Thursday, December 22, 2005

So here's what I'm thinkin' right now...

Monkeys are funny. Especially ones that have funny, big mouths, like the ones on this toy. I like monkeys like that. They're cute, and their faces make me smile.

Gorillas scare me. They're too big, they seem unpredictable and erratic...they aren't cool. I saw one pick shit out of it's own ass in order to throw at people when I was at the zoo in San Diego once. I don't like gorillas much at all since then. It's a nasty memory to have.

And orangutans. I HATE those things. They aren't funny, they aren't fun to watch. They're like clowns. They creep me out. Especially when someone puts them into a diaper, or something. That just skeeves the shit out of me.

And that's what I've been thinking this afternoon.

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