Friday, December 29, 2006

New Word

Watching the very beginning of a No Reservations (Anthony Bourdain's show on The Travel Channel, which has new episodes starting on New Year's day, thank goodness!) in Indonesia last night, I found my new favorite word and/or quote of the year...
"My snarkology will beat your inner...whatever - anytime."

It's things like this that Tony says which make me believe that if he and I knew each other, we'd be drinking buddies fo sho.

Now, if you'll pardon me, we have some lying about to get back to...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My head...

I drank the world last night, and have been paying the price for it all day long now.

It's almost 5:30 and I STILL feel like crap.

But at least we had fun. That's all that matters, right? Fuck the fact that my kidneys and liver are working overtime to process all the "fun" that was had...that's not a big deal. They're young. They'll get over it.

At least, I hope they will.

Wait a we have multiple kidneys? We all have two, don't we?


Friday, December 22, 2006

Have yourself a, well, you know...

I left up my last post for a couple days longer than expected so as to ensure that everyone saw the news of the new job. Although I guess I could just keep mentioning it in my next few posts to ensure the word gets out, too. Ok, fine. I will. I have a new job. Did I mention the new job? Im excited, because I GOT A JOB! (But, again, it doesn't start until January 8th, so don't ask me about how it's going until after then. Because right now, all I can say is it's pretty fucking easy so far! I wake up late, and watch t.v., and play with the dog, and wrap presents, and then go to the bar at the end of the day to reward myself for all my not-hard work. It's awesome. Except the pay sort of sucks at this stage of the game...)

I just transfered the bulk of my savings into my checking account so as to ensure our ability to pay the mortgage, the gas bill, the water bill (which is eerily the same amount as it was 2 months ago...hmmm...), and some other shit at the end of this month. I hate, hate, HATE that I'll be starting over again from scratch with the building of the savings when I start this new job, but it'll be fine. We'll be fine. I see this one lasting a good long time like the one I had at the Big Bad Mortgage Company a little while ago, and this is for a better company than they could EVER hope to be. So HA! Plus, my salary at this job is starting where my salary at the old job (at BBMC) ended, so I can only go up from here, whereas I was almost at a stand-still with it there. So that's a double HA HA!!

In other news, I have ordered my wedding dress, have a meeting with the fabulously flamboyant "Antonio" next Saturday to design and order my veil and tiara to go with it, and so that's a good place to be when it comes to the wedding stuff. We've got the photographers booked, the downpayment for the booking of the caterers paid and happy, and the only thing left to do for the party, really, is to look into dj's. I grow increasingly worried about the Twin's plan to do the flowers for the event, because of all the issues that'll be involved with it. Never mind the fact that she's my maid of honor, and she'll need to be there for me if I start to freak out when I'm getting ready. How can she do that if she's over at the church setting up flowers and shit? But how about the issue of AFTER the wedding, she'll need to be with me and the rest of the wedding party as we tool around town, drinking (a modest amount of) champagne, taking pictures, and starting the early celebration of the attachment of the ball and she can't really afford the time it will take to go to the reception venue to set up centerpieces, cake tables, and other various decorated things. Plus there's the whole issue of her never having done flowers outside of California for anything.

It would save us a TON of money, though. So she and I need to have more discussions about it, I think. It's keeping me awake at night. Which is ridiculous! Because, you know, the wedding isn't happening for another, um, 10 FUCKING MONTHS!!! Jeezy...

Anyway, I'd better go. My head is wet, and I need to dry it, and then there are the presents that need to be wrapped. I got some good stuff today for the fiance, yo! Christmas is FUN!!

Happy weekend, all. I hope everyone has a really truly wonderful holiday. Ta!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back to life...sort of.

Ok, first things first...I GOT A JOB!!! Yay!

Very happy over here, in case anyone was wondering. :)

I don't start until January 8th, but that's fine. It'll make taxes for this year easier, and I could use the time to myself anyway. Living on savings is fun!!

Now, I can focus on the important things. Like the next installment of the Destroyed Puppy Toys Saga. 'Cause I KNOW all you were wondering when I'd get around to doing it! So are ya ready? Here we go...

Izzy has had some favorite toys that have lasted a bit longer than the others. This frog, for example, is one of the toys that she seemed content with allowing to live a longer toy life in our home than most of the other ones we've given her. It was the toy that kind of threw off all of our bets for other toys, because we were never sure if she'd treat them the same way she treated Froggy.

In the picture below, you can see how Froggy looked for most of his life. Happy, all in one piece, squeakable and scuzzy, he was a happy frog. Liked to be thrown about and chased and squeaked and all that good stuff. One day, Izzy got quiet with him on the floor cushion (a.k.a. The Pillow of Death) she goes to for her usual disembowelment ritual. It takes a couple of minutes for me to notice when she's gotten quiet and all serious and shit.

Poor Froggy. When we finally figured out what she was up to, he looked...LIKE THIS!!:

Thus ended the life of Froggy, may he rest in peace.

I can't remember who we pulled out next for her to play with, but I'll tell you the story of Puppy toy next, because he's cute, and he was the one that I had to pull bits of out of Izzy's ass the day after she disemboweled him. Which she chose to do through his head. Doesn't look like much in the pictures, but let me assure you, what I removed out of Izzy's ass the following day went to show that Puppy had a lot of stuffing in the neck and head area, apparently. A LOT.

Here's a kind of close-up of the head hole. Which also occured on the forementioned Pillow of Death. Look at his floppy limbs! His cute, floppy ears! How could she DO that to him? True, she allowed him to be tossed around and enjoyed for a good two weeks longer than her dad and I thought she would, but nevertheless, it was a sad day when Puppy was finally taken care of. He had his revenge, though. Izzy slowed down considerably that night, and seemed to not be feeling all too well. I learned why the next day, of course. When I think about it, processing that 3 inches of stuffing through her intestines would probably be like me trying to process about a foot and a half of stuffing through mine. So I feel for her. And I thank GOD I'm a smart human that wouldn't choose to ingest polyester toy stuffing if given the opportunity, of course. She also eats poo. So there's that.

And that's where we stand at this point in the toy saga! You've met Puppy, Froggy, and Ducky so far. I think you only have a couple more to go, so yay for you!

Tonight, I get to pick a place to celebrate the new job offer (and my acceptance of said offer, of course), and eat cookies that the soon to be in-laws sent us for Christmas, and then hopefully I'll be able to sleep. Because the last two nights? Yeah, not so much. This shit had better quit it by the time January 8th rolls around, dammit! Insomnia + New Job = Impending Disaster, I think.

More tomorrow, I assure you. Swear to God. Cross my heart...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Off my game

Ok, clearly, I'm a bit out of it. I can honestly say that when I don't have a regular routine of heading into the office, getting morning stuff done, and then having a few minutes to blog, I just get all out of whack. So I haven't kept up with the puppy-toy massacre fun, but I will post more stories, I swear. It's just that this week has been a good one for me to think and reflect and try to keep a good attitude about finding a job and everything. And it gets in the way of my desire to blog. Apparently.

Here's what's been on my mind this morning:

2006 Year End Review
Yeah, 2006 SUCKED.
That is all.
And it's not that I don't appreciate the fact that this year included the proposal from the man I love and will love till you know what. But it's that it also included all that other crap. The finding of what I thought was the perfect job, but which only lead to more stress than I've experienced in a long time due to money issues, health issues, MORE money issues, and dammit, if I ever think I should go ahead and rely on quarterly bonuses to make up for a low salary, someone please, PLEASE slap the shit out of me, ok? Because it does NOT make up for a low salary. And I don't deserve a low salary. And THAT'S what I should have been thinking back when I took that job.
And then my girlie parts had to go all wonky on me. Not the year before when I had perfectly lovely health insurance that would pay for the appointments and the tests and the follow-up visits...nooooo. Had to happen this year when all that stuff was being paid for by moi and moi alone. (Thanks to the little health benefit allowance I was given at my job, it worked out for the most part, but here I am, six months later, needing to go in for my follow-up pap, and I'm out of work, and trying to deal with paying for the special emergency room visit I had about 2 months ago...)
And that's the next thing that happened. First, the most high-maintenance, asshole of a boss that I've ever met in my LIFE had to go and fire me from the job that wasn't all that great anyway (except for the people I worked with...loved them!), and then I had to go and celebrate that release by getting pissed and falling down. Which went to prove just how awesome I am. Now I have to deal with ER bullshit. But I am also thanking the stars above that the people I've talked to about said ER bullshit have been sooo, sooooo nice about it all.
And now I'm short on time because I need to go to yet another interview with a company that is considering me for a position with them. This will be the third interview I've had with them. Apparently, meeting with the office manager and the head of the department I'd be in wasn't enough. Now I get to meet a group of people, or some shit. I can't say no to this crap, though. I can't afford to. If they're willing to pay me a decent salary, this could be a very good position for me and my future interests. So I will go, and I will smile, and I will be happy and have fun, and all that stuff. And then I'll drink a beer tonight to them. In hopes that they will be able to make a decision about hiring me based on the 3 fucking hours they've spent with me thus far.
Hope all of YOU had better years to sum up than I did. I know I did it a bit early, but I figure the next two weeks won't change my mind about how crappy the rest of the year was, and since it was on my mind and all...I just thought I'd go ahead and share. Because sharin' is carin', man.
Happy weekend...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Watch out for bedsores...

