Monday, December 19, 2005

You better watch out...

USPS kicks booty. I just will not be able to get out and send a package today that I need to send. But I can create a label and have it picked up at my office instead, which is nifty as hell, IMO. As I hate going to the post office (the people there scare me), this is the best solution ever to all of my postage needs. Unfortunately for them, I rarely send packages, and I buy stamps about twice a year. But it's nice to know they offer options for getting those things done that don't involve me needing to go to the actual post office itself.

My sweater I'm wearing today is a new one from Target I bought a couple of weeks ago. It has now successfully shed all over the black skirt I'm wearing (the sweater is gray), and it's sort of itchy. But it's cute and fits me well, so I'm forgiving it's shortcomings. For now. (It will pay later when we get home. Oh will pay...)

Tonight is the holiday party at boyfriend's place o' business, a.k.a. The Moose. It doesn't start until 10, and I can't stay past midnight, tops, but it'll be a fun party I think. Mostly because I know everyone that works there, which makes it so much less daunting of a task than normal office/work holiday parties. He told me this morning that he needs to take a white elephant gift, and started looking around my house for stuff he can take. I know he was joking, and he said he'd find something that belonged to him, really, but I told him to look through my books. I've got a ton of them, and I'm sure I can part with at least a couple. I think the self-help books that I've gotten from my dad over the years would be good choices. There are definitely a few people at his work that could use some self-helping. I have a candle-holder in my kitchen that I've used about once that I received for a housewarming gift when I moved into the house, too. That might be a good choice. White elephant gifts rock, yo.

Ok, I'm off to figure out how I'm gonna pay for the real estate classes I need to take in February now. $395 just for the MO classes alone! Sheesh. (Work should cover half of it, IMO. But is it too soon for me to go throwing that sort of weight around this place? Not too sure about that...)


FaithsTwin said...

what's a 'white elephant' gift?

Faith said...

I don't know...near as I can figure it's kind of a silly gift. One that doesn't cost much, or that can't be taken too seriously, and generally, they can be created from items that are simply lying about the house, is the idea. Something you don't og out of your way to spend money on, basically. (Ms. Pants apparently went to a white elephant party over the weekend, and somehow she wound up with a vibrator. So if it's a "lying around the house re-gift" type of thing, then that'd be pretty gross. My office had a white elephant gift exchange last week, and everyone was running out at lunch to find something at a store. So I'm not really all that sure how it works, to be quite honest. I'm all about finding something around my house that I haven't used much, though.)

The whole idea is that it isn't for anyone in particular. You do a drawing, and then whomever goes first has the opportunity to take whatever present they want to. They open it, and then everyone after them can either keep the present they choose, or they have the ability to take the present that belongs to the person that went before them. Something like that, anyway. I'm not good with weird rules, and all.

Anonymous said...

So ? about shedding sweaters? What can you do about them? Can the problem be fixed? I bought a sweater at Target as well - same thing happened. What did you do with yours?