Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm still grateful.

I'm grateful that my relationship with the boyfriend has evolved to a point where he can listen to a criticism I have of him without getting too hurt, and then he visibly attempted to change accordingly no less than 12 hours after I brought it up. It should be mentioned that said action was rewarded when we went to bed last night, and he made it clear he was in the mood for some lovin'.

(I'm also grateful that I've found a lovely man like him...when I asked him if he missed me while he was at work the other day, he answered, "I always miss you when you aren't around," in such a matter-of-fact way that I almost started to cry.)

I'm grateful for fabulous blog-friends that have cool-ass music I can download into my playlist and listen to as I type posts. It's so nice to find people that are not only entertaining, but who also happen to be entertained by a lot of the same things I am. Hot damn!

I'm grateful for beer. N'uff said.

I'm grateful for my savvy saving skills that have allowed me to live without a job for the last month and a half, and still give me the ability to go out and buy a few lovely presents for my honey for Christmas.

I'm grateful for Advil. Because aches and pains suck ass.

I'm grateful for college football, muthafuckas!! Hell yeah!

I'm grateful for having a Twin that got her period before me when we were growing up. Because the older sisters got all the teasing out of their systems long before I got mine almost a year later.

I'm grateful to have been born in the 20th century. What would I do without my car, indoor plumbing, hair dryers, current make-up, t.v., or faux down comforters? I'd be a walking mess, I'm sure.

Ok, that Advil thing? I'm not kidding...I have a headache THIS BIG, so I'd best go take some before it takes over my brain forevah!

See, Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but I don't need a holiday to help me think of things to be grateful for. Make a list of your own. Puts you in a good mood, guaranteed...

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FaithsTwin said...

Yes. And there was that time in church when I went to get communion, came back, and found the 'older' sisters giggling like school girls as they watched me react to my purse contents being emptied on the pew, maxi pads and all, for everyone who cared to look to see. Ahhh the damaging memories you can provide to a 12 year old- ain't life grand?

I'm tellin' ya- you watch out Older Sisters: one day I will be wheeling you around somewhere VERY public, hold up one of your adult diapers and ask if you need a new one yet. While speaking thru a megaphone.