I got home from the part time jobby today at about 1:30 p.m. to find the fiance still sitting on the couch where I left him when I went to work this morning at about 8:40 a.m. It's currently about 5:20 p.m., and he hasn't moved since I got home. Lord only knows if he's moved since I left him this morning! (No, wait...he had to have. Unless he has mastered the ability to transport items with his mind, because he ate all the rest of the Baked Ruffles I had bought yesterday, dammit, and they were on top of the refrigerator, so he had to have gotten up. Which is honestly a load off my mind...) It is his day off, though, and since he had to get up at 6 a.m. to go to the restaurant to do something which is someone else's job in the first place, I guess it's ok that he's been sitting still for the past 4 hours. I personally have to get up to pee at least every 2 hours when I'm being a couch potato. He has the bladder of a camel, though, it seems.

No update on the doggy toy saga today, I'm afraid. Definitely tomorrow. Today has been spent on the phone with hospital bill people and health insurance people and filling out online applications for Large National Company that apparently might wanna hire me, yay! (Hopefully, a salary from Large National Company might help pay for the newest hospital bill I totalling $1,394 that I got last Thursday in the mail. Apparently, when one goes to the emergency room at KU Med, they get billed by the doctors who see you, the radiologists that x-ray you, AND the hospital for all that stuff over again and then some other stuff including the "splint" they gave me which came to a rounded out total of - drum roll pleeaase... - $155.00!! WTF? I wore it for 2 days. It's made of foam and nylon and has velcro on it. $155? Seriously? I would have understood if it cost $75, but $155!!? That's 3 Monday nights in a row of dollar sushi right there, muthafucker! And I sure as hell need the dollar sushi more than I needed that fucking stupid-ass splint. Jeezus.)

I'm off to find some beer now...latahhhhh...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Welcome The Destructor!!

I've been meaning to get to this "project" for a little while now, and finally found time to get to it this afternoon after I finished doing all the actual worthwhile crap I needed to do (see "paid a bill" and "ate lunch" in my Encyclopedia of Worthwhile Activities).

Our dog likes little fluffy dog toys with squeakers inside them. What dog doesn't, right? She likes to squeak them repeatedly to show us how smart she is ("Look mom and dad! I found the squeaky thing! I found it, and I know how to chew on it in a way that makes it make this noise over and over and over and over again as I bite! I am AWESOME! Gimme doggy candy to reward my awesomeness!! Dammit, I said gimme doggy candy, bitches!" (We think she might have anger management issues, actually...she's so mean sometimes.)), and dropping them on our hands only to stare at them and then at us and then back at them which thereby signals the ever-present desire she has to have us throw her toy across the room (any toy will do, really...she even likes me to do it with her blanky, for chrissakes...) so she can chase after it and then bring it back to do the whole thing all over again. Sometimes, she will grab the toy at the same time we do, and growl as she "fights" us for it. Dogs are so damned cute, huh?

Anyway, we buy these toys in little bunches from the $1 toy box thingy they have at Target when we have a few bucks to spare, and we give them to her over time, almost as much for our own enjoyment as for hers. See, fiance and I like to make little bets on just how long the toy will make it. Sometimes, I only bet a day or two. Sometimes, we bet on which part of the toy she'll rip into first, such as the ear or the tail or what have you. Sometimes, we're shocked at how long they last, and sometimes we're shocked at how quickly they go. It's a never ending guessing game, though, as each toy has a different life span all it's own.

Take the ducky for example...this was the 2nd ducky we bought her, as the very first one was the first squeaky toy she ever had. That one lasted a surprisingly long time, and it was the beak that she finally managed to rip into in order to disembowel the poor thing. But she had it for something like 2 months before she did that, so yeah...that ducky was a strong bastid. We did not get pictures of that ducky, however. I only started collecting the corpses of the toys with this last batch we bought, so that first ducky is lost forever in some Kansas landfill, I'm afraid.

This one was her 2nd ducky. And she lasted approximately 1 and 1 half hours.

Clearly, The Destructor (affectionately known as "Izzy" most of the time) feels badly about her terrifying and horrible reign of madness over all squeaky toys that enter our home. See?

She doesn't want them to die, dammit! But she doesn't want them to live either. Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Anywho, I'll be posting pictures of other toys and telling their stories over the next week or so, now that I have them all photographed for posterity. This event, which I prefer to refer to as "The 5 Days of Faith's Attempt to Distract Herself from Her Crappy, Crappy Life," and which will likely last more than 5 days, ending sometime around next Friday, will terminate itself with the telling of the story of my favorite toy of all. Don't miss it! It's the cutest toy EVER!!! Honest!

Ok, I'm going to go watch more t.v. now. Bye!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A toilet as old as my ass....

Does anyone remember the days when people could smoke in bathrooms? You know, when people were so desperate for a cigarette, they couldn't wait until after they finished taking a shit, they actually needed to smoke while they took a shit?


Oh wait...anyone remember those days except for XO? (:P)

Yeah, I think I was just a kid when they outlawed smoking in most work environments...I still remember the days of having a smoking section in the back of a plane, but as far as smoking inside of a bathroom is concerned, that had pretty much been eliminated by the time I was old enough to remember it. (I was born in '74. In California. They might've waited a lot longer in the greater US of A to ban smoking in bathrooms, so this might be a regional issue, too, now that I think about it.)

Most bathrooms have been retrofitted accordingly since those bans were passed. But I just noticed for the first time today that they haven't remodelled the building I'm currently working in at my part time job in a loooo-hooooong time. Because there's still an ashtray in there. Yep. For those folks who prefered to take a smoke with their shit. Or whatever. It's right above the toilet paper dispenser. Which incidentally works as though it's over 20 years old, so that makes more sense now.

I don't get it. But I don't get the people that like to read in the bathroom either. Very rarely, when I'm having an attack of the previous night's Chinese food, or what have you, do I feel the need to entertain myself while taking a shit. Usually, though, I like to get in, do my bidness, and get out. As fresh and clean as possible.

Bleh. Smoking in the bathroom. That's just a habit gone wild, if you ask me...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The weekend sort of sucked, this week is going sort of slowly, I'm sort of not sleeping much, and my ass and arms hurt. In different ways. But I'll spare y'all the details.

See, I went shopping for wedding dresses on Saturday, and found one, and had SUCH a great time!

And then USC lost. And I was surrounded by people that kept walking up to the bar saying, "UCLA is beating USC?" And I had to keep myself calm so as not to SMASH MY DRINK IN ALL OF THEIR FUCKING FACES!!!! Because I liked my was the only thing keeping me afloat during the game. So to smash it into the faces of IDIOTS would have been really poor decision making on my part. So I stayed calm. And then I got drunk. It was lovely.

And then Sunday was not so pretty. I felt crappy, then the Chiefs lost, then I came home and had to do was a really blah day.

So then I didn't sleep but maybe 2 or 3 hours on Sunday night into Monday. And yesterday I started getting depressed about my job search and had to send a placating e-mail to my soon to be mother-in-law (who doesn't understand my desire to remain an e-mail kinda girl over being a phone conversation kinda girl) and went to the smelly gym down the street for an afternoon workout with all the other out of work losers, students, and general slouches that apparently have nothing better to do than work out in the middle of the day. Just. Like. ME!

The only thing that saved the day was the fact that fiance had the day off and made the fajitas we had for dinner. I made the guacamole, though. So yeah. There was that.

Today, I feel a bit sluggish because of the cold that won't go away (but rather disappears for a day or two, skulking behind my healthy blood making me think I'm all clear again, before it JUMPS back out in front all, "HA! You're gonna be stuffy-headed and icky-throated and generally tired all day long again because WE'RE STILL HERE MUTHAFUCKA!!! GOTCHA!!"), and the Advil PM that I took to ensure that my sleep surpassed the 2 - 3 hour mark last night, and my arms hurt because the workout I did at the smelly gym yesterday is hitting me HARD, and I'm just not in the mood folks. (It was smelly like a zoo. And I so wish I was kidding...)

Maybe tomorrow I will be.

(Actually, I have an interview at Big National Company tomorrow morning now, since they just called me to set one up, and so even though I can't sleep in now like I was planning, I guess having a job interview will make up for that problem. Woo! Fingers all crossed still? Good. Thank you for the help...)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pardon's our first snow day together.

It's Izzy's first time seeing ice, snow, and all the cold that goes with it. Yesterday, she wasn't comfy going out in the ice storm to pee, etc...unless someone was with her the first couple of times. Today, since I showed her it was snowing out, she chose to ignore her probable need to pee by sleeping on my lap all afternoon. But I finally figured it was time to introduce her to the soft, fluffy stuff after a couple of inches had fallen.

And now she won't come back inside.

Well, actually, she does come back inside, but only to run up to me all excited-like, wagging her tail, covered in quickly melting snowflakes, only to turn around and head back out into it to romp some more.

I've been waiting for this for a while. I'm glad she likes it! Happy snowday, everyone!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How can I be so busy when I'm only working half days?

Ok, the part time gig is going well so far. The place is a MESS, and can certainly use some of my organization techniques. Since I'm only helping out for a bit, and it's not me that's going to be using the filing system, I'm sticking to their requests on specific file-creation ideas. But I'm just tweaking it a bit so it's as useful as possible. I hope it works out for them! They're really cool people...

Not much else going on, except for the dog being an ass and eating the insides of it's latest fave dog toy. Which I had to then pull out of her ass this morning after she tried to go poo, but was pretty unsuccessful at it. At least she got a little bit of it out so I was able to pull the rest out for her. GREAT way to start the day, actually...I'd highly recommend it to everyone.

