Tuesday, January 03, 2006

But then again...

I can be such a girl sometimes. A second ago, for a very brief and horrifying moment, I felt like maybe the shirt I am wearing is the same one I wore last Friday. My eyes got wide as I tried to remember what I wore to work last week!

This doesn't matter, in the scheme of things. I realize that I couldn't care less what the people around me are wearing much of the time, and I'm sure they think the same of me. As long as I don't come in here wearing a pink tracksuit that says "Think Pink" on the ass outlined in rhinestones, I'm probly ok. (Heh...Alisha, you know you secretly wish you had one. Come on...admit it!)

Anyway, I'm not wearing the same thing I wore last Friday. I'm pretty sure I haven't worn this top for over a week, now that I think about it. The skirt, yes. But not the top. And let's face it...people aren't looking at my ass. It's the girls that get the attention on my body. Oh, and my eyes, of course. :)

But I hate that I care about shit like that. I wish that I could just be like a guy in that respect. Wear a pair of dark pants and a white button-down shirt every day, and the only thing that might need to vary from day to day is the tie I would wear. *sigh!* I guess I could still do that, really. Get a bunch of pairs of gray and black pants, a few button-down white shirts, and mix it up by wrapping a scarf around my neck instead of a tie. But that just seems like it's a more mature thing to do. Maybe I'll wait another 10 years before I start wearing the "uniform" look. Yes...that makes good sense. It's not that I'm not mature, per se...it's that I'm still in my 30's, and I don't wanna push it, you know? Kind of like what Audrey Hepburn said as Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" when she was looking for a present for "Fred" to buy her while they were in the store. She didn't like pearls for herself. "Oh, I think they're divine on older women...but just not for myself. You do understand..." It's like that.

Ok, I have to go and get some work done. Copies to be made, reports to be created, that sort of thing. Woo! Bye all...

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Alisha said...

Oooh, you know I want the suit, I gotta have it! Especially with the fur boots. Classic.