Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Here we go!

"Fight on, for ol' 'SC...
Our men fight on
to victory!
Our Alma Mater* dear
looks up to you...

Fight on and win for ol' 'SC!
Fight on to victory!

In t-minus 10.5 hours, I will be watching the Rose Bowl kick off, and I'm so excited, I don't know how I'll be able to get anything done today! Did anyone see the Orange Bowl last night? Holy hell. I had to go to bed at 10:30, but the boyfriend stayed up for the whole thing, and when he came in to bed, he told me the disappointing news that FSU had lost, but they had to go into TRIPLE OT in order to finish the game! Criminy! Can't believe I missed it. But I had to get up early today to work out, and I can't really let workouts go these days. Uh-uh.

Anyway, quick answer to Anonymous, who was making comments on my man-bashing post from Sunday...yes, I write my posts off the top of my head. Especially that one from Sunday...I was a little tipsy, to be honest, and the only thing I went back and proof-read for were spelling errors/typos, as usual. I did put in the links to the season schedules for both Texas and USC so people could see what I was referring to, if they so desired, but other than that, yeah, this shit is in my brain. I have to say that I thought I was right on with the Notre Dame prediction, honestly. I was disappointed to see them play Ohio State the way they did...their first quarter (actually, much of the first half) was particularly abominable. But, again, not having watched Ohio State very closely throughout the season, I didn't have any idea what they'd be up against. And don't get me wrong...I don't profess to be the all-knowing sports guru chick, by any means. But my interest in the field is undeniable, and the fact that I do have some knowledge about it all (particularly college and professional football and basketball...and even wrestling - I was a stat girl for the team in high school) is really clear to my friends and family. But if you really wanna talk to a chick that knows her shit about sports? Check out Lyn over at Chickrawker. She's not just a music-lovah...

Anyway, looking forward to tonight's game, can't believe it's already here, and then all we have to look forward to is the playoffs, and hopefully seeing the Colts go up against Seattle in the SuperBowl. (I don't know though...I have a feeling Carolina might shock us a bit. Don't ask me why. They had a pretty decent second half to their season, and I think that's what's making me wary of their possible ability to kick the Colts out of the running eventually...I hope not, but I have discussed it openly with the boyfriend, and he seems aware of that possibility as well...) Gotta get to work now, though. Fight on!**

*Ok, so it's not my Alma Mater, per se, but they're still my team! You all know this, so I don't know why I even put the footnote in, really. :)

**And yes, I adjusted this post, in case anyone happened to read the extra long original version I posted about a half hour ago. Too much info...too boring. Bleh.

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lyn said...

dude, guys who bag us on sports chicks need to crawl under rocks and die.

go sc!!!