This weekend, I get to go try on wedding dresses for the first time, and hopefully will have a better idea of what kind of dress I can actually pull off when the day is said and done. I have a couple of trusty, wonderful, honest girlfriends going with me, and I'm thinking that together, we can all figure out how to fit my big ol' ass into the most fabulous dress we can find for the best price possible. It should be a lovely day. I've gotten more and more excited about looking at dresses as the past few weeks have gone by, so I'm just hoping that the actual act of trying to get into the dresses I've chosen to try doesn't give me a heart attack. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!!

Ok, fiance and I have an appointment to go meet with the photographer in about an hour, so I'd better get back to napping on the couch while I can. I can't wait till I find a new job, if only for my faith in it's ability to help me sleep a bit better at night! And if anyone else is having any trouble sleeping at all, perhaps you can just print this post out and keep it next to your bed for future assistance...

Monday, November 27, 2006


The job search is miserable. I'm seriously considering looking into selling sex toys from home on the internet. I'm not kidding. I don't even use the things, but apparently, the mark-up is unbelievably high on them.

I need to go contact the guy I'm supposed to be working part-time for over the next few weeks, but honestly, I have to find something permanent and full-time soon so I don't lose anymore sleep over it, dammit. AUGH!

Firstly, I will be transfering money from my savings so I can pay my mortgage on Thursday, thankyouverymuch. I'd better head over and do that right now, so I don't have to worry about it any more. Ta for now!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Last Day

Today's my last day here at my old job. Seems oddly fitting that I have a terrible sore throat and a cold coming on, since I haven't had a single sick day in the entire almost-year since I started here. I had plenty of days off, but none of them were sick days. Weird, eh?

I will miss a lot of the people I work with a tremendous amount, and as happens any time I move on from a job, I'm left wondering how close of contact we'll remain in, even though promises have been made and e-mails/phone numbers have been exchanged. While I'm pretty interested in what will happen here after I've left (other individuals have since decided to move on from their positions as well...completely unrelated decisions, of course, but interesting nonetheless), I don't know if it'll stay that way after I've had a week of non-exposure to the ever so cool boss that up and decided to fire me almost 4 weeks ago.

Regardless, I have a ton to do around here today, what with the clean-up I'd like to perform on a file drawer next to my chair that might come in handy if it were just organized better, and the other regular tasks that people are still asking me to perform, even though I'm only about 3 hours away from saying goodbye forever to this position, so I'd better skedaddle.

For the record, no, I haven't found another job yet. I do have a part time opportunity that will likely work out, thanks to my associations with people at the Moose, so that will be helpful in the meantime, but as far as full time work goes, I'm still in the middle of interview madness. Which, of course, has been interrupted by the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! And please, don't call it "Turkey Day." It's not's a day to be thankful for what we have, and not everyone is eating turkey, anyway. The fiance and I will be feasting on cornish game hens, for example. So yeah...happy Thanksgiving. Go forth and spread the love, dammit...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Verizon? Yeah, we get it. You have a network. Congratufuckinglations. I think you've driven the point into the ground now, though, so if you could stop making the stupid commercials ("Can I get a bag for them?" Um, DUMB!!), and maybe even find a new "mascot" besides the dorky guy in the plain gray windbreaker and glasses, I'm pretty sure all of America would thank your asses.

Local radio stations in the Kansas City area who have successfully managed to replace all the annoying political commercials we had been dealing with until a couple of weeks ago with your super-informative (and musical!) commercials about how you're already playing all Christmas tunes all the time!!? Fuck off. I constantly have that dumb-ass Paul McCartney "...siiiimply haaaving a wonderful Christmastime!" going around and around in my brain. AND I DON'T WANNA LISTEN TO YOUR STATION ANYWAY!!! 100% Christmas music 'round the clock? IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET, ASSHOLES! GAH! (And for the record, the only Christmas music I enjoy now that I'm a grown-up is the Charlie Brown Christmas cd. I can listen to that over and over again. Well, at least twice in a row. I tire easily of things these days...)

Radio Shack? Your commercials make me never want to shop in ANY of your stores EVER AGAIN!! Not that I shopped there much anyway, you overpriced retards. Heard of Best Buy? Yeah, you might have a problem there, I'd imagine.

Ford, Chevy, and Mercury? Not that I was planning on buying an American car my next time around, but you guys have pretty well driven off my business completely with your oversaturation campaigns. That guy singing about getting up early and being on time? He's annoying. The whole Morningwood selling out not even 6 months after they initially became popular? That's just sad. (And the model you have in your commercials dresses like shit, Mercury. Poor thing. She looks like she could be a really cute girl, too, but that vest-thing in the one commercial? Christ! Blech!!) And I hate the gravely sound to the voice of the guy singing about how "...this is our country," Chevy. As if we weren't already aware of that fact. How long does it take to make a commerical that lasts a minute and a half, anyway? 4 months? 6 months? Good job wasting a phenomenal amount of money on something that probably just annoys more than half of "our country" anyway.

That is all. (For now...mwahahahahahahaha....)

Monday, November 20, 2006

N-o-t-h-i-n-g spells "bored"

I don't know why I'm even working this week. I guess I'm getting some stuff done, but it feels weird to me. Like I'm stretching out the inevitable. I'm glad I AM working, don't get me wrong on that. But it just seems strange. Probably because of the short week and all. Or maybe because it's been almost 4 weeks since I got fired. That could be it.

Had a TERRIBLE nightmare last night that I've been trying to figure out with the help of some websites. Basically, there was a demon dog in it, I was taunting said demon dog even though I was terrified of it, and at the "end" of the dream, the dog had caught up my left hand in it's claws and was removing the fingernail from my middle finger. That's when I woke up. I couldn't go back to sleep, even though I was exhausted, so I tried to get the fiance to come to bed with me (he has the day off today, which meant he could stay on the couch and "watch" t.v. for as long and until as late as he wanted last night...), but he wasn't in the mood to go to bed, so I wound up sitting with him and the dog (who I didn't want near me after my scary dream, oddly enough) watching "Young Guns" on the TiVo. After about a half hour, I went ahead and went to bed again, and I was successful in getting back to sleep, thank goodness. But it sucked to have that dream, that's for damned sure! I'm sure it just has to do with the state of flux I'm in right now, or whatever. But I'd prefer not to have any more like it this week, if possible.

At one of the interviews I was at last week, I talked to the lady that was interviewing me about how I plan on managing property some day. It's what my father's done all my life (and most of his), seems like something I'd really enjoy, and I look forward to being a part of the commercial property world on the ownership side of things. I told her this so that she would tie together my interest in continuing to work in commercial real estate in some form or another, and also so she would have an idea of where my interest in this particular field came from. She, however, interpreted that as me saying that it's what I'd prefer to know, instead of being an admin for the rest of my life.

Ok, first of all, I don't plan on being an admin for the rest of my life, no. Will I wind up being one for a good long time to come? Probably. But when I talked to the placement agency rep that is managing this account (she set up the interview, is their contact for the second interview, etc...), and she told me that this woman had a problem with me wanting to manage properties someday, I was all, "So, I can never be a property owner? Is that the case? Because, hate to say it, but I'm going to be one relatively soon, and if that isn't something they'll allow me to do, then this won't work out. Does she know I own my own home and manage that property already?"

I mean, WTF??? I can't manage property AND be an admin at the same time? Whatever. Property management relies heavily on two things: a responsible owner who leases the space, manages the leases of said space, and maintains the property; and a property owner that has a talented individual or team of individuals to monitor the properties and is able to fix certain problems that come up or contact contractors who can do it for them if it's outside of their realm of expertise. Just about all of the properties my father owns in Riverside, CA are farther from his home than is reasonable for him to be able to manage them all on his own. Dad always had a guy who drove around to the properties, monitored them, made sure they were all ok, and contacted dad whenever he needed to take care of something. That was the guy dad called when a tenant called the office first to report an issue. Sheeit. I mean, I really hope that property management will be a lucrative means of making a living eventually, but I certainly can't do it right now (um, unless someone has $20 million they can give me so I can buy some property I'm interested Ok then...), and it's not like owning one property is going to completely consume my life once I AM able to buy something that I can afford.

Some people only see the teeny, tiny picture I guess. Me? I try to look at the picture from ALL angles before coming to a conclusion or hypothesizing about an outcome.

This was a good weekend, overall, though. Football was fabulous!! This week, we're looking forward to cooking a little Thanksgiving feast for two and then watching more football that night, and I'm looking forward to having 4 days off. Oh wait! I have an infinite amount of time off, actually! Aren't I the coolest...

Friday, November 17, 2006

You know, I really am not in the mood for any of this shit today.

So I'm gonna leave you all with a photo of what appears to be Trent Green's tryout for his alternate dream of dancing with the Rockettes, which we should all encourage him to pursue, but someone really should remind him to take off the helmet before he hits the stage. It's kinda distracting.

"Pretty butterflies! LOVE the butterflies!!!"

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Take the time...

Ok, this just made me cry. What a wonderful, wonderful human being. Kansas City's very own Secret Santa - now known to the world as Larry Stewart - is finally revealing himself after years of giving away Christmas "bonuses" to random strangers because he has cancer and worries that this might be the last year he has the opportunity to help people like he does. Go and read the story. You won't be sorry that you took the time to do it, honest.

What an awesome man. If only there could be more like him in the world...

