Friday, December 30, 2005

Kansas City is the place to be on New Year's Eve!

I love this. Ok, so Overland Park is planning on having 7 more officers on patrol, and Olathe is planning an additional 10, and Lee's Summit will have a few extra bodies out there as well. Liberty police will even have a couple of extra officers out, even though it stays relatively quiet there on New Year's, according to their police department. Know why? Probly because most of the people in Liberty go to Kansas City for parties/to hang out in bars on New Year's.

But Kansas City prefers to let grown-ups be grown-ups, and think that people already know the rules, so why have more law enforcement on the beat to catch the additional partiers that might be out causing trouble/driving while dangerously intoxicated? Naw...those people know the rules! So if there isn't a police officer around to catch them in the act, then that's on their conscience, right? Because that's what keeps drunk drivers from maiming/killing people...their conscience. I forgot.

This is exactly why I stay the fuck in on New Year's Eve most every year. The last time I went out to a party was the turn to 1999 (and yes, we played the Prince song...who didn't?) when I was living in California, and my old friend and his roommate took me along to a party they were attending. His roommate was the designated driver. I got so drunk, I fell asleep on the front lawn of the house we were at, and then needed to have the roommate pull over about 4 times on the way home for me to throw up. Lovely memory. (I did have a fun time, though. Before the bottomless champagne glass happened, that is...)

Last year, I went to the Moose earlier in the evening for dinner and to hang out, and then retired to Fucktard's house to watch t.v., drink champagne and smooch a little at midnight, and then we went to bed. It was super-exciting.

This year, boyfriend has to work a private party at the Moose, so he won't be home for much of the evening. He said he's going to try to get off work before midnight, but I don't know that there are any guarantees of that. We'll have some champagne when he does get home, though, and then we'll go to sleep, because he has to be back at the restaurant by 8 to open the next morning. Again, I'm thinking it'll be a lovely evening overall.

Anyway, if you're going to party, and you're planning on driving drunk, apparently the place to do it is in Kansas City**. I don't know if they think that their standard force is good enough to be able to handle the additional crowds of people that will be out and about, or if they just think that people aren't going to be out and about, or what. But let's see...we're gonna have good weather...the next day is a Sunday...people will be rested and ready for a night of fun...yeah, I'm sure it'll be the standard Saturday night crowd that Kansas City usually has out every week.


**This is not me waving a big flag of encouragement at the idea of driving drunk, by the way. It's called sarcasm. Don't drive drunk. I've done it more than once in my lifetime, and it always amazes me to think back on those times, and realize what a dumb fuck I was being. Pace yourselves. Drink a coke between beers. Not only will it be cheaper, but you'll maintain all your faculties, you probably won't throw up at any point during the evening, and it's likely that a hangover will not occur the next day, which is good because the Chiefs play at noon, muthafuckas. (Carson Palmer is gonna be in town!!! So excited. So very, very excited...)

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