on my desk and have it prepared for when I hang it tomorrow, and it was snapped in half during shipping. Not so much that it's in two pieces, or anything, but just enough so that both the top and bottom of it are completely cracked, and there's a big ol' crack running through the middle of the whole thing. It's being sent back tomorrow. :)

I'm hanging my coat rack tomorrow though, because it's in perfect shape. Yay!