It's kind of a blurry mess

These past couple of days have gone by fastly and furiously. Between work events, interviews, phone calls about interviews, catching up on work due to missed time for interviews, and sleep, I haven't had much time for anything fun, really. (Well, except for the sleep. Because sleep is my fave thing, yo.) Tuesday night I was so exhausted I just wanted to go home and not move for a while. Yesterday, I had a big bunch of caffeine late in the afternoon, so I was ok with doing stuff when I got home, but the entire day was just run, run, run, and I feel like I haven't had any good time to myself really. I also got angry about something that the fiance is going through (KCP&L never cancelled his electric after he moved out of his apartment last February, he didn't get a confirmation number from the person he spoke to about cancelling it, and basically they're now telling him he owes $500 for the past 9 months of electric for an apartment he hasn't lived in. Oh, wait, I'm sorry...he only owes $300 because they had a deposit on file from years ago when he initially moved into His Very First Apartment and had to start up electricity without any credit to his name. So he just forfeited that cash, but since it was from he was 19 or something, he doesn't really care. Which I don't really understand all that much, because someone steals $150 of MY dollars? You KNOW that isn't gonna go over well...), and had to calm myself down after the initial discussion about it with him.

I mean, he was just gonna pay them that $300! Without any kind of fight!! WTF? I asked him to please contact his old landlord and see if he could write a letter to KCP&L stating the date fiance moved out of the apartment, and also ask him if he could find out at least the last name of the individual who moved in there and get the date they moved in, so we could contact KCP&L and let them know that they should have switched the electric into their names, and THEY'RE the ones that owe KCP&L for the last however many months of electricity they've been using. I don't know if it'll work, but dammit, we have to at least try!!

I also told fiance that it's a good idea to make sure to get the name of any person that helps him with any kind of customer service situation, regardless of what it is. IPod not working, and you need to call Apple, or whoever? Get the name of the person who helps when you call. Pizza delivery all botched up, and the manager of the store tells you they're gonna void the charge to your card? Get their name, in case you get charged anyway and need to call back 3 days later to figure out what the hell happened.

And any time something involves a utility, get a fucking confirmation code when you call to cancel your account!

I really, really hope we can resolve this without him having to pay all that cash. We don't need it right now, dammit.

I haven't had a chance to read many blogs lately, and feel very out of the loop. I got about 1/4 of the way down the blogroll yesterday before I had to stop and kick it into gear around the office before the end of the day, and I want to read and catch up and see what's going on!!! Is anything going on that I need to know about?

I also have a zit the size of Montana on my hairline that hurts like a mofo. Those are seriously the worst. There's nothing but skin and skull up at that point of the face, it seems, so why the zit? Of course, they always manage to reach mammoth proportions anyway, and they're the hardest ones to pop! But I finally managed to get it this morning before I put my makeup on. Thank GOD! Now I have a headache, though. Mammoth zit has it's revenge already! Evil mutherfucker...

Ok, I have a task I need to complete that I wanted to do yesterday, but couldn't get started on time to finish it before the end of the day, so I'd better get on it now. Hope everyone's weeks are going ok! I don't know, because I haven't been able to read! Dammit, dammit, dammit...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Leaving room for sammiches?

Ok, I can understand being down and out. I can even understand being so desperate to help one's family that stooping to robbery seems like the only way out. But this story about a guy that robbed a fucking Subway in Overland Park last night is just sad. Sounds like he was a mess. And while he decided to hit up a place in a more swanky part of town than, say, the area I live in (it's not crappier, it's just older...), it still makes no sense to walk into a Subway to steal money, and to be prepared to carry it out with a duffel bag!

A duffel bag? Really? Aren't we being strangely optimistic for being in the situation we're in, now? Or did this guy have Subway confused with a bank, d'you think?

All I can figure is that he had planned on also getting a few sammiches to go on top of the cash he was gonna get, and he forgot to ask. He was probly about 1/2 a mile away when he thought about it, I bet. "Shit! I forgot to get those footlong italian subs the wife asked for! Now I'm really gonna get it!!"

In my case, I am not down to being desperate enough to need to rob a Subway yet. I've been testing WAY above average for all the companies that have asked me to test my skills at Excel, Word, and Powerpoint for them, and even typed 59 WPM (100% accuracy!) yesterday when I was tested for that. Not bad. I have several interviews going on, and even a possible part-time thing that I can do next week (and possibly even after that, if time allows) to keep the cash-flow going. Today is still busy, though, so I'm gonna get back to it. Thanks for all the good juju y'all have been sending my way! Seems to be working...keep it up! :)


This morning is starting off just lovely. Got here early to compensate for the time I'll be out for lunch and an interview today, and was greeted with an e-mail from a coworker asking me to print every document in the world that ever existed for this open house thingy we're having...which is tomorrow, mind you. Yeah, I'm getting it done, but not without severe difficulties. First, I printed out all the copies from my computer, to save myself the trouble of having to loiter around the machine itself waiting for it to complete my print job. (The printer is about a 2 minute walk from my desk...not a big deal, but when going back and forth and back and forth, it gets old, is the thing.) But when I got up there to collect the print jobs, the printer had run out of the kind of paper I required for my job, and had defaulted to using the letterhead paper that is in another tray. Which has a big red line down one side of it, thereby ruining my print job. Which was only, oh, about 250 pages of stuff, dammit!!! biggy. Only costs us $.79 per page, and all. (Shit...$200 worth of copies into the recycling bin. Ouch, ouch, ouch...)

Anyway, then I printed out my next batch of stuff, but I was smart this time...I reloaded the proper paper, and printed one copy to the machine, and then went up there to print off the next 34 copies. Failed to notice that Adobe had done it's weird disappearing line act that it pulls every so often, and so several of my copies came out as phantom floor plans. That's ok...just another $165 into the recycling bin, is all.

Good morning, good MORning! It's a beautiful day today...good morning, good morning to you!

Monday, November 13, 2006

That's right!

This about says it all for me today. USC is #3 on the BCS, Notre Dame is #5, and the next 4 weeks of my life will be absolutely, positively boring between Saturdays. (Well, except for on Wednesdays...Top Chef night, you know.)

Busy day. I'm leaving at 1:30 so I can go home and let the dog out for a bit before I head down to one of the placement companies that I'm working with to take some tests. I took some online from home yesterday for the other company I'm working with, and I felt pretty good about my results. Excel was awesome, of course, and while the Word one was disappointing (it was testing me on Word 2000...I haven't worked in that version of Word since, oh, maybe 2001? Hel-LOOO!!), it was still relatively high. I also got tested in PowerPoint, which wasn't that great of a score (I know how to maneuver and do lots of certain tasks in PowerPoint, but it wanted me to do things I was completely unfamiliar with. Which I'm sure I could learn very quickly and have no problem with in the future, of course...), and the test on Access was not good. But I warned them that I've used it for data entry shit before, and that's pretty much it! So the test was bound to come out kind of not good. It was still fun...

So I'd better get to it, as I have several tasks I need to complete before I head out of here in a few hours. It's Monday, out for yourselves. Mondays HATE humans...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Well, that's nice then.

Just got the bill for the x-rays for the ankle fun...$111! Not bad, my friends. I can handle that shit.

Didn't say anything about how much they were charging me for the ankle brace or the ice pack, so for now, I'm pretending that they included it in the cost of the ER visit, and am hoping my entire trip up there two short weeks ago only set me back a total of $310. I was imagining much, much worse than that, so I'm having a beer for KU Med tonight, baby! (But I'll be staying off the steps, thanks very much...)

Today is a slow day...but a busy day. I'll take it.

I got a reference to a very cool shop downtown that does photography shtuff that's looking for an administrative something or other, and have a call in to one of the owners to see if he wants to meet anytime soon, so that could be interesting. It might not pay much (I'm gonna pitch for $18, which is still lower than what I really want/deserve as an admin, but they seem to want to only pay $30,000 a year which, ouch. Can't really do that...), but it's uber-cool, and would definitely be different and fun and all new to me. Plus they have a dog that they let run around the place! Neato. I'm up for anything at this point. I'm tired of the every-day administrative gig, I think. When I start considering waitressing again, you know my wanderlust has truly kicked in. Because, oh holy hell, I hated waitressing! I didn't mind the customers so much...especially when they gave me money at the end of their stay with me. It was the bastards I had to work with...the 16 year old something or others that all climbed right up the wrong side of my ass every day. The ones that had a roof over their head for free, and didn't understand what it was like to have to rely on good tips in order to pay rent, bills, and for groceries from week to week. Assholes. I bet half of them are still living at home, smoking pot with their buddies on their days off, and not taking life seriously at all even now. Jerks.

It's Friday, as you might have noticed, and I'm just trying to finish up the little tasks that have been given to me so I can get out, buy some beer, head home to make red beans and rice for dinner, sit down and relax with the puppy on my lap, and not worry about anything except getting my car in for servicing tomorrow morning, being able to hit the Moose for a bit tomorrow afternoon, and watching the Oo-Ess-See game tomorrow night, which I can do at home as it will be on FSN, and since it's on at 9:15, that's gonna be a good thing. Because I can drink for much, much less in my own living room I've found!

Startling how the mood can upswing like it does, eh?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Well, it was bound to happen…mini-meltdown occurred last night after fiancé got home. It was a money/job issue/feeling like an asshole for losing my job thing, probably mixed with a hefty dose of hormonal shift due to my girlie-thingy and all. I almost thought I’d ruined what I was making for dinner (I made the "side dish" and fiancé generously made the "main dish"), but it still tasted really good once I was done blubbering and being comforted. We made Triscuit-encrusted tilapia and whole wheat pasta with white bean sauce. Check out the recipe for the pasta…it made a fabulous side-dish, although I went ahead and omitted the parsley, since I HATE parsley and all. It really was very good. The Triscuit-encrusted thing started as a joke, but fiancé took the idea and ran with it. (I’d forgotten to buy flour when I was at the market, so I told him we could grind up some crackers instead! Who would’ve thunk that the Triscuits would work so well? Not I…)

Not much of anything funny is happening right now, really. I’m having a hard time with the switches between depression and stress, and hate being around people other than my fiancé, or talking to anyone other than the Twin. I stopped answering my home phone a long time ago (only poll-takers and sheriff fund-raisers call me any more…), and when my cell phone rings from a caller that isn’t the Twin or the fiancé, I pretty much ignore it. I feel down and unhappy, and not in the mood to deal with anything else. This job issue may not seem huge to anyone outside of my head, but to me, it IS huge. After next week, I am without a job. I have about $1,200 in savings, and that will barely cover the mortgage and a couple of bills for one month. I’ve only received the bill for the emergency room visit from a week and a half ago so far, but its $198, so I can imagine how much the x-rays, ice-pack, and ankle brace will wind up costing me. Actually, I try not to imagine it. It makes my stomach hurt. Now my car needs fixing, and while I have plenty of room on my credit card to take care of the expense, I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to use that thing again this year. But I have no choice. The car needs attention, and I can’t ignore it any more or I might wind up with a much more costly issue on my hands to deal with.

I go back and forth from wondering whether or not these issues would be harder or easier to deal with if I didn’t have the fiancé in my life. It’s hard to explain, but I feel like I’m one of two captains of a ship, and my side is sinking fast while the other captain is having to over-compensate on his side to try to keep the whole boat from going down. If I were the only captain, would I be more depressed? Likely. But would I feel more in control? I don’t know. I understand that he and I will be linked to each other until death do us part in less than a year, and we’re going to have to start dealing with issues like these as a "team" from now on, but I guess I just feel really, really shitty for being so weak. I hate that I'm causing him to have to over-compensate for us.

There isn’t really anything funny happening in the news right now, either! So sick of politics, I could throw up, I’ve been reading things I wouldn’t usually read, such as the aftermath of Britney filing for divorce from Kevin. I mean, who the fuck cares, right? But the fact that he’s requesting full custody is kinda funny. He’s such an idiot. Apparently, the community assets between the two are "uncertain" which I guess suggests that there might have been a prenup in place. Which makes Federline even MORE of an idiot! I actually am looking forward to how it all turns out.

God, that’s sad…

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Because I love my walnut tree soooo much!

Fuck the tree. There are enough trees in our yard already...we don't need another one.

Sorry I'm reneging on the vote for what kind of tree we should ask for! I'm sure everyone was waiting with baited breath for that survey to happen...

The job search is going...ok. So far. I've been meeting with placement companies this week, and they seem to have options that might be perfect for me, so I'm doing what I can to get everything they need from me done. Next Monday, I get to go in and be tested on my typing, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook skeeills. I love those things. NO PRESSURE!!! Yeah, right...

It starts out with some basic stuff like creating tables in Word, or sorting things in Excel, and you get lulled by the gentleness of the requests. And then it suddenly launches you into a level of Word you were unaware existed, and it's asking you to perform tasks like, "Assist with the delivery of the next child being born at St. Luke's...GO!" And you float over the toolbar options at the top, silently repeating to yourself over and over in your head that it MUST be a function under Tools, right? It can't possibly be something that would be under Edit...that's just wrong! Or when it gets to the point in Excel where it asks you to balance the budget for the State of Kansas, and you figure that it must be a trick question, but you can't get past that request to move on to the rest of the test, and you finally just decide to guess incorrectly 3 times in a row so it will just let you pass to the next question already. That's fun.

And why, WHY do I get all shaky when I'm actually being timed for my typing skills? I type every single mutherfucking day...this is not new. I'm pretty accurate as well. (Even though I had two mistakes in the last three sentences that I had to go back and fix...) I just hate being timed. No fun.

Anyway, I haven't found a job yet, still looking, blahblahblah, looking forward to being done with this shit.

Ohmygod, I'm so busy today, why the HELL am I writing another post? I'm an idiot. Gotta go...

p.s. My car needs servicing. Lovely timing, eh? Yeah, I thought so, too. I was smizart, though, and asked a couple of BMW owners here in the office where they take their cars to, and found a reputable place that can do the work for 1/2 the price of the dealer, which was where I was resigining myself to take it in a couple of weeks. Instead, I will take it in for a free brake exam this week, have them perform the 30,000 mile or 32,000 mile check, or whatever the fuck it is that it needs, and hopefully pay about $500 total for the stuff, instead of $1,000. That works for me. Even if it doesn't, really. You know what I mean, I'm sure...

On second thought...

Ugh. Having the first period I've had in 3 months right now, and it's not starting out very pretty. I don't think that the whole idea of taking 3 months of pills in a row and only having 4 periods per year because of it is turning out to be a very good decision. The mood swings, cramps, and general discomfort don't seem to be worth the money I'm saving on tampons, that's for damned sure!

I slept like hell last night, thanks to The Foot Of Death. The top of the foot (which isn't even technically part of the "ankle" per se, so I don't know why it's trying to be such an ASS right now!) is now so sensitive to touch that it hurts to have water hit it when I'm in the shower. The inner part of the ankle has shooting pains through it regularly, and the outer part of the ankle gets weak at the end of the day after I've been using it to, you know, walk around and stuff. I'm still favoring the damned thing as I walk around, but it appears to not be enough. It just wants to sit still, or some shit. Well, I can't just sit still, so it needs to fuck off.

Also in The Big News Around Faith and Fiance's House, we are to receive a tree from the city due to their need to remove a tree from our yard during the re-paving project they performed in late spring/early summer. I have a list of trees to choose from, and am having a hard time choosing. So later today, I'll go ahead and pop up the choices I've narrowed it down to for votes from my readers. (Or, rather, from the 4 or 5 of you that actually make comments!) I don't even know where it will fit in the yard, to be honest, and I plan on talking to my lawn & tree guys before making the final decision, but I need to get back to the contracting company with my decision "ASAP." Because they're assholes and all. Have they every gotten back to me about the problem I have with the dent they made in my house when they poured my driveway? No. No they haven't. (I've written two letters now, sent a copy to the city rep who was in charge of monitoring the project, and finally have started getting a response from the paving company over the past couple of weeks, but it's consisted of one of their guys calling me and leaving me a message, and me calling him back and leaving a message, and then nothing else happening since then. That was a week and a half ago. Nice.)

Great. Now I feel nauseous. I love being a girl!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Rant - by Me

On being an admin…

One thing that’s always gotten my goat about my "chosen profession" is that we are always the go-to people for getting most everything done in the office.

We are the ones that order the supplies, so people have pens and paper always at the ready. We are the ones that make sure people get paid properly and on time. We are the ones that fix it when people DON’T get paid properly and on time. We are the ones that make the coffee, answer the phones, type the letters, create the filing system, put the presentations together (at the last minute, usually), order the lunches, prepare the trip itinerary, fill out the expense reports, and deal with the customers while the boss is away.

No, we don't sell anything. We don’t bring any money in for the company. This is true.
But can a company…a SUCCESSFUL company…exist without a decent and proper admin of some sort helping out and getting the little things done?

The answer is no.

So why is it that when we’re stressed, we have to pretend to be happy anyway? Why do we have to always do our jobs with a smile on our faces, no matter what happens? You had to put your puppy to sleep? Tough shit. Your grandmother died? Too bad. You might have cancer and won’t find out for a week? Grin and bear it, sweetie.

If the boss has a fucking hangnail, we’re expected to walk on eggshells and make sure not to upset him further. Why? Because he had the ability, money, and wherewithal to start the company/get into a management position in the first place? So. Congratufuckinglations. Go home and eat the steak you can afford because you don’t pay your admins enough to do all the shit YOU don’t wanna do, while they eat Top Ramen out of the pot they cooked it in, asshole.

The double-standard bullshit gets old after 10 years. Having someone pass along a "good job" or a "well done" every now and then gets old, too. Why are we considered to be a substandard species within the office walls? Because we don’t go out and sell shit like the sales guys/gals do? Well, that’s why they’re the sales people. We’re just the ones that make it possible for them to do their job with a little bit more ease. If we weren’t here, would they be happy doing all the shit for themselves? Especially if they had no one to give them a pay check every week? Yeah, didn’t think so.

I don’t have the time to finish this post…too much stuff to do for everyone else, and no time to do it in. Such is the life of an admin, though. I’d advise against it, if anyone ever asked me, to be quite honest…

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday, it is!

Ugh. Exhaustion. Hunger. Pain.

Not a stellar afternoon, it seems.

Worked out this morning at the gym after a hiatus that lasted over a week...felt weird being back there, actually. Which really goes to show that I took waaaay too much time off, dammit! I spoke to my trainer on Friday night, and he suggested that I try to come in and then show him my ankle/foot and we'd decide if it was a good idea for me to hop back on any cardio equipment. The bike was what he suggested, I gave it a go (at a lower intensity level, but for a longer period than I usually spend on it as I tend to end my cardio workouts with the bike after first starting on the treadmill or eliptical for 20 - 30 mins...), and while my heel started to get a bit of a dull pain in it about halfway through, the ankle actually felt pretty good until the final 5 minutes. And now, it HURTS! Ow, ow, ow...just, OW! Last night was the first night I was actually experiencing any sharp pain in the ankle area, which is weird. My only thought on it is that now that the swelling is going down, the blood is freely flowing to areas it hasn't been able to get to very easily for the last week, and it's causing it to freak out, or something. Dayum, it hurts.

Anyway, returning to the gym meant a return to the ladies' locker room. I don't know if I'm the only person who goes to my gym that actually is able to think logically and reasonably early in the morning or what, but when I pick a locker, I try to choose one that is at least one locker away from any other lockers that have locks on them (which means that someone has already arrived, put their stuff in said locker, and likely will be changing/showering/dressing in that same area after they're done working out), so that I have a bit of space to get undressed/dressed in after I'm through with my workout. This is also me thinking of those around me, in a back-asswards kinda way, when one thinks about it. I'm concerned about my personal space as well as the other people I share a locker room with. I'm considerate, yo.

So when I finished my workout and found a woman who had chosen a locker right next to mine sitting there, digging through her shit, blocking my locker door with her locker door, I got a little irritated. I said, "Pardon me, I need to get into my locker please." And she was apologetic and moved the door out of the way, but fuck me it that hard to figure it out? IS IT??? I know this bothers me more than it might bother the average human being, but it's kind of the same thing to me as people riding my ass when driving behind me, or people edging up all close to me in line at the supermarket. Or random strangers sitting too close to me at the bar when there's tons of room for them to spread out. Hate that shit.

It all worked out fine, I suppose, except more women might have gotten a good look at my boobies as I struggled to put on my bra in a discreet manner after my shower, but that's just fun for them I figure. I'm not modest. Not as much as I used to be, anyway. I'm not all naked-walking-around-putting-on-makeup-for-20-minutes, or what have you, but I'm not so concerned if someone gets a flash of my ass as I put on my underpants, or happen to catch a glimps of my boobies as I remove a sports bra. I just don't care.

I'm trying to eat less as well, trying to stay on the diet, trying to maintain or lose as I workout a bit less with this injury and everything, so I'm really hungry right now. I had soup and crackers for lunch (homemade hamburger soup and Triscuits, no less...), but I had to eat it earlier than usual since I had a meeting with a placement firm in OP at lunchtime, and I was already starving when I scarfed it down at about 11:30 as it was! I found a random rice crispy treat in our snack drawers (which are almost completely bare at this point in the month...) at about 3:30 and I had to eat it, but I'm ok with that. Better to actually give the body some sort of fuel than none at all, I figure. Even if I do wish it was better than a rice crispy treat, dammit. Need to buy more Triscuits on the way home, I think...

With what money, though? Thank goodness the fiance gets paid tomorrow, because I need some cash, dammit! (We share with each other. I buy food and pay bills and put certain decided upon amounts of money into savings when he asks me to...he gives me money when he gets paid. It works out pretty well.) I really, really, really wish we could afford to get sushi tonight, but we'll eat chili and we'll like it, dammit! Fuck...

I'd better go. I sound like my grandmother with all this complaining about shit. Jeezy...

Friday, November 03, 2006

I could just eat her up!

The fiance and I watched "The Notorious Bettie Page" last night, and would both highly recommend the film.

First of all, I cannot believe that was Gretchen Mol! I mean, I love Gretchen Mol, but it was just hard to see her inside of Bettie. It was as if we were watching Bettie herself as Bettie Page, is the thing.

Second of all, Bettie Page is adorable. If this was an accurate depiction of her, I mean, then she's adorable. She was so innocent and sweet and loveable, it hurt to watch the terrible things she had to go through, and then she went and made me a fan of bondage at the same time! (Watch it Marcus...I'm not that big of a fan...) My favorite part? When she's gagged with a ball-gag in her mouth, tethered to two posts by long strings, and left alone in the room with John Willie. John was talking to her about something, I can't remember exactly what, but he's cussing a lot as he talks to her. Bettie looks a bit distressed while he's talking, and motions to him to help her remove the gag from her mouth so she can say, "Watch your language, Mr. Willie!" Or something along those lines. Very sweet. Just so fucking adorable!

She didn't drink. She didn't smoke. She seriously didn't seem to realize just what it was that she was doing when she stripped down, put on a leather piece of something or another, and playfully pretended to spank the other woman involved in the little "pornos" they were photographing or filming. Her naive demeanor didn't annoy, but rather endeared.

And oh my holy Christ, I wish I had those boobies. SO not fair.

Anyway, I'd recommend it. Lovely little film.

Happy weekend, all. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, watching football and cleaning the house, and looking forward to a meeting with a personnel rep on Monday from a company that I haven't had the chance to work with before (they do temp, temp-to-perm, and direct placement), so I'm glad they took an interest in my resume and I hope they can help find me the perfect new position!

Ok...buh-bye now. BUH-bye. Bye! Buh-bye...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Waiting Room of the World

A couple of things...

First of all, I had a dream last night that I swear lasted the entire night, but felt like it only went on for about 10 minutes. See, when I started to fall asleep, I heard a sound out in front of the house that gave me a crazy thought. (Crazy thought being that I wondered if there were people showing up on my street to walk from house to house shooting machine guns at the spots on the houses where they thought people's bedrooms were - you know, since everyone would probably be asleep by that time in our neck of the woods, thereby hitting/killing anyone that happened to be in the line of the random spray of bullets.) So, I went to sleep with this crazy thought in my head.

The dream involved me being at someone's wedding...not my own, but a friend's. I don't know anyone getting mar-

Wait a minute. Yes I do. Holy shit.

Anyway, so I'm at this wedding, and for some reason I get shot multiple times in the torso area. But it's like no one noticed it happened. I'm wandering around, trying to find my fiance, and I realize after a while that he isn't there. So I call my sister and tell her. And then I try to text my fiance to tell him, but the message keeps getting interrupted by something else happening, so I don't think I can ever actually get the message sent.

Next thing I know, I'm in a hospital room, and I'm telling everyone in the room with me that I don't know what happened, but I've just been shot multiple times in the torso. (I kept saying "torso" too...which seems weird. It's accurate, though. I wasn't shot anywhere else except my chest and my belly.) Somehow, I'm still walking around, talking normally, and actually getting a little bit peeved with people as I tend to do quite often. I can only imagine it'd be allowable especially when I've got bullets in my torso.

Finally, a nurse comes into the room. For some reason, two of my coworkers are there (the guys that sit across the hall from me, actually), and they're trying to find out how this happened to me. The nurse gives me my hospital gown and a hospital robe, and tells me to change into it. I'm in the bathroom trying to close the door to change, but the one coworker is really insistent that we figure this out, and he's not leaving me alone. Finally, I'm yelling at him, "[Coworker]!! I need to pee and get changed! Please, let's continue this when I get out of the bathroom. I need to pee! I need to pee!!"

And that's when I woke up. It was about 4:50 a.m. And guess what?

I needed to pee. Love it when that happens.

The fiance and I were having a lovely conversation last night about magical jiz. This subject matter crosses so many lines it's not even funny, but just know that we think it might actually cure wrinkles, and people just haven't thought to test it out yet. I told him I'd call Lancome to discuss the matter just as soon as I find the proper time to do so. I won't tell you what else was discussed, since at the time I thought it might be funny to mention it, but now that I actually typed it out, I realized just what a sick fuck I am if I think it'll be funny to anyone other than me.
See. I do have the ability to filter. And you guys thought I shared too much all the time. Sillies...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sorry I can't go into details...

Seems like everything lately has been about my foot or my firing. Bleh. I'm tired of it. Are you tired of it? I'm tired of it...

Just an FYI, I would love to share the termination info with everyone, but feel it's a bad idea at this point. Since I'm still working for the company and am unsure of how a couple of things will be panning out money-wise, it seems stupid to go spewing info about how things went down until I'm completely safe.

Basically, though, I'm not resigning. Not unless I find another job, and all. I don't feel like being forced into resignation is fair treatment for me in this case. Not in the least. So I'm not gonna.

And...AND! Just about everyone here in the office is rallying behind me. YAY! People I didn't realize would support me are doing just that. Giving me references I didn't count on, and spreading the news about my abilities to the people they've known and worked with for years. It's a great feeling. One I want to celebrate. (Just as soon as I have a new job and can afford to do so...)

Of course, I'll be keeping everyone in the loop as things progress. The toughest thing I'm running into at this point is the question of why I'm moving on. I've never been fired before, so I don't know what to say! I think that saying that the job clearly requires someone with a lower level of experience in it (i.e. it's not challenging enough) is the best way to go. One of the references that's sending out my resume to his buddies has been telling people that the job has changed, and I'm overqualified for it at this point. That's what makes the most sense to me.

Thank goodness I've got the support of just about everyone I worked with. Which reinforces my feeling about how bogus the firing was in the first place, but again, I can't talk about it so I'll shut up now.

Later, fo sho. Maybe in a month or so.

Thanks again to everyone for their kind words to me about getting fired in the first place! You guys made me smile when I needed it the most, and I really appreciate it! I'd better get going now before this whole computer turns to mush...

p.s. the foot is turning purple and dark blue in some places at this point, and is still rather puffy, but has stopped hurting too much which is nice. I have more mobility today, and am even thinking that I can possibly get back to the gym eliptical machine by Monday maybe! Even though that might be a bit premature, and I'm planning on talking to my trainer before doing such a thing. But it's possible...we'll see! Doing upper body workouts and minor leg things make me feel better about being such a lump, but I really have a need to get some cardio in, and it's bothersome that I can't do it right now. I feel all antsy just thinking about it...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Jesus McFuck...people, I have 10 years of experience as an admin. So if you call me about what you call an "executive assistant" position, and I tell you I'm looking for $40,000 annually, do not call me to see if I'm willing to work for $11 an hour.

HELL no.

Holy crap...I made $12 out of the gate back when I was fresh out of college with zero experience. IN 1996!!!

What asshat in his right mind thinks that he's going to be able to find talented admin assistance for $11 an hour? Certainly not a proper executive. Sounds like they'd be really fun to work for, if you ask me. Dipshits...

I'll keep looking, thanks.

(By the way, one of my bosses dressed up as "Jerry the asshole bum" today for Halloween, and I don't think I've laughed that hard in a good long time. Those of you who don't know Jerry, just be grateful. Those of you who live in KC and have seen/experienced Jerry on the Plaza or in Westport, you know what I mean. I gave him my normal Jerry line when I passed him: "I know who you are Jerry, and I'm tired of ya." His response? "Go fuck yourself!" Perfect!! It was the best costume of the day, IMO.)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Update to the gruesome progression...

Ew. It just looks...well, gross now. The puffy has gotten really bad, the pressure from the puffy is rather uncomfy, and I even came home early today to elevate it and ice it properly. But what to do the rest of the week, eh?

Just...bleh. It's starting to get itchy in places, too. That's gonna suck.

Notice the way it's a blueish color up by the toes. Just an FYI, that isn't normal for my feet. Hope it isn't normal for yours either. If it is, you might be a zombie, or perhaps just totally dead. Just sayin'...

For the record, here's what a normal foot looks like for me. Note the unusual boniness and sinewy musculature of the foot. You'd think this would be indicative of the rest of my figure, but no. Hell no. Just my feet are boney, thanks. Aren't Slavic genes the best??
Time for bed. I get to get up early tomorrow to work out the top portion of my body. Awesome.


"Bad things happen in threes, you know," New Friend at the Moose said to me on Saturday after I finished watching USC lose obnoxiously to Oregon State. ("Losing painfully" = losing by 10 or more points. "Losing obnoxiously" = being down by more than 10 points at the beginning of the 4th quarter, still holding out hope that they might start playing like their offense has a teensy bit of talent, dealing with your usually cool friends being assholes about the loss, and then watching as the game ends with them losing by 2 points. 2POINTS DAMMIT!!!)

"Oh're right! What else can happen to me this week?" I replied, not really wanting to think about what else could happen to me.

"You'll probably leave here tonight and get t-boned as you pull out of the lot."

"I'll drink to that, New Friend." New Friend had bought me a pitcher of half cider, half Boulevard Wheat. I was still working on enjoying my first glass of it at that point. (He also had one, since he was nice enough to buy me the pitcher...) While I didn't really think anything else bad was going to happen, I couldn't help but wonder. After a few minutes, though, I forgot about the game, forgot about my crappy week, and just settled into having a few drinks and having some fun while doing it. It went well.

Then I went home. It was about 10-ish...I hadn't eaten since 2:30 or 3, and I was hungry. I decided to have a cigarette and the last wheat beer we had in the fridge. I let the dog out of her crate, and followed her outside to smoke my cigarette. The weather was great, I was happy to be as tipsy as I was, and I noticed the dog wasn't going down onto the grass to take care of business. "C'mon Iz! Let's go pee! C'mon!" I encouraged her by stepping down onto the first step toward the lawn. She followed me, but kind of stayed by my feet. I started to step down another step, and she went down two, staying on the bottom step, but still not heading to the grass. "Fine, I'll come down with you, you silly..."

And I really did. I missed the bottom step, though, landing on my left foot in an awkward way on the stone pavers below the bottom step, twisting my ankle, and gracefully falling to the ground while still managing to not spill my beer or drop my cigarette. It didn't take long for me to realize I'd hurt myself pretty badly. My left ankle looked...wrong. It was in the wrong place, it seemed. Thank goodness after a trip to the ER, some x-rays, and some really lovely poking and proding by the ER doctor assigned to me, we found that it wasn't wrong, but just extremely swollen in an immediate way. Not broken, but still rather wounded.

Here's what it looked like after we'd returned from the ER, and I'd calmed down enough to take a few pictures:

Here's another angle of it:

Yesterday, I felt a bit better, but sleep had been uncomfy, and pain that wouldn't go away set in at about 6:30 a.m. I also hadn't eaten since 3 the day before, and I was feeling really, really hungry by Sunday morning. I had to cancel plans to go to the wedding shower and baby shower that were lined up for the day...even though the doctor at the ER encouraged me to put weight on the foot to help the ligaments heal properly, or whatever, I still had to ice it every 2 - 3 hours for 20 minutes, and I was moving pretty slow everywhere. My foot feels numb wherever there's bruising, which by today is everywhere, but yesterday, looked like this:

Today, it's progressed even further down my foot towards my toes, and feels pretty damned funky. The pain isn't bad, though, and I didn't even fill the prescriptions I was given for the pain killers. (Vicodin and niproxin, I think. Not necessary, it seems...) I'm just taking 3 Advil every 4 hours, to help the swelling and assist with the little bit of pain I do have. Oh, and in the picture above, my leg looks all denty and stuff because of the way the brace I got pushes on the swelling. It's purdy, no?

So I've got a little question for much do you think the brace they gave me at the ER is gonna cost me? I say $75. The fiance says maybe $50 - $70. Our friend Alisha thinks it'll be more like $150. Ooh! Heather, I bet you have a good idea, huh? Check it out...

It's keeping my ankle stable so that it can't collapse to the left or right again. It's starting to bug me a bit, and I really hope I don't have to wear it any more after Friday. But to be honest, if it costs anywhere near $150, I might have to figure out a way to work it into my wedding outfit, for fuck's sake. It's FOAM!! Why do they charge so much for so little, is what I wanna know?!

Anyway, that was #3 in my book. So the universe can fuck off now, ok? OK??


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Amazingly Fascinating Update # 1,435,987

I've been sacked*.

I probably won't be posting much for the next couple of days. Not much in the mood, as one might imagine.

*sacked = fired. Or rather, in my case, "asked to resign" based upon untruths and nasty tempers and just generally old farts getting their facts wrong, when the only right thing they should do at this point is fucking retire already. I'll be giving my two week's notice tomorrow, and moving on forevah...(from the job, I mean. Not from anything else!)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The saga continues...and ends.

Yesterday, I received the new package of information from the insurance company, showing the new start date for my medical coverage as 8/29 instead of 6/29, and all that good stuff. I flipped through it quickly, not really looking for anything specific, but happened to notice that my premium was now $616 instead of $587 for 3 months.

Yeah, I called and cancelled it today. I'm tired of this shit. It didn't make sense to me before, and it sure as hell doesn't make sense to me now that they want an additional $10 a month for no fucking reason at all whatsoever. My insurance guy looked it over quickly, and he sighted the change as being the 20% increase they add for me being too short and fat for their taste. I told him that was already a part of the old premium they had originally charged me. He apologized and asked me what I wanted to do, move forward or just cancel it? I told him it's been more trouble than it's worth, and with the limited coverage to doctors in Johnson County, Kansas they have on the plan, I just don't even want to deal with it any more. I did tell him that I appreciated all of his hard work, and said I was very sorry for wasting their time like this, which he brushed off of course. It's his job, he said. I still feel bad, though. It's not his fault that the medical provider that got chosen for me, or whatever, is stupid and assholeish.

So I'm back to needing to be ultra-careful, avoiding buses, and driving like an old lady, eating as healthy as possible, and willing my internal organs to just be good to me for as long as they can. Hopefully, I'll have insurance coverage some way or another within the next year or so.

It'd be infuriating if it wasn't so fucking tiresome to deal with...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Echoing in my head...

Nothing major has been happening lately, and not much happened over the weekend that I wanted to note down to write about. I think it was that little bug I caught, though. Made me feel really, really apathetic towards most things, and even as I watched the Chiefs game with my friends at the Moose, I remember thinking to myself, "Why am I here? I want to go home, lay down on the couch covered in a blanket and just stare at whatever the t.v. chooses to show me!" But I pushed myself. I stayed for the whole game, went grocery shopping afterwards with the full intention of making a yummy dinner for the fiance and myself, and then went home, covered myself up with a blanket as I laid on the couch staring at whatever the t.v. chose to show me. I was so still at one point that the dog didn't even know I was laying there when she'd come running back in the house from the yard. I watched her for a bit as she ran over to the bathroom (where she usually finds me, of course), and then came running back through the living room to the kitchen where she looked at the stove (the second most popular place to find me, if I'm not in the bathroom), and then she looked at the door that leads out to the garage and cocked her head as if to wonder out loud, "Could her lazy ass be doin' the laundry?" That was when I felt I'd tortured her enough (and I also didn't want her to start barking madly, or whining, or some shit), and I said, "Hey dumbass, I'm over here." She turned quickly and ran over to join me on the couch. She was very happy I hadn't abandoned her with the laundry and cooking and all the shitting duties around the house, it seemed...

Here's what did happen over the weekend that is staying with me in the early part of the week: Texas got lucky; Cal got lucky; Notre Dame kicked some ass (and got lucky). Those were the 3 games that had me riveted on Saturday afternoon, and they definitely didn't let me down in the end! Well, except for when Cal and Texas both won. That sucked. But I do love me a close game (I like the excitement of it, really...), and I think that most people are lying if they say otherwise. Sure, it's nice to see your favorite team leading by 20 or more points...but isn't it awesome when it comes down to the last 6 seconds, and you have to count on a kicker that already missed one field goal and an extra point, and he's either gonna send you into overtime or end the game with a win with a, no - make that a 53 yard field goal??

Yeah, that was pretty fucking cool, too.

So it was a good weekend, with some tinges of icky in it, but it appears as though most of the ick has finally gone away, so hopefully I'll be able to start noting the interesting things as they happen again. I'll keep you all posted. As usual.

(Oh, and in case some hadn't noticed, Alli has her next installment up over at 63 Days. She put it up last Thursday, but I only noticed it today, and it doesn't look like many others have noticed it yet, either, judging from the comments section...she's almost done with her story. Go check it out when you get a chance.)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Well then...

NO comments on my "Rock Lobstah!" post at all? Ninnies...

I'm feeling a bit under the weather. All weekend, more sleep than normal was necessary, and then yesterday, a full-blown bug made itself apparent in my intestine. Gatorade and a few saltines were all I could manage to get down for "dinner", and so far todayall I've managed to get down is a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I'm getting hungry, but I'm afraid to eat. I don't want to feed this thing in any way. It hasn't been a pretty last 18 hours. I'm afraid to drink Diet Coke, even! That's just wrong.

So I'm busy, I might go home early, and this is all the post you're getting today, consequently. Sorry!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Bleh! Too...full...from...lunch! Want to barf! BLAAAAHHHH....

What did I have, you ask? Well, it was a small concoction of black beans, fajita veggies, about 4 oz of grilled steak, and some salsa and lettuce, topped off with some Louisiana Hot Sauce just prior to eating, and while it was a bit too salty for my personal taste, it still tasted pretty damned good.

Yeah, it was from Chipolte. And I blame you all for my craving for it, thanks. Consequently, I also blame you all for my desire to throw it all back up again.

I don't get it! It's not like it was a HUGE amount of food, or anything! Normal amounts...happy, happy.

Except, not happy. Not in the least. Blehhhhh...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

It was a rock lobstah!

Ok, so the other morning, when I was trying to stop crying at the gym, my trainer said something that made me laugh, and helped a lot with the crying issue. I'm not sure if he did this on purpose, or if the moment was just well-timed on accident, but it worked out very well.

The B-52's "Rock Lobster" was playing over the sound system, and he stopped writing to tell me, "You know, I always thought this was a fake song, until I heard it being played here at the gym one day." I looked at him through my teary eyes, cocked my head to the side and said, "Huh? Why did you think it was fake?"

He explained that the first time he heard it was on Family Guy, you know, when Peter was playing his version of the song (this link leads to a website that just starts playing the song without you clicking on anything to control it, just to warn ya...also, it's not the actual clip from the cartoon, but has slowly changing screen shots from it instead as Peter sings and plays guitar...) on his guitar to try to help cheer Cleveland up after he'd found out about his wife Loretta sexing it up with Quagmire. And he thought it was a song that Family Guy had made up.

See, this is the reason why some people enjoy Family Guy more than other people do. I get a LOT of the references that Family Guy makes to past pop phenomenons, whether they be based in t.v., music, or some other medium. Maybe I'm at a good age for it...I dunno. But my trainer, being only 25, might not understand when shows like Family Guy reference stuff from The Partridge Family, or The A-Team, or a fucking B-52's song.

It really cracked me up. I could just picture him there, recognizing the song as it played over 24 Hour Fitness's sound system, and wondering where he had heard it before...until the realization came to him that it was from hearing Peter Griffin singing it to Cleveland to cheer him up.

My favorite part is when Peter sings the "rock lobster!" part in the higher voice, like the lead singer from the B-52's did in their original version. Fucking funny as hell.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Quick question...

Do any of you know people (or perhaps you are people...) who pronounce the word "chipotle" the wrong way and say it "chipolte" instead?

It rubs me the wrong way when people pronounce things incorrectly. Gives me hives. Makes me crraaaaaazzzzyyyyy!!!

Ok, maybe it's not all that bad, but it does bug.

It's chipotle, people. Chi-pot-leeee. Hell, call it "chypahtlee" if you wanna, but stop fucking mixing up the "t" and the "l" will ya? Jeezus...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Not to worry...she'll be fine after she heals from the ASSKICKING I give her...

This sweet, cheeky, little asshat of a dog escaped the back yard today, or so I've heard.

Apparently, she grew bored enough with the gazillion square feet of grass, trees, and general bush areas we have fenced in for her to explore to want to squeeze her butt through the space between the gate and the edge of the fence that we try to keep blocked off with a large brick.

The fiance has her back now (after driving around for two hours looking for her, he finally found a mailman that had seen her 3 or 4 blocks west of our house...), thank goodness, and is working on blocking off the little space in the fence a bit better than it was before. My questions to him when he called to tell me he'd found her? "Is she ok? And did you kick her ass???" Little snot. I made flyers and everything that I was planning on racing home with as soon as I was able to. She doesn't have any tags on her collar. She will after this weekend, though...

Thank GOD we have her back! I can't wait to hug her and kiss her and yell my ASS off at her when I get home tonight.

Don't give up...

US Population hits 300 million mark. Who? the FUCK. cares????

I heard that anchorwoman Soledad O'Brien on CNN actually squeal about it this morning as they talked about it getting closer and closer. I was all, "WTF? This is something we're supposed to be excited about? The fact that we're taking up more and more space, are filling the roads with more and more cars, building out into previously pristine land so that we all have enough room to be able to stretch our arms out to the sides without hitting another person...this is something we should be EXCITED about? Fuck that shit." They were counting down to it on the news channels this morning. Made me sick to even hear it/look at it. Let's talk about North Korea and what's gonna happen with that, shall we? CHRIST!! Fucking 300 million mark for the population. Jackasses...

This morning, I cried on the way to the gym, I cried at the gym, and then I finally got to work out which made me feel lots better. (Until I got to my parking garage across from the office...almost started crying again.) I can't stop thinking about some issues I'm having with my dad right now (has to do with money and the wedding and that general stuff...can't talk about it, since he asked me to keep that shit to myself and I'm honoring his request), and then the fact that I have no money to be able to get my hair done, and I have two showers to go to in the next couple of weeks (both of which are on the same day, and are for people that I love and want to show that I'm happy for them by buying a great gift for them both, but I have to settle for less than what I'd normally do if I actually had a job that paid me well enough to surivive through rough times like what I'm going through right now...) so that's wearing on me a bit, and we have to eat the same two things all fucking week, just about, because it's all I could afford to make us (one is split pea soup and the other is chicken chili...both are yummy, but meal after meal after meal of the same thing? Bleh.), and the whining has. got. to. stop. Seriously.

Basically, I'm having a mid-year-32-crisis, and it's sucking my fat ass. I thought I'd share it with y'all! Because it's so much fun for everyone that way!!! Wheeeeeee!!!!!!

Ok, so after my workout this morning, I guess the stress had built up a bit, and I couldn't stop thinking about the stuff that was getting to me, and suddenly, the fact that I had to go to the bathroom sort of became OHMYGODMUSTGETTOTHETOILETNOOOOOOWWWW! You know how that is. So I got to the toilet, relieved whatever the fuck it was that hit me, and just as I was finishing up I heard someone else enter the toilet area with me. Now, there are 5 stalls in this thing, PLUS the handicapped stall, which is the one I was in because it's the furthest from the door, and I follow the rules, dammit. I had made it a not-so-pleasant atmosphere at least at my end of the stall area, and one would think that this could be detectible as soon as one entered the general area...maybe I'm wrong about that, though. The problem? This person that walked in came alllll the way down to my end of the stall area, and went into the empty stall right next to the one I was in!!!

We all know by now how I feel about this, really. And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, because I've read it sooooo many other places, so it's a general rule, right? You have 5 stalls to choose from, so stay away from the empty one that's next to the only other stall that's occupied! Even though I was pretty much done (or rather, my intestines were done with me), it still was uncomfy. I figured she got her insta-karma, though, what with the intensely lovely aroma I had created.

How retarded can some people be, though? C'mon!! I don't care how tired out you are from your least have the courtesy to leave the 1-stall buffer. Jackass.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up, I've rearranged and adjusted the blogroll, which some might have already noticed, but some might not've. Basically, some of the blogs that were on there are no longer being updated. Two of my favorites have joined up and created The Adventures of Snapleg, so that's fun. A couple of others that I've been wanting to return to their daily, or at least weekly (or monthly!) blogging appear to have died all together, so I finally removed them (RIP Joelle, Superficial Plaza Chick, Pink Martinis, and GFI!! I'll miss you guys!), and while others have died as well (The Daily Dump , and Maine), their archives are long and varied and WELL worth the read, so I've left them on my blogroll for everyone to link to and continue to enjoy. Other ones that haven't updated in a while (wiscolizard at Is it just me?) have extenuating circumstances that keep them from blogging right now, but I hope for their eventual return, so I'm leaving them on the list.

I also added a couple new links, like the one to fourfour whom I discovered through Y over at Joy Unexpected , thankyouverymuch, and the one to the Eddie Izzard Quotes page, which just comes in so handy for those moments when you want to remember the exact line from Dress to Kill that keeps swimming around and around in your brain, but you know you don't have it quite right. ("Ahh buggar. I was so surprised. Were you surprised? I was surprised.") Of course, you have to watch his stand up routines to get it JUST right, because otherwise, the intonation is all off in your head, but the words are still pretty fucking funny. So there's that for ya.

And that's all I've got time for right about now. Maybe more later. After the population of the US has edged its way up to a respectable 300,000,300 or something...